The Ultimate GunsAmerica Father’s Day Gift Guide

What dad wants (hint: not a tie)

Ah, the age-old question, “What should we get dad for Father’s Day?” At some point in history, one answer to this question was a necktie, any necktie. That was the wrong answer then and it is the wrong answer now. If you have yet to spend your COVID check then follow this Father’s Day gift guide and get dad what he wants. Every item profiled in this article is something I have and use.


5.11 Defender-Flex jeans can be worn for a night out, a night in, or a night of 3-gunning.

Most dads don’t like to shop for clothes, so save him the trouble. With Defender-Flex Straight Jeans from 5.11 Tactical, you can’t go wrong. They look great, they fit great, and they have a little flex in them thanks to the Lycra ® T400 Tough Max that is built-in. I don’t know what Lycra ® T400 Tough Max is really, but I can say that dad won’t be hating these jeans after a big meal. They stretch just enough to make IWB concealed carry comfortable, but not so much that they would be considered yoga pants. The Defender-Flex jeans have pockets where they should have pockets, reinforced stitching, and are available in three different shades of blue. These are $69.99 at, or you can pick them up at one of their retail stores which have all reopened post COVID.

5.11 Capital Pant is the latest in a long line of highly engineered pants that are functional, comfortable, and afford freedom of movement without being baggy.

Dad doesn’t like jeans? Well then get him the Capital Pant from 5.11 Tactical. These pants are designed for a variety of uses from casual to tactical, but they don’t scream “tacticool”. For those familiar with 5.11 pants, the Capital Pant is like an updated Apex model (which is also a great choice). I have put the Apex pants through hard use in 3-gun competitions and while hunting and they perform very well. I can also use the same pants for a casual night out. The Flex-Tac fabric is tough, and the Teflon finish helps keep them looking good longer than other pants. The Capital has 11 pockets, including stacked magazine/phone pockets in back. The angled cargo pockets are cross body accessible, which can come in handy in some situations. The knees are articulated, the crotch gusseted, and the waistband is flexible, all of which make the Capital Pant move with you to enhance comfort under use. $84.99 and available in several colors.

Note detail in center. The top button is a button. The rest look like buttons but are snaps.

Dad is going to need a shirt to go with his new pants. The Carson Short Sleeve Shirt from 5.11 is a good looking shirt that is practical for concealed carry (which is something that should be considered in all clothing purchases). The snap front shirt has a left chest pocket and is designed to be worn untucked, again, conducive to concealed carry. Available in XS to 2XL in six different colors for $39.99.

The Norris sneaker packs a punch — just like Chuck Norris!

Now that he has pants and a shirt, style up dad’s casual shoes with the 5.11 Norris Sneaker. If these aren’t named after Chuck Norris then they should be because regular sneakers cower in their presence. They look good and are tough, just like Chuck Norris. The outsole is Vibram® Marbrani, and it is designed to give good traction, particularly on wet surfaces. Inside the shoe, the Norris uses Ortholite® technology to support dad’s feet while he is doing dad things. The Norris is ASTM certified for puncture resistance and has a super-strong Welmax board that guards your feet against up to 1,200 newtons of force. Yes, that’s 1200 newtons, which is way more than 900 newtons! All this for $99.99. Get dad the Ranger Green model.


Black Rifle Coffee Company makes superb roast-to-order coffee as well as themed mugs, tumblers, tee shirts, and more.

Black Rifle Coffee is the coffee that every gun owner should drink. Yes, this is the same coffee I profiled in last year’s Top Ten Tactical Christmas article, and yes I am still drinking it. The dad in your life wants to drink it too. First and foremost, it is really good coffee that is roasted to order by people who are obsessed with great coffee. The company was founded by Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret and CIA contractor who loved coffee but was sick of hipsters hating guns and thinking they invented good coffee. Five years later BRCC’s business is booming, they are selling tons of coffee, and they are offending hipsters with their brand and their provocative merchandise, e.g., the F*CK YOUR SENSITIVITY coffee mug ($16.99).

Every month freshly roasted coffee is delivered to my door through the Black Rifle Coffee Club subscription service. For as little as $14.99 a month you can buy dad a coffee subscription with the peace of mind that he can easily modify his order online whenever he wants. Don’t want to spring for a subscription? Then just go online and buy him a bag of coffee, some K cups, or even canned ready to drink espresso. If you look at the Black Rifle Coffee website and can’t find something your dad would like then he probably isn’t your real dad.

Gloves for MANual Work

Mechanix gloves just plain work. This model has touchscreen compatible fabric as well as a pull tab for convenience. A face mask (left) is included for a limited time when purchasing these gloves.

Dad is a man and men work outside on heavy things. Sometimes dad needs gloves to protect him from sparks of metal, barbed wire fences, and wayward hammers. Mechanix Wear makes gloves for every application. Whether dad is welding, ranching, hunting, turning a wrench, or holding the thin blue line, Mechanix has the gloves he needs. Originally designed by and for racing pit crews, these are working man’s gloves with articulated fingers that allow freedom of movement. They make gloves for women and kids too, but this is a Father’s Day gift guide so stay focused. Prices range from $14.99 for the FastFit work gloves to $84.99 for the CarbonX Level 10 fire-resistant gloves.


The LL Bean Technical Kangaroo Upland Boots feature strong kangaroo leather, an aggressive tread, and a boa laceless tightening system.

Go take a look at dad’s hunting boots. Are they comfortably worn, or are they beyond repair? A year ago, had my family looked at my hunting boots they would have found a 20-year-old pair of well-worn boots. There was a missing lace hook and the stitching was coming apart in a spot or two. Why did I keep them? Because they still worked and they fit like a pair of old boots. They also needed to be replaced. If the dad in your life needs new hunting boots, then consider getting him some LL Bean Technical Kangaroo Upland boots.

These eight-inch boots have a lot going for them. First off, they are comfortable right out of the box. Next is the Boa closure instead of laces. I was skeptical at first, but these boots are the fastest-on and fastest-off boots I own – particularly the latter. When you are done hunting and you want your boots off you want them off NOW. Just pull on the Boa disc and the mechanism releases all tension and the boot opens. Done. When tightening the closure to put the boots on all you do is push it in and turn. The mechanism ratchets to as tight as you want them to be. Another unique aspect of these boots is the Kangaroo leather. Per LL Bean, it is 60% stronger than cowhide. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know these are lightweight and have been holding up well. They have 600 Denier side panels, Goretex waterproofing, an antimicrobial lining, 200 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, and a fiberglass shank. The outsole is aggressive, and I would consider the toe box generous. These have been my kick around boots for several months, and they are well suited for upland hunting, coyote hunting, or hiking. Half sizes from 5-13 in D and EE widths for $229. 

Ammunition Bags

Bang Boxes keep ammunition organized without any additional bulk or packing materials.

Dads like to go to the range to shoot guns. They take lots of ammunition with them. Keep dad organized with a Bang Box from G-Code Tactical Holsters ( These hard-bottom boxes zip open and store loose ammunition. By recycling the ammunition packaging at home dad doesn’t have to deal with trash at the range. Bang Boxes have hook and loop tops and vinyl patches to identify what ammunition is in what box. They hold about 300 rounds of 9mm and 200 rounds of 5.56. Feeling generous? Get dad the 2fer Combo Pack that has two Bang Boxes that fit perfectly into another bag. Not enough? There is also a 3fer version. Several colors are available ($27 for one Bang Box, $85 for the 2fer Combo Pack, and $118 for the 3fer).

Autographed Ted Nugent Hat

Ted Nugent, Uncle Ted, The Motorcity Madman has never shied away from stating his opinion. Why should you?

Though originally and essentially a rock musician, Ted Nugent – aka the Motorcity Madman – has long been a vocal defender of the Second Amendment. Of late, in addition to cranking out crushing guitar solos, Uncle Ted has been an outspoken conservative, hunter, freedom fighter, and no-holds-barred public figure.

Ted Nugent elicits a strong response – positive or negative – wherever he speaks, and he leaves no question about where he stands. Now you can help dad let everyone know where he stands. Buy him the Reelect That Motherf***er trucker hat autographed by none other than Ted Nugent himself. These have been out of stock a few times due to high demand, but as of the time of this writing, they are available for $40 on

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About the author: Steve Gaspar has been writing for gun and hunting publications for over 20 years. He is an avid hunter, staunch 2A supporter, and occasional 3-gun competitor. His favorite outdoor activities are calling predators and shooting suppressed rifles.

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