Did Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Lie About His Military Record?

Chris Kyle. The legendary war hero was tragically shot and killed, along with his friend Chad Littlefield, by Eddie Ray Routh at the Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort shooting range in Erath County, Texas, on Feb. 2, 2013. (Photo: The Intercept)

Chris Kyle was tragically shot and killed, along with his friend Chad Littlefield, by Eddie Ray Routh at the Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort shooting range in Erath County, Texas, on Feb. 2, 2013. (Photo: The Intercept)

In full disclosure, when he was alive, I interviewed Chris Kyle twice.  Once in person and once over email.  I never got the impression that he was lying to me in our conversation.  He seemed about as honest and as straightforward an individual as I’ve ever met.  

But after doing some research into Chris, it also became apparent that Chris was a bit of a jokester. He had a sense of humor.  He liked to get a rise out of people.  I think many SEALs are wired that way.  They like to have a bit of fun with the public.  So did Chris stretch the truth from time to time to add to his “legendary” status (his nickname was “The Legend” in the teams)?  It wouldn’t surprise me.

Yet, not all lies are created equal.  Telling tall tales to joe public — like sniping looters and armed agitators from atop the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina (killing as many as 30), or gunning down two would-be carjackers in southwest Dallas with a Colt 1911, or maybe even punching Jesse Ventura in the face outside a bar in Coronado, CA — is different than lying about one’s military record.  Call it a hunch, but I don’t believe Chris ever lied about his bravery in combat, his number of kills in action or his commitment to his brothers in the teams.

However, a report by The Intercept calls Kyle’s military record into question, saying in essence that he lied about the medals he received for his service.  This report prompted swift condemnation from many Chris Kyle supporters, including former Texas Gov. Rick Perry who wrote an op-ed for Fox News defending the deceased SEAL.

“The guiding premise of the article was that Chris Kyle, known to a grateful nation as its best-ever sniper in multiple combat zones, was a liar,” wrote Perry. “The writer’s assertion is that Kyle laid claim to more medals than the military had awarded him for his valor in combat.”

“At issue was a disparity between Kyle’s account in his book, ‘American Sniper,’ records obtained from a seemingly indifferent Navy through a Freedom of Information Act request and Kyle’s official DD-214,” continued Perry. “The first mentioned two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, the Navy recalled one Silver Star and 3 Bronze Stars and the DD-214 credited him with TWO Silver Stars and SIX Bronze Stars.”

“If there is any inaccuracy in Kyle’s account it’s that he didn’t take ENOUGH credit for his awards,” said Perry.

Perry goes on to say that the “DD-214” also known as the “Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty” is the official and definitive “record of a person’s time in the military, used to prove the authenticity, duration and character of said service.”  In other words, the Intercept’s investigation is bunk as it ignores what is clearly stated in the DD-214.

Case closed?  Well, not really.  There is still a discrepancy.  In “American Sniper,” Kyle only recounts two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars when, according to the DD-214, he had two silver Stars and SIX Bronze stars.”  Why did Kyle shortchange himself that sixth Bronze Star in his book?  It doesn’t appear there is an answer to that question.

What’s my take on this whole ordeal?  It’s a non-story, story.  See, due to his legacy as the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, his popularity in the military and firearms community and his indisputable heroism on the field of battle, Kyle — forgive the pun — will always be a target.  There will always be those who want to tear him down and discredit his accomplishments.  That said, Kyle wasn’t a saint either.  He wasn’t perfect.  He was a mortal human being, flawed like the rest of us.

I think we should let Chris Kyle RIP.  And if you’re a fan of the man as I am, I think we should continue to honor his legacy by serving those who served us.  In short, help your local veterans.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Peter Cooper May 12, 2019, 5:21 pm

    Chris Kyle lied. Stateside. About Jesse Ventura. Bill Clinton lied. About Miss Lewinski. Stateside. Chris Kyle’s estate lost the lawsuit, as did his publishers. Hows a sterling service record make this right? Lying about shooting looters in New Orleans? Illegal! There are NOPD doing hard time for that. Why make up stuff? Where is the honor in that. And the Clint Eastwood film was trash. Written by an extra from Buffy the Vampire (FOX) with no military experience!)nWe did what we did in the Middle East. Whether history will liken it to the efforts of the Wehrmacht in WWII in Russia, well, call it genocide lite! Maybe we should look at a real American hero, like Alvin York, who was a real hero when we needed one (there are a bunch more of them, why look at a bullshitter!) Not a hero that needed to be washed off!!!

  • Michael December 8, 2018, 9:33 pm

    Maybe Kyle was awarded one of his Bronze Stars for “efficiency” and not for ”Valor” so he just never counted that one as a “real” Bronze Star. So it looks like (according to his DD 214) he was awarded two (2) Silver Stars and six (6) Bronze Stars (I/m assuming most of those were for “Valor” not for being able to type a report correctly). Enough said about all this record keeping nonsense. Suffice to say he accomplished more militarily than most of the millions of men and women who
    Served in combat.

  • mark February 4, 2017, 12:02 pm

    just finished reading American Sniper. I did not know Mr. Kyle, but from reading his book I don’t believe I would have liked the man. by his own words, he was having to much fun killing people. combat vets that I know from as far back as wwII never spoke of killing or how much they enjoyed killing. also according to the book, mr. K speaks of saving the lifes of Americans but puts the lives of men in grave danger a couple of times because he was bored or felt the need for payback. I found this book to be a treasure of things a man should not say about himself. I would hope that the authors embellished a lot , painting a poor picture of mr Kyle. that being said I am just being honest. I respect our combat soldiers greatly, including Chris Kyle. this book struck a chord with in me , compelling me to comment.

  • ScarTissue August 28, 2016, 11:25 am

    I care real heros don’t embellish bullshit too make money. Nobody accounts for his claims Jesse didn’t get over a million because someone stood up and said yea that happened. His shit was totally embellished plus anyone who says yea I murdered over 30 people on us soil is a freggin puke. No truth too it at all. Shame on Eastwood for not doing his homework and even making a money for this guys family by making a movie sounds like frank dux all over again. And shame on the navy for not stepping up with the truth because it looked good on the service.

  • Donald Conner June 8, 2016, 1:27 pm

    Who is the scurrilous bastard that started this bullshit. Chris Kyle is the man many want to be and strive to be, rightly admire, and might have been had they lived longer. In my mind, whoever started this crap is a Goddamned coward and a punk, needs to shut that hole in his face, and crawl back in the sewer his mother crapped him out in.

  • RAR June 3, 2016, 9:50 pm

    All medals are not created equally. Consider the landslide of metals post Grenada vs. Korea et al . Me thinks this sailor sniper got his metals because expectations are low in ultra low intensity operations against less armed civilians defending their country against a superior armed illegal invader . DD214′ really are often inaccurate.

  • TMAC June 3, 2016, 7:43 pm


    • B Hall June 4, 2016, 12:21 am

      Thank you . Fuck off he is a hero let him RIP. God Bless the Seals. He did what God wanted him to do . Kill other people that were .Trying to kill our soldiers. RIP KYLE. America loves you .Amen

      • RH June 5, 2016, 12:11 pm

        I agree, this kind of article has no place among those who respect his valor.
        At this point, who cares. He served his country and his brothers WELL.

  • Doc Z June 3, 2016, 6:46 pm

    There is a point when you stop giving a //// about medals, we are just doing our job. It’s all about our brothers. The DD 214 we have to prof read right there on the spot.your going to miss something, or no care.

  • William June 3, 2016, 4:14 pm

    Had a great long comment typed up and answered a call and then poof! So I’ll spare you all a history lesson and the truth to some of what Kyle did AFTER his heroic service in war time which is what got him taken out. Not killed by a poor veteran who got his head screwed by our loving VA. Looks like ‘American Sniper’ accomplished it’s mission and has everyone drooling over Kyle instead of questioning…But yeah, terrible article by the author as it has no usefulness.

  • Oscar Scoville June 3, 2016, 3:10 pm

    The DD214 is usually prepared at the last duty station before separation or retirement from the service. Any awards that are in process at the time the form is completed will not appear on the form. Once they are processed and approved, the service member should be notified. This may, or may not, have been the case with Kyle, but I know from personal experience that the DD214 is often incomplete with regard to awards.

    • RH June 5, 2016, 12:17 pm

      My DD214 had my rank wrong and still does to this day!
      I did not care, I was itching so bad to get out of the military I just wanted my papers and my plane ticket home.
      Love the military but at the time I was so fed up with going to the field, eating MRE’s, dealing with stupid butter bars that did not know ANYTHING, and CO’s and BC’s with a Democrat bent…. I had to get out before I became a statistic.

  • SolidStateTactical June 3, 2016, 2:04 pm

    DD-214 are notorious for inaccurate information. They are put together by Pfc and Lcpls that can barely tie their boots. My own DD-214 is missing several awards and schools as well as a partial deployment, but it is nearly impossible to correct. I worked for DAV as a Veterans Service Officer and can attest to Uncle Sam’s inability to keep OR RETAIN accurate records for military personnel.

    • Chuck June 3, 2016, 4:21 pm

      SolidStateTactical is correct. DD-214’s are at best ‘in the ball park’. Most of us never paid any attention to the info until we needed it for something only to find it to be wrong, missing, etc. Don’t even think about having anything corrected.

  • Richard Odom June 3, 2016, 1:15 pm

    Cheap shot by the intercept, shame on them. GOD bless Chris Kyle and his family. The world is a better and safer place because of his sacrifice, SMIB. AMEN!

  • Scott Syverson June 3, 2016, 12:52 pm

    This article is far more revealing about the motives of The Intercept. The Intercept would have only obtained navy records on Chris Kyle if they wanted to verify the veracity of his claims in his book. When the records didn’t jive, all that was proven was there was a discrepancy in the records. And military records are notorious for their incompleteness. Especially one so heavily edited and compiled by virtue of all the citations of Kyle. So why would some one make the jump to intentional falsified statements? There is only one answer. The Intercept’s intent was to discredit Kyle, and when they found any evidence, no matter how un-affirmative that could be construed to support their objective, out came the personal characterization of Kyle as a liar. Such flimsy evidence with unknown provenience would only go to support someone’s belief that Kyle was a liar if that was their intent from the beginning. Rather than defending Kyle, the attack should be on the Intercept to explain the difference and make them defend their claims support by such negligible evidence. As to Kyle’s under claims of citations, it is his privilege, and his privilege alone to claim what he will be known for. Again, it is not unknown for a superior officer to try and insert themselves into someone else’s fame by putting their personal stamp on someone’s record by inflating an event, which Kyle may believed unworthy, and creating a citation just for career bragging rights of having recognized and rewarded a “legend”. If Kyle felt unworthy of one of those citations, and chose to remove it from his professed persona, the reader should take that into his account of their assessment of that person’s character.

  • Sgt. Pop June 3, 2016, 11:02 am

    Perhaps what should be questioned here first, is the accuracy of the military records, they do make mistakes, my son put in 22 years Guard and Active (Iraq), dates on his DD214 show 22 years, he has had no break in service since he got in at 17, can’t get a 20 year letter as they are missing 2 years? still looking etc.. for last 3 years. A whole company knows he was present during the missing years. As for me, after Desert Storm, got new DD214, few weeks later many of us were asked to return them for corrections, most of us never did, just tired after being gone for over a year I guess. After retiring, some of this stuff just doesn’t seem to matter much to an individual as it didn’t change the amount on the retirement check…… except in my sons case. Still working on finding “2 “lost” years.

  • Glennon June 3, 2016, 10:33 am

    This is just one more sad attempt by the left wing propagandists to discredit an honorable American Veteran and a hero. He saved countless lives utilizing his skills. The left wing want to make heroes out of anarchists, black panthers, and the worst example is sitting in OUR White House. It’s easy to attack some one who is dead and if alive might know someone on their ass. R.I.P. Chris and stay strong to Mrs. Kyle!!!

    • Daniel June 3, 2016, 11:31 am

      “I think we should let Chris Kyle RIP.”
      “I think if the author truly believed in letting Chris Kyle RIP.” He would not have even written this “Attention grabbing” article in the first place! And serves no purpose whatsoever except to cast a shadow on Chris Kyle as a person. We all tend to forget how many medals we have after we retire or exit the military. I personal have 3 or 4 bronze Stars and can’t remember which without checking! Also for the record… “Not all medals make it into our DD214’s” This I have experiences personally. Not really a big deal most of the time, but it does in fact happen!

  • Reinhardt June 3, 2016, 10:29 am

    There are principally two major records maintained by the armed forces on its members. One is the DD-214 separation document. There is another kept by the government. In Chris Kyle’s case they do not match. His DD-214 matches his claim. The other is the one that gives the lesser number. Which is correct? With the government they both could be incorrect. WHO CARES?!
    There is no doubt that he was a courageous and above average combat veteran. If someone wants to expose someone or demean someone, leave those who served alone. How about picking on Jane Fonda. Sylvester Stallone would be a good expose’. He fled to Switzerland during the conflict to avoid the draft and came back and made Rambo movies. Does it have to be a service person? Then how about the U. S. Army psychiatrist/ Muslim terrorist that shot down his fellow soldiers. Alas! The 4th Estate only wants to sell papers or TV shows and collect advertising revenue. Forget about conscience or values.

    • Mahatma Muhjesbude June 3, 2016, 12:04 pm

      Well said, Reinhardt, And never forget the Totalitarian ‘grooming’ of John Kerry. Instead of intentional slander and libel aginst Kyle (When I hit that Powerball, I’m going to give Kyle’s family the money to sue the living shit out of libelous groups like the Intercept) they should lScrutinize his fraudulent valor agenda of Kerry.

      This guy–as the commanding officer of his small, but still considered an independent unit–his swift boat, put his own ass in, or had his drinking buddy captain on the neighboring boat, put him in for medals, including a sliver star for literally doing what the average combat vet did routinely everyday of their tour, and even a purple heart for receiving a shrapnel ‘scratch’ that REAL combat vets used to get constantly in virtually every contact without getting ‘hearts’ fort them.

      Then, After he returned home a ‘self-made’ war hero–which never looks bad on a political resume, Kerry had the dirty Veteran disrespecting gall to toss his ‘medals’ away in the dirt at a public showing of pre-planned political ‘grooming’ at a political rally after the war. He then proceeded, in no uncertain details, to describe our combat Vets as despicable killers and war criminals and more in subsequent criticism of whatever political agenda he was promoting. See the ‘Kerry Swift Boat’ chronicles for some ‘interesting’ info on this.

      As far as some of us are concerned Army psychiatrist Muslim Terrorist Nidal was horrific, but ‘explainable’. He was a delusional religionist who finally succumbed to his socioopathic cult brainwashing and acted upon it.

      What’s Secretary of State John Kerry’s excuse?

      I just thought of a good television campaign commerecial for Trump. Have the Benghazi 13 hour snip, then Kerry’s ‘history’, then Obama’s failure with the VA taking care of our Vets. and at the end asking the question,.. “Is this the kind of Commander in Chief and Staff we want to have protecting our Country?”

    • cisco kid June 3, 2016, 4:07 pm

      Actually Jane Fonda saved thousands of America and Vietnamese lives by bringing an obscene immoral war to an end much sooner than it would have otherwise ended.

      Kyle was a low life racist scumbag that lied about everything he did. He was sued by Jessie Ventura just because he did not like what Jessie said. Kyle lost financially big time in court over it. Kyle lied about shooting Black People during Katrina but it did prove what a racist scum bag he really was. Rolling Stone magazine exposed the horrid fact that Kyle and two other cold blooded maniac snipers were shooting women and children because they were in a 3 way race to see who could be the top sniper of all time.

      Sniping in general has been loathed by even the Military. After WWI the sniper rifles were put away and no further training was given, it was considered that vile of part of warfare. In Vietnam normal soldiers shunned Snipers because although they considered it moral to shoot back at a person that was shooting at you they did not consider it moral to go out day after day between battles and murder people writing letters home to their parents, eating lunch or even taking a bath with their girl friend. Snipers were totally shunned by normal soldiers in Vietnam, as they considered them depraved cold blooded killers and maniacs. Kyle was the A-typical maniac. No one who is married as Kyle was leaves home not once but 4 times to go clear on the other side of the world so he can kill more and more people and when he did shoot people there was often no evidence those people were guilty of anything. His trade was an excuse to commit mass murder, he was that depraved. Its ironic that he ended up getting shot just like the way he murdered people, a shot in the back by a pure depraved coward.

      Kyle made no secret he hated everyone that was not Anglo-Saxon Christian and he said in an interview with NBC he considered everyone not exactly like him to be sub-human. It reminds me of the rhetoric of Joseph Goebbels or Donald Trump. Both racist, xenophobic, bigoted fascist’s.

      Yes Nazism is alive and well in America as Trump has shown all too clearly along with the popularity amongst the people who were not products of higher education who went gleefully to the Cling Eastwood propaganda movie that made educated people barf all over the floor of the movie theater. As a matter of fact most never went to see the movie when it became known what a revolting piece of propaganda the movie was .

      Of course the far right has been brainwashed since grade school to believe that all foreign people are sub-human, out to get the America and take away our standard of living. The real truth is that we have destroyed ourselves with endless expensive wars of rape, conquest and pillage of other nations, all of which have been a disaster both financially and militarily leaving no room for social programs like the rest of the civilized industrial world has had for decades as they have chose to spend their tax dollars taking care of their own people rather than squandering all of their money on war to make the people in power rich beyond their wildest dreams. During Vietnam only one Congressional family sent their son to Vietnam while they had no qualms about sending the working class sons to be slaughtered in the conflict so that the ruling rich Congressional families could get even more wealthy off of the military industrial complex and they prolonged the war as long as they could to make every bloody red cent they could off of it. The Congressmen were actually prostitutes of the Military Industrial Complex and the Rich Businessmen who were intent also on raping the economic wealth of Vietnam just as the French had done for over 100 years there.

      Of course the far right marches in lock step with their brainwashed notion that they are fighting to protect America from the invader and preserve our way of life. Its all too easy for the Government to appeal to their xenophobic, racism and bigotry, religious hatred and ignorance. Its like taking candy from a baby. You would have thought Vietnam would have taught the Far Right a lesson but they have learned nothing from it. Little do they realize that to be really patriotic you have to appear to be un-patriotic and stand up for what is right even when during the beginning of the Vietnam war people like Fonda and Kerry were voices crying alone in the wilderness but History proved them all to right on what they said about the war.

      • Knight2 June 3, 2016, 9:14 pm

        cisco kid, you really have a lot of nothing to say. All negative and all lies. You’re the type that kicks people when they’re down, or in your case….no longer alive to defend themselves. You are scum, and if you were in my unit, I’m sure you may of been a victim of friendly fire. Ventura is a coward just like you. Sue the dead or in Ventura’s case, the family of the dead, and talk trash about them. Tell me little man, what have you ever done for your country?

      • Rebelhorse June 4, 2016, 1:32 am

        Fuck off, cisco kid, did you serve your country in any way, you are a liar about training, I was trained at Ft. Benning GA before I moved on to Viet Nam and proudly served my country, in a war that we were never allowed to win, and as young kids basically when we went in we were hated and spit on when we returned for simply doing as we were told to do…you and the other left assholes were probably part of the freaks that were taunting and shaming our guys when they came home including myself….when you have served the vary country that you still have the freedoms to voice your opinion in, then you should be allowed to comment, until then you are just wasting good oxygen needed by real Americans….Jane Fonda was a filthy lieing bitch that caused great damage to our POW’s and the world knows it other than the scum such as yourself….I be not a sole would miss you if you fell off the face of the earth tonight as you should for writing such as above…I gave a good ass wiping to a long haired hippy that spit on me when I got back, was that you???

        • cisco kid June 5, 2016, 12:42 pm

          The war in Nam was unwinnable from the beginning and the American Government knew it. To invade the North would have brought on another Korean type of war that would have had millions of Chinese troops poring into Nam which would have resulted in tens of thousands of U.S. casualties which the American people would never have accepted and which would have brought down the U.S. Gov’t. A guerrilla type war would have gone on for decades costing not billions but trillions of dollars. Nam had no strategic importance to U.S. Imperialistic desires of military dominance in that part of the world which the U.S. has a long sorry history of rape, conquest and economic rape. Japan in 1856, China in 1899 (1/2 million murdered) and the Philippian Islands in 1899 ( 1/4 million murdered) but they were mostly women and children not soldiers like in China). Nam was simply an opportunity for the U.S. Greed Monger Businessmen to take over when the French Businessmen left after the end of the French Indochina war. The economic rape the French got away with for over 100 years the U.S. Businessman hoped to repeat.

          Although it is true for every U.S. Solider that committed rape, torture and pillage in Nam there were 9 soldiers supporting them that did not participate in the grisly slaughter of the South Vietnamese rice farmers. So it was unfair that some were spit on when they returned home. But emotions ran high when the American people and the other countries of the world witness the horror of the mass slaughter of Vietnamese rice farmers. Many fled to the safety of the cities and Nam went from a rice exporting country to a rice importing country. Safe camps for the famers became little more than concentration camps with little food, medical care and no education for the children.

          Ho Chi Minh during WWII was actually an ally of the U.S. that fought the Japanese and rescued downed American flyers. He was promised unification of his country at the end of the War but was stabbed in the back by the U.S. which actually transported French troops in U.S. ships back to Nam and they were supplied with U.S. weapons and ammunition. Ho succeeded in bankrupted the French government through a long protracted guerrilla type war and the U.S. in their arrogance actually thought just by throwing enough money and firepower at Ho that they could easily defeat him. The U.S. would have been better off at the end of WWII by siding with Ho rather than the Colonial Imperialistic French as the U.S. would have gained far more in the long run. Even remaining neutral would have been the better option for the U.S.

          Of course the U.S. learned nothing from this and later invaded the Middle East in an all out effort to control the oil fields which was readily admitted by President Busch. Oil does no one any good in the ground and the only people to gain from war there were the greedy American Businessman, not the America people who would have paid the same price for oil no matter who controlled the price and production of it.

          As in Nam when one country invades another with jack booted storm troopers it is always for the same reasons. Military control of the area so the greedy Businessman can rape the economy of the invaded country. True in Nam and true in the Middle East. Its all too easy to do with brainwashed storm troopers who’s xenophobia, racial hatred and religious hatred and bigotry are easily exploited by the people in power. Its like taking candy from a baby. You wind the storm troopers up and point them in the general direction of the enemy as they cannot wait to “shoot that thar big old rifle gun and kill them thar evil foreign people who are out to take away our religion and our money. If it were not for the seriousness of the situation it would be laughable in regards to the far rights ignorance of how people in government manipulate them for personal gain of money and power.

          The real patriots of the Vietnam war were people like Fonda who stood up for what was morally right even when in the early stages of that obscene war it was popular with the American people. Only later after the My Lai massacre and the realization it was only one of many did the American people realize that Fonda had been right all along. When large groups of Vietnam vets gathered at the capital to hurl their medals at the government even many of the uneducated Far Right began to realize Nam was a mistake from the beginning and Fonda had only told the truth about the war.

      • Capt Oveur June 4, 2016, 7:33 am

        You forgot to say “obscene immoral war started, expanded and lied about by democrats” (like yourself I imagine…)

        • Capt Oveur June 4, 2016, 7:42 am

          I accidentally omitted “micromanaged” which was one of the most dumb aspects of the conflict….started by the liberal progressive saint JFK to help his Catholic buddies…the only way to win a war built on so many false premises is not to play.

          Eisenhower wouldn’t have expanded it in 1965 which was clearly based on an agenda by the LBJ administration supported by falsehoods that people who think there were no WMDs in Iraq (which there were and thanks to ISIS are still being used right now) casually ignore. Flash forward to the Benghazzi cover up and you see a pattern with democrats

      • Derek February 2, 2017, 6:52 am

        Dang cisco…..u have a bent for fonda and kerry and hate the people who actually have to carry out the bs? You poor bastard I hope the memories of your step daddy sneaking in your room night after night to steal a lil bit can somehow diminish and you can carry on with your life. You are the classic abused child that has never had a chance to express themselves and explore life as an adult so you lash out at anything good and do your best to personify the lefts cowardly agenda. All the while screaming in pain over your inability to fit in socially because of your abuse. Wow this is a sad story to live out cisco I am really sorry that happened to you.

  • rappini June 3, 2016, 9:34 am

    I’ve made some purchases from Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to support his family maybe y’all should do the same if you haven’t already. My 2 cents.

  • Bob Anderson June 3, 2016, 9:34 am

    If you and the press want to trash someone, then trash this Black Muslim POS in the White House and this Clinton Whore running for President who are both Traitors to this country.

    • Ricky Price June 3, 2016, 10:32 am


    • Daniel June 3, 2016, 11:34 am

      We second the motion! Terrorist in the White House and these douche-bags choose to trash and American hero! That’s just fucked up!

  • Navy Shooter June 3, 2016, 9:04 am

    Really ticked that GunsAmerica would publish something with an intentionally misleading title. Because that’s exactly what the title was intended to do, to mislead. The title questions his character, which draws readers, and then the reporter does an about-face. In essence, the reporter’s credibility should be called into question.

    Don’t ever pull a stunt like this again. Or others will start writing articles like, ‘Does GunsAmerica promote bombing Lichtenstein?’ (Yeah, you can fill in the country’s name) Though after thinking about it, maybe GunsAmerica does…

    • Bob June 3, 2016, 9:32 am

      I agree this practice cheapens GunsAmerica.

  • Mike June 3, 2016, 8:56 am

    This is just another attempt by the the left to discredit Chris Kyle and the other brave men and women of our military that we hold in high esteem. They are trying to do the same with SGT Major Plumley. It isn’t working. RIP Chris, thank you for you service to our country.

  • Rollin Shultz June 3, 2016, 8:19 am

    I agree on letting him RIP, but it is NOT going to happen. There is real life and print life, and as long as writers know they can capitalize on writing a piece, especially an attack piece on someone who as been elevated to fame, they will continue to drag out the dirty laundry whether real or fake.
    There are increasingly fewer real writers with talent and more jerks with a bent for making trouble who make their living attacking whatever and whoever they can.

  • Rob OKC June 3, 2016, 7:59 am

    Chris Kyle put his life on the line multiple times to protect his brothers in arms and my understanding was he wasn\’t particularly concerned with with how many kills he had. It was he hadn\’t saved enough of our troops. People will always try to tear down our Heroes or role Models especially if they are/were on the right side of the moral road. The Kyle Family has gone through more than enough tragedy to last a few generations. Let Chris Kyle Rest In Peace for he is surely in heaven. Taya Kyle and their kids also deserve a break from all the BS as well. There are medals missing from my DD-214 as well, but you know when you separate from the service and it\’s an Honorable Discharge who gives a rat\’s ass. You made it and hopefully in tact and for those of our fellow brothers and sisters that didn\’t make it or were severely disabled I salute you and pray for your family. For the a-wholes like the person trying to trash Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura well let\’s just say that Karma is a real bitch.

  • Army Infantry June 3, 2016, 7:30 am

    DD-214s are not the “definitive” paperwork, your orders for the awards are, if you don’t have orders for the awards you don’t rate them, regardless of whether it’s listed on your DD-214 or not. I know more than one person who has a screwed up DD-214.

    I had a soldier in my squad, I was an Infantryman, that when we came home from Afghanistan the woman accidentally type in the awards block that he had earned a C.I.B. and a C.A.B.. The soldier never earned a C.A.B. and just because the clerk messed up and put that he had the award on his DD-214 doesn’t mean he is authorized to wear it.

    I received awards after I ETS from active duty, they’re not on my DD-214, but I have the orders for them, which I use to prove I had the awards.

    Bottom line, no orders for the award, regardless of whether the award is listed on the DD-214, then you didn’t earn it, and you can’t wear it on your uniform.

  • Scott Hatfield June 3, 2016, 7:18 am

    I was tasked with locating and purchasing the ten weapons listed in Chris Kyle’s book ‘The American Gun’. They were to be auctioned off at a later date by The Troops First Foundation. Due to the huge success of the movie ‘The American Sniper’, the auction has been put on hold and other plans are being considered for the collection of weapons obtained. In any matter, any dealings I had with the Foundation were great. As a Disabled Veteran myself, I was invited by the Foundation to a Golf event in Washington, DC. I have never been to a Golf game and personally know only the basics of the game. The experience was uplifting as other more severely injured warriors were present and they welcomed and accepted me into their exclusive group, The experience brought me out of a depression that was becoming critical. These courageous Veterans’ put things in perspective for me. When I heard the accusations leveled at the late Mr. Kyle, it was obvious to me that any attack was baseless and unfounded. My DD214 was completely inaccurate. I have been out of the Army for nine years and just last month at a reunion I was awarded an Achievement Medal that had been lost in the paperwork. This mistake was not on purpose. It happens during wartime. And most all Navy Seals I have had the pleasure to talk to could care less about a medal count. Their only concern is getting the ribbons in the correct order on their dress uniforms as to be within regulation. It seems some people wish to tear down people who accomplish things that they cannot. And as regards to Jessie Ventura, wasn’t he one of those cheesy wrestler performers who later had a conspiracy theory show with the most ludicrous topics under the sun. Big man suing a dead hero. I find it beyond distasteful to attack the character of a true hero unable to defend himself. It’s just bad form as the English would say.

  • E Rice June 3, 2016, 7:00 am

    Though DD214s are looked at as a difinitive absolute document, they are not. I review DD214s on a daily basis. It is very common to see misstakes on them, especially in the awards section. And, most service members are in a hurry when they get out, or just don’t know what to look for. The clerk that prepares them, well it’s all drop down menues. Often things get left off. Sometimes the program used has errors in it. And often awards given over the last 6 to 9 months are left off. The SOC world is notorious for this. To fix a DD214 is a long and tedious 2 or 3 year process. It used to be a couple months. This tells me there are a lot of errors on DD214s.

    • Don Hall June 3, 2016, 7:46 am

      As a veteran and Personnelman 2 in the Great U.S.Navy in the late 1960s, before computers, I prepared many DD214’s. I scrutinized them, over and over, before being handed over to my supervisor, who then handed them over to the admin officer for review and then on to our commanding officer for review and signature. Mistakes are always a possibility. Typo’s yes but always initialed if not doing the whole document over again. This was before computers. Can there be mistakes? Yes! But this document, because it means so much to a veteran and/or active duty personnel is still scrutinized thoroughly. Mr. Rice makes it sound like this is more common than it may actually be. At least I hope so.
      Chris Kyle did not write and create his own DD214. To try to discredit him for what may or may not be fact is a disgrace. His memory is an inspiration to all who have served and continue to serve.
      Those who look to take away his accomplishments and his memory and discredit his service to our country are the most dangerous people in this country. More dangerous than terrorists, Hillary, Bernie, Harry Reed and all those who burn our flag.

  • Anthony Dempsey June 3, 2016, 6:51 am

    DD-214 do have mistakes. Omissions and additions that have no basis in fact. I have one. Never awarded a Mechanics Badge but it is on my DD-214. Earned my EFMB (Expert Field Medical Badge) in Germany and it is not on my DD-214. So while a DD-214 is an Official Record, it is not an infallable Document

  • Chris E Cole June 3, 2016, 6:44 am

    Why is it even an issue ?

  • Bob June 3, 2016, 6:17 am

    Who in the fuck cares if it’s 5 stars or 6, I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s 20… let the guy be, you fucking Lowlife’s, why don’t you do more reporting on someone who’s alive and really fucking up like that bitch running for president…who would serve us better if…. not….

  • MF FANELLI June 3, 2016, 3:26 am

    Shut your MF mouth. You think this left-handed “defense” of bullshit is going to fool anyone? CK doesn’t need your help. Why would you even write about such a thing. And yes, I will shoot the messenger. I’m labeling everything else from GunsAmerica as spam. I’m done with you AH.

  • DRAINO June 2, 2016, 10:24 am

    Agreed…let him rest in peace already. The DD-214 is the definitive document…..end of story. While there is a miniscule chance there “could” be an error on a DD-214, It would likely be that something was left out of the record. To get something added would be extremely difficult….and SERIOUS hard proof would need to be provided by the service member….and much scrutiny would follow. And sometimes the issuing of an award like a “star” can take some time to get through the system….especially in the spec ops world of things that “didn’t happen, but did”. But really, let it go. It’s over. The truth is known by those that really matter…..Chris and his creator. RIP Chris.

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