First Look: Hands-On with The New Canik METE SFT (Primary Arms Range Day 2021)

Canik Continues to Impress with the New METE SFT

Several years ago, Canik USA swooped down upon the firearms world with the launch of their TP9 series pistols. Canik established themselves as high-value pistols bolstering extended capacity magazine, excellent striker-fire triggers, and intuitive ergonomics all at an affordable price point. I can personally attest to this as I’ve owned two Caniks and shot a few sandlot matches with their TP9SFx.

This week I had the opportunity to get some trigger-time with the next iteration of Canik’s handgun at the Primary Arms Range Day: The Canik METE SFT a full-sized striker-fired handgun.

The METE SFT (pronounced Meh-Tay) builds on customer feedback from the TP9 generation of pistols. Handling the METE SFT felt familiar but improved. The frame’s beavertail is redesigned and the trigger guard features a slight undercut to accommodate those of us with especially aggressive grips.

The first obvious change is that the METE SFT comes optics-ready with the slide milled to accept and easily co-witness with Trijicon RMRcc and Shield RMS/RMSc footprint pistol red dots.

Up Close and Personal with the New CANIK METE SFT

Continuing their pattern of giving consumers more of what they love, the METE ships with 2 magazines….one 18 round and a 20 round magazine.

The METE SFT was light and intuitive to shoot. A 4.46″ barrel helped mitigate recoil and the integrally flared magwell made reloads a breeze. Speaking of intuitive controls, left-handed shooters can rejoice that the pistol offers an ambidextrous slide catch lever and magazine catch.

Shooting the METE SFT was smooth and I was able to seamlessly transition between two paper targets without a hitch. Canik’s triggers are arguably some of the best in the striker-fired world and their latest model did not disappoint. Each trigger break was clean and every reset was tactile and firm.

Canik has always offered their pistols at an affordable price point and the METE SFT is no exception. It launched 2 weeks ago and has an MSRP of $519. I was only able to send about 50 rounds downrange but I’m very excited to spend some more time with their latest offering.

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About the author: CitizenHush is the Bob Ross of 2A Twitter. A Virginian by birth but Texan by the Grace of God, Mr. Hush enjoys firearms and firearm technology.Dislikes include: Strong opinions on Cast Iron skillets, politicians, and Brass Goblins. When he’s not blasting feral hogs in Central Texas, you can find him either on the range or living his best life as a suburban ranch hand.

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