Boogalube Gun Oil

Freezer test, something I recommend for any gun lube you buy

Full disclosure, this week’s review is on a product that comes from a teammate of mine. We go back so far we were building sandcastles on the beach long before we were running guns on the Tigris, and sometimes fast walking guns on the Tigris cause our cardio sucked.

Boogalube Gun Oil is a new upstart lubricant company founded by one of the OG pirates from the 3rd Special Forces Group. And probably not the first time a Green Beret has invested all his money in a lube franchise. In this case, it has leaned heavily on the best chemists in the Midwest and their expertise. Okay, second best chemists. Actually probably third best chemists. The first best we shant mention, and the second best are working on corn production. But the Midwest has a deep bench of chemically minded, and they do know petroleum like no others. A huge percentage of oil and gas products come from out here in the sticks, and taking care of machinery is in our blood. You want an app developed? Ask the guy from Silicon Valley with ironic glasses. You want machinery to run forever? Ask the guy building choppers in his driveway, whose 5-year-old kid both knows what a PTO does and how to engage one.

Still liquid after 3 days

Does the lubricant work? Sure. It’s very light, it adheres well, and it doesn’t freeze at 28 degrees Fahrenheit like say, Frog Lube. The first thing I checked, using my own deep freeze. I guess that is what you should expect from a force that is good for more than 72 hours at a go, and doesn’t specialize in hair highlights and tanning oil. But while I can recommend the lubricant, that isn’t the full story.

Modified for our more sensitive viewers

What I like most is the brand. Pineland Gun Supply Co is cheeky and fun, an accurate reflection of the Green Beret approach to warfare. It’s very refreshing in an industry full of grim-faced “tactical experts” that managed to sit out the 20-year war, have never fired a shot at a human, and who would mostly soil themselves if a mortar shell landed within a half-mile of them.

Picking up a theme here

I’ve said before, pretty much all the SOF dudes I know are hilarious, Green Berets especially. And that isn’t just off duty. These are the people that will blast down the door with a comically oversized breaching charge, shoot a beheader cell leader to death at his dinner table, and then spend the next hour tying panties to each other’s radio antennas while we are supposed to be looking for documents and hard drives. If I could televise the skits performed by young Rangers at the end of a tour, I would. But I also wouldn’t, because I have no doubt it would spark a Congressional inquiry and perhaps the Hague.

Fresh from the freezer

Why are pugs so prominently featured on Boogalube? Because my boy, despite being a 20-year door-kicking ninja, has what many would term an unhealthy relationship with his pugs. He spends more time posting what he made them for dinner or pictures of them in his Harley sidecar than he does about guns. But you can rest assured, he knows his way around blasters. A quick look at the Boogalube Facebook page also shows you the charity work the company is involved in, such as the IW Silkies Hike.

A very light gun oil.

This is a company worth checking out, whether you need gun oil or not. Tell them Claypot sent you, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

It wouldn’t be much of a Green Beret company without some racy swag. Pro tip- there is another version on the website.

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About the author: Clay Martin is a former Marine and Green Beret, retiring out of 3rd Special Forces Group. He is a multi-decade and -service sniper, as well as 3-Gun competitor and Master ranked shooter in USPSA Production. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. You can also follow him on twitter, @offthe_res or his website,

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  • Mark N. October 8, 2021, 12:24 am

    I’m partial to Pig Lube myself. I live in a hot dry climate and it is the only lube I have found that doesn’t evaporate after a couple of weeks. I just pulled a pistol out of my desk drawer that has been sitting in there since mid-February and it is still wet. They call it Pig Lube because if you shoot your gun hot enough, the hot oil smells like bacon.

  • Kenneth Jamin October 4, 2021, 12:56 pm

    I was surprised to see you putting Boogalube on a magazine, as that goes against everything I ever heard about NEVER using gun oil/lube on a mag (exterior) as it tends to collect grit that can cause malfunctioning. Is this stuff different?

  • MP October 4, 2021, 12:10 pm

    Don’t understand why anyone would champion a product who’s name is a nod to treason and a movement that seeks to bring about civil war. Unless that’s your personal ethos, in which case, congrats on being a traitor to your country that you swore an oath to protect – you are one of the domestic enemies you swore to protect us against.

  • Chief October 4, 2021, 8:49 am

    I’ve yet to see anything that even comes close to Weapon Shield. I doubt this will either.

    George Fennell, the inventor, is the mad scientist of gun oil. Check out some of his videos testing Weapon Shield against others. It is extremely impressive.

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