CZ Custom Introducing Compact A01-SD C Competition Pistol

CZ Custom is rolling out an A01-SD Compact, built custom from the ground up. (Photo: CZ Custom)

CZ Custom, the most prominent name in American CZ gunsmithing, is releasing a compact successor to the A01-SD, the new A01-SD C. This mid-size model delivers all the features of the full-size competition pistol, just in a smaller package, carrying on the legacy of the original Shadow series.

The all-steel A01-SD C is a hammer-fired, double- and single-action pistol with a manual thumb safety chambered for 9mm Luger. It features a forged steel frame and a slide machined from 4140 steel bar stock that are CNC machined into their final dimensions. These guns really are built from scratch by CZ Custom.

The A01-SD C has a standard capacity of 15+1 and uses compact P-07 magazines and ships with two mags. It can also use P-09 and P-10 magazines as extended mags for a 19+1-round capacity.

The slide has matching serrations forward and rear, a fiber optic front sight and a CZ Customs low mount rear target sight. Instead of a conventional barrel and bushing, the A01-SD C uses a 3.9-inch match-grade 416 stainless steel bull barrel.

The frame showcases even more CZ Custom work. It has an oversized dust cover to add weight to the muzzle and reduce felt recoil. A long, extended beavertail and deeply undercut triggerguard promote a high-up grip, which also helps handle recoil.

The A01-SD C is a mid-sized version of the A01 series of competition pistols. (Photo: CZ Custom)

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To ensure a solid grip all around, the frame has extended 25-line-per-inch checkering on the front- and backstrap along with a set of custom machined grip panels. Inside the grip, CZ Custom machined a magwell for fast, consistent reloads. It also comes with an extended thumb safety and magazine release button.

The A01-SD C has a CZ Custom tuned action. It uses a CZ 85 Combat trigger with a CZ Custom Ghost hammer and has a short reset kit installed, standard. CZ Custom also pins the hammer and sear in the frame to ensure a very consistent 8-to-8.5-pound trigger pull in double action, and a 3-to-3.5-pound pull in single action.

This pistol is destined for competition shooting for sure, although compact shooting matches are often held at the club level. Still, for full-size A01-SD shooters, this could also make for a carry gun with the same feature set as their competition pistol.

The price for the A01-SD C is up there, but in line with other higher-end race guns in the same class. The A01-SD C lists for $2,302. Anyone interested should act soon, because these will still sell fast.

For more information about these, other competition guns, and gunsmithing services, check out CZ Custom online.

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  • Tim Holmes August 6, 2021, 11:08 am

    The dust cover doesn’t look like it fits that slide very well. And good luck finding P07 magazines. I own a P07 and it is a fine shooting pistol, like all CZs.

  • Jake August 6, 2021, 9:59 am

    Can’t wait to see what these guys do with the products from Colt!

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