FN America’s RUSH 9Ti Suppressor — SHOT Show 2023

FN’s new RUSH 9Ti is optimized for their 509 Tactical pistols.

Suppressing pistols has always been tricky because of gas blowback and extra weight on the barrel. That gas is uncomfortable for the user to have come back in their face, and the weight affects the way short-cycle pistols work. You often need a recoil booster to allow the gun to cycle with a suppressor.

FN’s new RUSH 9Ti suppressor addresses these problems. FN says it allows more gas to go forward, keeping it out of the user’s face. It also includes a piston that allows the barrel to move and cycle the action.

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FN says this suppressor will well with most pistols, and it’s excellent with their 509 tactical. It is for 9mm handguns only.

An included tool removes the front cap. Photo: FN America.

Using an included tool to remove the endcap, this suppressor comes apart so you can clean each piece of the baffle stack and interior workings.

FN’s RUSH 9Ti is available now. MSRP $849.


  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • LENGTH: 7.3″
  • TUBE DIAMETER: 1.375″
  • WEIGHT: 10.8 oz.
  • PISTON: 1/2″x28 TPI

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