Everytown Hosts ‘Hour of Action’ to Demand Repeal of Georgia’s ‘Racist, Shoot-First Law’

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Everytown Hosts 'Hour of Action' to Demand Repeal of Georgia’s 'Racist, Shoot-First Law'
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Anti-Second Amendment group Everytown for Gun Safety is hosting an “hour of action” to demand the repeal of Georgia’s “stand your ground law,” which the group characterizes as a “shoot first law.”

“Shoot first laws allow people to use deadly force as the first option, even when they can clearly and safely walk away,” the group says in an event invitation obtained by GunsAmerica. “Join us for an hour of action to urge GA legislators to repeal this deadly, reckless, and racist law.”

The event will take place on Monday, March 14, from 6:30-7:30pm and is part of Everytown’s larger Citizen TaskForce initiative to “end Shoot First Laws,” according to a text message from Everytown to supporters. Attendees will hear about what Everytown has been doing to repeal stand your ground laws and participate in “social media and phonebanking opportunities” to urge Georgia legislators to repeal the law.

Everytown Hosts 'Hour of Action' to Demand Repeal of Georgia’s 'Racist, Shoot-First Law'

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Contrary to Everytown’s characterization, “stand your ground” laws do not allow gun owners to “shoot first.” Such laws do not require the victims of a violent attack to retreat, but these victims must still be at risk of death or serious bodily harm to use deadly force in self-defense.

Georgia’s self-defense law, for example, reads, “a person is justified in using force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or herself or a third person or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

This justification does not apply to someone who provokes an attack or is committing a crime.

Everytown has chosen a strange time to push for Georgia’s law to be repealed. Three men were recently convicted in Georgia for felony murder after killing Ahmaud Arbery, a man they believed was responsible for a string of robberies.

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The self-defense argument failed to convince the jurors, however, because the men were the aggressors, and they couldn’t reasonably prove that their lives were in danger (among other reasons).

Another recent “stand your ground” case in Georgia also failed to grant immunity to a defendant. Marc Wilson made a “stand your ground” defense after he shot and killed a woman who was riding in a car being driven by someone he claims was trying to kill him.

“The evidence shows that Marc Wilson was justified in his use of force. And he applied a level of force necessary that he thought was necessary to… defend himself,” the defense argued.

The judge denied Wilson’s request, and the case is headed to trial.

The outcome of these cases suggests that Everytown severely mischaracterizes Georgia’s “stand your ground” law. If this law truly granted gun owners the ability to “shoot first,” the defendants would have been exonerated in both cases.

Georgians can find and contact their state representatives HERE.

About the author: Jordan Michaels has been reviewing firearm-related products for over six years and enjoying them for much longer. With family in Canada, he’s seen first hand how quickly the right to self-defense can be stripped from law-abiding citizens. He escaped that statist paradise at a young age, married a sixth-generation Texan, and currently lives in Tyler. Got a hot tip? Send him an email at [email protected].

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  • Armed and Dangerous March 18, 2022, 11:09 pm

    “Join us for an hour of action to urge GA legislators to repeal this deadly, reckless, and racist law.”

    So in saying this law is racist the left is admitting that most perps are of color. Here’s a news flash: the law doesn’t discriminate. It’s the same no matter what color you are. If the majority of criminals are of the minority, that should tell you something.

  • Buck March 18, 2022, 12:34 pm

    A large number of those getting shot for criminal acts are trying to raise money for drugs. The left has determined that it’s reducing illegal drug customers and Democrat ballot harvesting operatives!

  • Mark A Gutsmiedl March 18, 2022, 12:19 pm

    Here’s an idea. How about they stop breaking the law and threatening people’s lives! How about I stand my ground and they walk away? If they don’t want to get shot, STOP BREAKING THE LAW! Anti-gun groups always complain because law abiding people try to protect themselves. How about demanding stricter sentencing and no plea bargains for violent crimes?

  • PeteFaz March 18, 2022, 10:02 am

    Typical leftist tactic– use minorities to gain their ends , bet they miss those days of cracking the whip as they watch them pick cotton .

  • SSSMW1 March 18, 2022, 9:15 am

    In my state there is no requirement to retreat. The law states you do not have to retreat if you are legally in a place you have a right to be. Therefore you have a right to defend yourself and others. Just saying.

  • Jay Smith March 18, 2022, 7:52 am

    To say this policy is racist assumes one of two huge expectations. Namely , that a prevalent majority of confrontations are performed by non-white perpetrators. And/OR , that the majority of victims are non – minority gun carriers that are ALL racist in their self-defense outlook. > Let’s not look at population cross-section to find that in lower class neighborhoods this race disparity would be highly likely, IE : being in a “hood” increases the chance that ANY confrontation will reflect the race %’s for that area.

    • Blue Dog (він/його/supportUkraine) March 18, 2022, 10:36 am

      I think you are looking at it from the wrong angle to see where they find the racism. The racism is not in any intention behind the implementation or creation of the law but rather in the expected outcome, that the result of the law will disproportionately affect communities of colour. If we look to the beginning of a law to check for the racism, we will be boggled by the claims of racism from those looking at the end result of the law. The other major difference in the approaches is that your analysis assumes the individual is the prime unit of interface between the law and the population; those claiming racism will look at the community as the primary unit of the population that interfaces with the law.

  • Blue Dog (він/його/supportUkraine) March 15, 2022, 12:02 pm

    So, maybe I am alone here but the requirement to retreat is an essential component to justifying the use of lethal force. Taking a life is a serious, grave thing and it should be treated soberly with care and gravity. We don’t want to completely prohibit the use of lethal force in absolutely every circumstance but at the same time, we don’t want to be seen democratising the execution of criminals, especially without trial. The obligation to retreat respects the gravity of these situations where a life can be taken, whereas stand your ground cheapens lives on both sides of the trigger.

    • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment March 17, 2022, 8:16 am

      yeah….. show mercy for those who want to kill you, feel sorry for them and excuse their actions so they can go and kill someone else???? Seems like a perfect recipe for mayhem there!

      • Blue Dog (він/його/supportUkraine) March 17, 2022, 9:45 am

        You guys keep quoting the Bible at me but then Paul here mocks showing mercy. Praying for your enemies, mercy for the lost… thank Heaven that Jim Elliot wasn’t so stone-hearted.

        • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment March 18, 2022, 7:29 am

          What mock? all you are going to do is get shot, give the criminal your gun, and he will do it again with your gun because it is in better shape than his (or sell it to another criminal who will do the same thing)! Criminals are not honest nor trustworthy hence the reason they are criminals. But just keep buying in to the mantra of to have a cause you need to have a cause or create the problem yourself!

    • etph March 20, 2022, 12:35 am

      How can stand your ground be “racist” when 56% of new gun owners are black and the majority of that 56% are women? The primary perpetrators who victimize black women are black men. How will leftists try to spin this fact?

      • Blue Dog (він/його/supportUkraine) March 21, 2022, 11:45 am

        You are looking at it backwards. It doesn’t matter how the law is applied at the front end, the evidence of racism is in the uneven impact among communities. You are looking at the front, the evidence for the racism in the system is at the back.

    • Hondo April 3, 2022, 11:21 pm

      Bluedouche has to be the biggest imbecile on this board, damn you type the stupidest shit, are you really this fing dumb ?

  • survivor50 March 15, 2022, 11:53 am

    ” Last Man Standing” gets to tell the story…

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