Ed Brown Debuting 2019 Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911

The 2019 Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911 by Ed Brown. (Photo: EBP)

Ed Brown is teaming up with the Cooper family on the new for 2019 Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911. It’s been 10 years since Ed Brown rolled out the first tribute pistol and they’re following up with an even more elegant package.

Like the original Jeff Cooper 1911 the 2019 model is a full-size 1911 chambered for .45 ACP with traditional square cut rear slide serrations, simple engravings and a slightly embossed slide. Cooper’s signature is inlaied in gold on the right side.

“Having grown up reading the articles and books by the legendary Jeff Cooper, it is my privilege to have worked with the Cooper family on this gun,” said Ed Brown’s John May. “Having been a student of modern pistol craft as well as the 1911 this seems only fitting to share this with 1911 fans both old and new. Do not miss out on this limited release and get you piece of 1911 history while you can.”

The left side of the gun is inlaid with the letters D, V and C, for for the latin phrase, “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas,” meaning “Accuracy, Power, Speed.” This became the motto of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, or IPSC.

The engraving and front sight are 24 carat gold. (Photo: EBP)

The gun sports a deep blued finish with a high polish. The frontstrap and mainspring housing have fine 25 line-per-inch checkering for a positive grip. The mainspring housing also adds a lanyard loop.

The left side safety lever is an Ed Brown Tactical thumb safety and it has a concealed-carry-style grip safety. Ed Brown chose to go with these because Col. Cooper did also. It also has a solid curved, serrated long trigger.

It has engraved cocobolo grips with a sword, a quill and Cooper’s initials. Like all Ed Brown guns, every part is machined separately and hand-fit, made to last a lifetime and then some.

While some collectors may choose to carry their Commemorative Cooper pistols, it’s safe to say that most of these guns will be display and conversation pieces — of course, they are all shooters just the same — so Ed Brown is offering the pistols with an optional bound bookcase.

The display bookcase is sold separately or as a package. (Photo: EBP)

The display case includes a reprint of Jeff Cooper’s Yankee Fist, a Jeff Cooper commemorative coin, a Legacy Foundation patch, a Legacy Foundation pin and a certificate of authenticity. A portion of each sale will go to the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.

In relative terms, this is priced in the middle of the pack compared to other Ed Brown products at $3,170. Packaged with the bound bookcase Ed Brown is charging $3,420.

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For fans of Cooper’s work and legacy, Ed Brown is also offering the bound bookcase as well as the cocobolo grips separately, so that people can put together their own Cooper gun for less. The case runs $250 and the grips only $59.

Ed Brown will have one on display at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting for attending members to see for themselves. The understated design showcases Cooper’s style and Ed Brown’s expertise at the same time.

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