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Dedito Luca Boots Review

Having used the Dedito Luca boots across continents—Africa, Alaska, the Midwest, and Montana—for eight months, I can vouch for their stellar performance.

3-December-Dress for Success: Waterfowl

Kryptek Flyway Deadzone Review

I’ve spent this season in Kryptek’s new waterfowl line and what I’ve found is that I can hunt from 60 degrees and sunny down to temps so cold that the water has frozen while my decoys sat in it.

Beretta's Ladies Tactical Gear & Clothing Collection

Beretta Ladies Gear Clothing Collection

Beretta has recently launched a new line of tactical clothing for women. Beretta designed their Ladies Gear Collection to cater to the needs of women who are passionate about outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting, and training as well as everyday wear.

Silent Killers

According to Dr Miller and the CDC, 18 tick-borne diseases are now recognized in the United States. Some, naturally, are worse than others.

Crispi Guide GTX Review

Crispi Guide GTX Review

Research and conversations with other mountain hunters led me to the Crispi Guide GTX and after well over one hundred field days and hundreds of miles, I’m happy to report back.

Why The Puffy?

Why The Puffy?

Today’s PrimaLoft-filled puffy-style jackets are the ultimate western hunting garment. Here’s why.

Stone Glacier M5 Raingear Review

Stone Glacier M5 Raingear Review

Gone are the days of having to choose between bargain bin quality or supporting a company that doesn’t share our values. Stone Glacier of Bozeman, Montana has been a key player in bringing high-quality gear to the hunting

Profile of Irish Setter Boot

Irish Setter Pinnacle Hunting Boot — Review

Passing that test is critical.  You want your deep winter hunting boots to keep your feet warm and dry in any environment you are likely to encounter, all day long.

Sitka's Updated Jetstream Jacket

Sitka’s Updated Jetstream Jacket

Having worn an older version for years, I was curious to see if the design and material of Sitka’s new and improved Jetstream Jacket hold’s up to my expectations.

Review: Badlands Detour Hoodie

Review: Badlands Detour Hoodie

I’ve been using the Calor jacket and Detour hoodie on several hunts and adventures, and I’m impressed. Badlands’ choice of fabrics and design details come together to make two distinct jackets that both have a firm place in my loadout for Spring, Fall, and Winter hunts.