Cabot Guns Introducing the Moonshot 1911, Successor to the Big Bang Set

The Moonshot combines art, skill, engineering, and exotic materials. (Photo: Cabot)

Cabot Guns is back in the spotlight with their new 1911 turned into a work of art with the Moonshot. Known around the world for their fantastic build quality and singular “One of a Kind” designs, Cabot Guns continues to impress with their literal stellar work.

The Moonshot is their latest one-of-a-kind pistol, and Cabot spent years developing it from concept to execution. A successor to their Big Bang Set of 1911s carved from a single meteorite, the Moonshot celebrates the crowning moment of the Cold War’s Space Race, when Americans put a man on the moon.

It celebrates one of the crowning achievements in the history of mankind. (Photo: Cabot)

The Moonshot isn’t just inspired by the Apollo manned moon landings, it’s made with moon rock. “Through the painstaking placement of lunar meteorite, small diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold inlay, the Moonshot delivers a dynamic view of our solar system — from the perspective of the lunar surface,” said Cabot in the announcement.

“With the Moonshot, we have pushed the boundaries as to the idea of mechanical art in the form of a pistol,” said Cabot Founder and CEO Rob Bianchin. “The unique use of rare lunar meteorites and extra-terrestrial materials has never been employed in such a manner. It’s a symbol of both an enduring American design and the accomplishments of America on a galactic scale.”

The Moonshot is made with exotic materials from gems to lunar meteorites. (Photo: Cabot)

The engravings, by Lee Griffiths, a Firearms Engravers Guild of America Master Engraver, show the planets and stars swirling around the moon in their orbits on the slide and frame as they rise over the moon’s horizon. The lunar surface on the frame and lower portion of the slide is speckled with dust and rocky outcroppings.

The carved steel grips depict the landings themselves, with a suited astronaut planting the American flag, standing outside the lunar landing module. “From an engraver’s perspective it was an absolutely delightful, mind-bending challenge to unite heaven and earth,” said Griffiths. “The creation process was a personal and unique way to experience a moon landing vicariously.”

The engraving is done by hand for the human touch. (Photo: Cabot)

Of course, the Moonshot comes with an equally unique locking case. The titanium and aircraft aluminum case only opens when the user inputs a secret astral code tied to the Moonshot. And like the pistol, the case, too, is an engraved work of art.

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Even the case took years to design and make. (Photo: Cabot)

“It is a unique masterpiece shaped out of a massive block of space grade aluminum, with screws redesigned and reshaped to look like SpaceX capsules, [and] a titanium solar system grid that features moving planets which lock and unlock access to the pistol,” said Benoit Miniou, CEO of Parisian design house Les Ateliers Victor.

The Moonshot has an asking price of $250,000 and will go to the highest offer. Cabot will also produce a digital token for the Moonshot as well as NFTs for other Cabot pistols for digital collectors.

For more information about the Moonshot and other Cabot Guns products, visit them today.

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    WTF??… Really, I mean… WTF!!

  • SELDEN DENTON January 14, 2022, 8:51 am

    Planets and stars swirling around the moon in their orbits on the slide and frame? I think the planets orbit the sun and the moons orbit the planets. $250,000? Yeah, I’ll take a couple dozen.

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