Escort Updated PS Turkey Hunter in 12, 20, and .410 for 2021

Escort is updating their very affordable PS line of semi-automatic shotguns specifically for turkey hunting. (Photo: Escort)

Escort is rolling out a whole new line of shotguns for 2021 that cater specifically to turkey hunters. These updated semi-automatic PS Turkey Hunter shotguns come in two camo prints and in 12- and 20-gauge and .410 bore models.

The PS Turkey Hunter shotguns are offered with a Realtree Timber or Mossy Oak BottomLand camo finish to help hunters blend in different environments. They also all ship with three extended chokes optimized for turkey hunting.

The shotguns use Hatsan’s self-regulating Smart Valve Piston gas system. The gas system can regulate and cycle very light loads all the way up to hard-hitting 3-inch magnum shells automatically, without needing to be adjusted.

All of the shotguns use Hatsan’s Fast Loading System that makes one-handed loading easier and quicker by combining the bolt carrier release latch with the loading gate. This lets shooters close the bolt and load the magazine in one smooth action after loading the chamber.

These popular camo prints often add a premium over black or blued finishes but these guns are very affordable. (Photo: Mossy Oak/Realtree)

They also all come with bright 3-dot fiber optic sights, with a red fiber optic front sight and a fully adjustable, contrasting green fiber optic rear sight. The rear sight also provides an extended 5-inch long cantilever Weaver rail for optics such as low-power scopes or red dot sights.

All three versions are built on lightweight alloy receivers, have hard chrome-lined barrels and 4-round magazines for a 5-shot standard capacity. The synthetic stocks are textured for a better grip in wet or boggy conditions and all PS Turkey Hunter shotguns come with factory-installed sling studs.

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Hatsan’s shotguns have earned a reputation for delivering a lot in terms of quality and reliability, particularly for the price, and the PS Turkey Hunter shotguns are no different. With a suggested price of $499, these are very affordable guns in a gun market that’s currently stretched to its limits.

The 12-gauge Turkey Hunter has a 24-inch barrel, weighs in at 6.9 pounds and comes with extended extra full, full and improved modified chokes. The 20-gauge model comes with the same choke set, a shorter 22-inch barrel and weighs just 6.2 pounds unloaded.

Naturally the .410-bore Turkey Hunter is the lightest at 6 pounds even, and that’s with a long 24-inch barrel. The .410 model ships with extended full, modified and improved cylinder chokes.

If you would like more info about the PS Turkey Hunter shotguns and the rest of the Escort catalog, check out the company website.

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