Father’s Day Gift Guide For Gun Dads

Don’t know what to get dad for Father’s Day?  Below you’ll find a few quality ideas.

If you have something that you’d recommend, please, by all means, mention it in the comments section. Or, if you have additional feedback on the products I highlighted below, feel free to chime in. I’m always interested to hear what others think.

Thanks! And, Happy Father’s Day!

Poncho Fishing Shirts

Bought one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter.

Pros: You’ve probably seen these advertised all over social media.  It’s how I came across ‘em.  I pulled the trigger because I’m a sucker for innovative features and Poncho shirts are, if anything, feature-rich!  From the hidden chest pocket to sunglasses slit to the collar snaps to the built-in lens cloth to the quick-drying, wrinkle-free fabric (91% Nylon 9% Spandex) — what’s not to love?

The question is do they really hold up as well as advertised?  I bought two shirts total this year, through the website.  A flannel (called the “Blue Goose”) for the Winter/ Fall and an original style for the Spring/ Summer (called the “Iceman”).  Fit-wise, at 5’11, 210-ish pounds, I went with a “Regular – Large” though they have “Slim” for those without a beer belly.  They look good and fit well.  Maybe run a little long, if I’m nitpicking.  Durability-wise, so far, so good through several wears and washes (you don’t have to put ‘em in the dryer!).  No issues with the shirts and I’m likely to be a return customer.  My guess is dad will like a Poncho shirt, too.  

I have the whole ensemble on here. Poncho shirt, Duluth shorts, Ridgemont boots, and the Hellcat in the Galco holster. Not much of a fashion model and, yes, I know, my feet are abnormally large and my legs are whiter than a bleached scallop.


  • Soft, lightweight and breathable
  • Built-in stretch
  • Dries in minutes
  • Easy-open magnetic pockets (do not wear with pacemakers)
  • Built-in lens cloth
  • Large, hidden zippered pocket
  • Slit to hold sunglasses
  • Vented back
  • Collar snaps to stay in place
  • UPF 50 
  • MSRP: $74.95
I need to work on my posture.

Cons: Price.  They’re not cheap.  At about $75 per shirt, you’re going to pay a premium.  Another downside I discovered is with the Iceman (the white button-down), the fabric is sorta see-through so depending on the occasion, Dad may have to wear an undershirt.  

Click HERE to start browsing Poncho shirts.

Springfield Armory Hellcat

The Springfield Armory Hellcat. Maybe the best Father’s Day gift out there.

Pros: The highest capacity micro nine on the market (11+1 standard, 13+1 extended mag), the Springfield Armory Hellcat is a superb everyday carry gun.  It checks all the tacticool boxes: hammer-forged barrel, slide serrations, accessory rail, tactical rack u-dot sights, loaded chamber indicator, an FDE color option, an optics-ready configuration.  It’s a helluva shooter, too, as our Managing Editor True Pearce demonstrated in a local 2 gun match a few years back.  

Most importantly, it’s reliable.  Springfield tested the pistol to the tune of 10,000 rounds.  Needless to say, Dad can confidently rely on the Hellcat for personal protection.  

Hellcats are available right now on GunsAmerica in the sub $600 range.  

10-round mag with pinky extension.


  • Model: Hellcat
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 11+1 (flush fit); 13+1 (extended)
  • Barrel Length: 3 inches
  • Overall Length: 6 inches
  • Overall Height: 4 inches (flush fit); 4.5 inches (extended)
  • Grip Width: 1 inch
  • Overall Weight: 17.9 ounces (flush fit); 18.3 ounces (extended)
  • Front Sights: Tritium Luminescent
  • Rear Sights: Tactical Rack “U” NotchFrame: Black Polymer, Adaptive Grip Texture
  • MSRP: $569 (Standard Model); $599 (Tested OSP Model)
Hard to beat this carry combo.

Cons: I live in New York.  As such, Emperor Cuomo (an unrepentant fondler of young women) has restricted me to 10 round mags.  Which really sucks because S.A. just released 15-round mags!  My dad lives in California.  So he’s not much better off because the Hellcat isn’t a roster-approved firearm.  That said, maybe your father lives in a free state and is contemplating a new carry piece, consider getting him a Hellcat.   

Visit SpringfieldArmory to learn more about the Hellcat.

Galco IWB Holster 

Carrying all day is no problem with Galco.

Pros: Don’t have the money to buy pops a new carry gun?  No worries.  Think about getting him a new holster, like this Galco inside-the-waistband (IWB) Royal Guard 2.  It’s what I use to carry my Hellcat in, as you can see.  Light, comfortable and secure, the Royal Guard 2 is a good all-season carry solution, suited for those who like to carry at the 4 or 5 O’clock position.  

Made from horsehide and reinforced with metal, it’ll last a lifetime.  Listen, we’ve all made the mistake of buying chintzy holsters on Amazon or eBay only to find out that (a) they suck, (b) they’re uncomfortable, (c) they break down over time, or (d) all of the above.  With Galco, none of that is a concern.   

I print slightly in the white poncho shirt.


  • Rough out horsehide
  • Smooth gun pocket for easy draw
  • Butt-forward cant
  • Raised sweat guard to protect pistol and wearer
  • Metal-reinforced mouth for easy holstering
  • Supplied with 1 3/4″ black belt loops
  • MSRP: $168
Those belt loops are removable.

Cons:  For maximum comfort, I recommend wearing an undershirt.  Because there’s no pad or backing plate (Galco offers models with such features), it can get a little sweaty even with the raised guard when that mid-summer humidity rears its ugly head and temps start to spike.  Another con, due to its popularity, it’s on backorder!  

Click HERE to shop Galco now!

Benchmade Claymore

An auto built for hard use.

Pros: On the cool-factor scale, the Benchmade Claymore is at the top of the heap. It is a beast of a push-button auto, and with the ranger green scales and cobalt black blade — it’s a looker!       

At 8.6 inches when open, the Claymore is a full-sized folder.   But it doesn’t carry like one as it’s surprisingly light, weighing in at around 3.5 oz.  Stout and rugged — and extremely fun to open — the Claymore is everything pops would want in an EDC folder.  One-hundred percent made in the USA, though the price doesn’t reflect it, the Claymore can be had for under $200.  This is the knife I will have on me all Summer long.

Only 3.5 oz. It’s big knife but it doesn’t feel like it.


  • Blade Edge: Serrated
  • Blade Finish/Color: Cobalt Black
  • Blade Steel: CPM-D2 (60-62 HRC)
  • Blade Style/Shape: Drop-point
  • Clip Type: Deep-Carry
  • Clip Position: Reversible Tip-Up
  • Handle Material: Grivory
  • Blade Style: Serrated Drop-Point
  • MSRP: $230
Fills the hand. The handle is very ergonomic.

Cons: Automatic knives while incredibly cool can be illegal in certain locales.  Make sure to check state and local laws before you buy it for dad.  Straight-edge knives really suit my fancy and Mr. Claymore, as of right now, only comes serrated.  Bummer.  

Visit Benchmade to learn more.

Ridgemont Outfitters Hiking Boots 

Love the look!

Pro: If dad’s an outdoorsy guy, you might consider getting him a new pair of hiking boots.  Ridgemont Outfitters is worth checking out.  They have a wide variety of styles and all the conventional sizes.  “Outback II” is what I sport.  What I love about them is they are stylish as heck.  That two-tone olive/brown look is smart.  And, whether I’m wearing ‘em with cargo shorts or jeans or work pants, I get plenty of compliments.  


  • High quality 2mm oiled leather with DWR coating.
  • Waxed cotton canvas collar.
  • Painted metal d-rings & speedhooks.
  • Bespoke Ridgemont gum rubber vulcanized lugged sole for superior traction & grip.
  • Lockstitch foxing side seam for an ultra secure bond between upper and sole.
  • 12mm eva-cush footbed – antimicrobial, lightweight, supportive and super comfy.
  • Variflex lasting board – stiff in the mid and heel, softer in the toe. Protects the underfoot from sharp stones whilst retaining flexibility in the forefoot for comfort.
  • Standard D width.
Out on the trail. These are on sale for $89.

Cons: The downside with these particular boots is they took awhile to break in and they’re more suited for light trail work as opposed to serious adventuring. If Dad’s a dyed-in-the-wool bushcrafter or dedicated camper or seasoned hunter, I’d look elsewhere.  But if he likes the occasional jaunt into the woods on a Sunday afternoon to spend some time with nature or if he needs a crossover boot that’ll function and turn heads in all environs, from urban sprawls to rustic trails, then these may be the ticket.   

Click HERE to Shop Ridgemont Outfitters.

Duluth Trading Cargo Shorts 

Lots of pockets for lots of stuff.

Pros:  Cargo shorts never go out of style, though some of my female friends would argue that’s because they’re never “in-style.”   Who cares what they think, so long as dad digs ‘em. Duluth Trading out of Minnesota is known for their “Buck Naked” underwear, which I don’t own and never tried, but I can say that I am an enthusiastic supporter of their pants and shorts.  

Altogether I own like 4 pairs (3 pants, 1 pair of shorts).  Their cargo shorts are slightly stretchy — which is great for concealed carry — contain deep side pockets and cargo pockets, and have plenty of crotch space — a must, IMO!  All have held up well so far, though I did manage to discolor a spot on my shorts standing too close to a barrel fire. Always beware of floating embers.  


  • All the features of our regular DuluthFlex® Fire Hose® Work Pants
  • Pre-washed 8-oz. Fire Hose cotton canvas is 30% lighter than the originals, just as abrasion resistant
  • 3% spandex provides incredible flex as you work
  • Stain- and water-repelling FendOff Finish® fabric treatment
  • Hidden Crouch Gusset® for extra ease
  • 11 pockets, including cargo pockets with in-or-out tuckable pocket flaps
  • Triple-stitched seams prevent rip-outs
  • Relaxed Fit – same generous Tradesman Fit you love, now with a new name. Sits at the waist, and generously sized for ease of movement on the job.
  • 11″ inseam hits just below the knee on your average 5’10” all-American Joe (also available in 9″ inseam)
  • Imported
I actually have a hole forming were I burnt my shorts on the barrel fire. Eek!

Cons: Price may be the complaint here.  You can score Wranglers all day on Amazon for $30-$40.  I don’t dislike Wranglers, I own some of their ATG pants, but in terms of fit and quality, I think Duluth is superior to warrant the additional dollars you have to shell out.  The good news is they’re always running sales and you should be able to score shorts for dad in the $40-55 range.  

Shop Duluth Trading now.

Falko Tactical Backpack 

Falco’s Tactical Backpack is only $50.

Pros: Fifty bucks for a quality, well-constructed, comfortable backpack.  Premium backpacks, as I’m sure you know, can cost upwards of $250.  So, that’s the main selling point of the Falko Tactical Pack

Design-wise, I love a two-main-compartment pack and that’s exactly what this has along with a bunch of other little interior chambers and external pockets.  Plenty of room for plenty of stuff!  Dad will be able to use this backpack for just about any task, with the exception of rigorous, long-term outings.

I really like the two-compartment design. When I travel I usually put clothes in one and computer and electronics in the other.
  • Capacity: 50L; Military backpack is made of high-density fabric–durable and water-resistant 
  • The molle tactical backpack has molle system, Molle webbing throughout for attaching additional tactical pouches or gear as 3-day assault pack bug out bag backpack combat molle backpack.
  • Assault pack backpack with double-stitched, Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pull, Side and front-load compression system, Ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable.
  • Has hydration compartment that works great for a hydration bladder (backpack didn’t include hydration bladder) as hydration backpack or outdoor camping hiking backpack.
  • This tactical assault pack backpack can be used as 3-day assault pack, bug out bag backpack, range bag, hunting backpack, survival backpack, army backpack, trekking backpack or daypack for daily use.
Look at all those straps!

Cons: Too many straps!  While I appreciate tactical flair, I am of the opinion that we’ve kinda jumped the shark with straps on packs.  Do we really need all those retention and compression straps?  Aesthetically, it’d be nice to return to a more understated design concept.  That said, for only 50 beans it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.  

Learn more at FalkoTactical.com.

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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