Blackfire’s Waterproof Clamplight: The Work Light You Need

Ideal for overlanding and vehicle repairs, the Clamplight puts intense light exactly where you need it.

I have a bunch of flashlights. The Blackfire Waterproof Clamplight has replaced most of them and has become my go-to work light, even indoors when the power is still on. The Clamplight is a 300-lumen handheld flashlight, a clamp light and a stand light — all in one. For around $30, in my opinion, purchasing one is a no-brainer.

Clamplight Features:

  • HIGH POWER: 300 Lumens (High) 130 Lumens (Low) CREE LED
  • WATERPROOF: IPX7 Construction with non-slip rubberized coating
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Hand-Held, Clamps,& Stands
  • ANGLED LIGHT: Double-axis pivoting allows for infinite light angles
  • DURABLE: 6-Foot drop protection with strong stainless steel springs
  • RUNTIME: 10 Hours on Low
  • POWER: 3 AAA Batteries
The Waterproof Clamplight is rated IPX7 waterproof. It is perfect for water sports, camping, fishing, boating and any rugged outdoor use.

I am not a real “prepper” but I believe in being ready for common, somewhat predictable situations. Right now, snow is falling outside and a winter storm is on its way. With a propane heater and a Clamplight, I am not afraid of freezing in the dark when the power goes out.

Clamplight runs 10 hours at low power and 1.75 hours on bright. I have been in the dark before. I did not like it. If I decide to jump in the camper and head for the equator until the snow stops, I am taking Clamplight with me.

Whether you are fixing a broken-down car or cooking eggs for breakfast, you need your hands. The swivel head on Clamplight points the light where it’s needed while the base holds the light in place.

I have used Clamplight while vehicle camping and shooting. It is the closest thing to a universal light I have ever seen. It is lightweight and compact. It will attach to anything or stand on its own two feet, and light up anywhere hands-free. What is not to like?

You can get you very own Blackfire Clamplight or see what others had to say about it HERE. MSRP is, as mentioned, $29.99.

About Blackfire:

Blackfire is an outdoor gear brand consisting of products created by a group of product development wizards at Klein Tools. This specialized team has spent as much time in the great outdoors as they do on the jobsite to develop the addiction for outdoor-related products and tools. Concerned with the lack of quality with current outdoor products on the market, our team looked toward the strengths of their own jobsite accessories and brought them along for the journey. We quickly realized the advantages of our durable and reliable gear, as we are very tough when it comes to using them in the outdoor elements. We knew the products could withstand the rigors of the jobsite, but recognized that they needed to be adapted to the needs of the outdoorsmen vs the tradesmen. Thus, one dark night, while sitting around the campfire, the idea behind the brand was created. That idea was the essence of the Blackfire product line!

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About the author: Mark Miller is a former Customs Agent and a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. A student of firearms and shooting, he is an FFL and a SOT. The guiding philosophy of his life is that terrain and situation dictate tactics and the enemy always gets a vote on any plan.

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  • Gilbert Travis February 19, 2021, 3:26 pm

    You had me until I got to AAA batts. Go with AA or rechargeable 18650 batteries and I’ll buy it and more

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