Brady Launches Campaign to Overturn the Senate Filibuster: ‘The Filibuster Is Killing Us’

The campaign uses the hashtag #filibusteriskillingus.

Brady United Against Gun Violence has launched an all-out attack on the Senate filibuster in an effort to pass universal background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, and a standard capacity magazine ban.

The Democrats hold a one-vote majority in the Senate, but thanks to the filibuster, they need 60 senators to agree to any non-budget-related legislation. If the filibuster falls, little will stand between the Democrats and their anti-gun agenda.

Brady’s effort to end the filibuster comes on the heels of renewed calls to do away with the procedural rule. Democrats were reportedly thinking about killing the filibuster to pass their economic spending packages, and Joe Biden told White House reporters he thinks it’s a “real possibility.”

Seeing the tide turning in their favor, Brady appears to be trying to give Democratic senators even more reason to end the 60-vote majority rule.

“NRA-backed members of Congress continue to use the procedural filibuster to block solutions to end bloodshed — like universal background checks on gun sales, a federal ban on assault weapons, funding for community-based violence intervention programs, and more. These are common-sense solutions supported by the majority of Americans, including gun owners,” the anti-gun group writes on its website.

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Brady has launched a full-scale digital ad campaign complete with a video and a #FilibusterIsKillingUs hashtag.

The video, which after three days has only 286 views, features the stories of Brady employees whose loved ones were murdered by criminals wielding firearms.

“At Brady, this issue is personal,” says Brady VP of Development (i.e., fundraising) Liz Dunning. “That is our legacy, it’s our lineage, and it’s our present.”

“We’re letting a small minority of people get in the way,” adds Brady VP of Organizing Maisha Fields. “Right now, there is legislation in the Senate that can save lives. Every day, Americans lose their lives to something you have the power to prevent.”

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It’s unlikely that Brady’s executives believe they can convince the Senate to end the filibuster. Instead, the effort appears to be a ploy to raise money.

The “contact your legislators” tool on the campaign page, for example, does not actually send a message to legislators because it does not ask for the commenter’s address. In addition, the tool immediately redirects users to a donate page without ever confirming that their message has been sent.

Many Democrats, including Biden, have called for the end of the filibuster in recent months, but they’ve been stymied by moderate Democrats, most prominently West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin hails from a deep red state, and he’s said repeatedly that he does not plan to vote to end the filibuster.

The Democrats need all 50 Democratic senators to agree to kill the filibuster, so Manchin’s stance has all but ended that threat.

Politicians aren’t known for holding the same position for long, so gun owners must remain vigilant and continue to voice their support for the 60-vote majority rule.

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About the author: Jordan Michaels has been reviewing firearm-related products for over six years and enjoying them for much longer. With family in Canada, he’s seen first hand how quickly the right to self-defense can be stripped from law-abiding citizens. He escaped that statist paradise at a young age, married a sixth-generation Texan, and currently lives in Tyler. Got a hot tip? Send him an email at

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  • Altoids October 8, 2021, 11:16 am

    If the filibuster falls, we’re going to lose a lot more than just our gun rights.
    Congressional Communists have over a year to continue wrecking this country. They can do a lot of damage in that time.

  • chupakka October 8, 2021, 10:48 am

    I understand the filibuster killed more people last year than guns did.

  • SuperG October 8, 2021, 9:04 am

    If the filibuster goes, then comes Supreme Court stacking, then America dies as we know it. The Constitution will become but a piece of old paper. Be very scared by this.

  • Gerry October 8, 2021, 8:32 am

    Complete lack of understanding of what the filibuster is and its history.
    Not to mention, they don’t recall what happened the last time the filibuster was tampered with by Harry Reid. McConnell stated on the Senate floor back then that dems would rue the day they messed with it – and sure enough, they did and still do. With the Republicans in an excellent position to retake both Houses in 2022, this is just not the time to be seeking to do long-term destruction for short-term gain.
    On the other hand: go for it. McConnell, for all his many faults, has already shown that he is more than willing to exploit precedent changes made by the dems. A change to the filibuster rule would guarantee that the regime’s last two years were completely devoid of anything harmful to the country. Bring it, commies…. you’ll be sorry.

  • tim October 8, 2021, 7:32 am

    Interesting, only 8 months ago it was saving the Republic. My how things change.

  • Dr Motown October 8, 2021, 5:48 am

    “A ploy to raise money”…..No sh*t. It’s always about power and the Benjamins with the lefties

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