GunsAmerica This Week – 03.24.2023


Big News This Week

ATF Warns Gun Dealers About Selling Unserialized Frames, Receivers w/o Background Checks

“That means they need to run background checks and sell guns with serial numbers,” he continued.  “That is what the ghost gun rule is about.”

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Should You Be Allowed to Keep Your Guns If You Declare Bankruptcy?  

Should You Be Allowed to Keep Your Guns If You Declare Bankruptcy?  

“No American should ever have to sacrifice their constitutional rights because of their financial situation,” said Congresswoman Tenney in a February press release.

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Arkansas Prosecutor Will Not Charge Fort Smith Man Who Shot Knife-Wielding Invader

Arkansas Prosecutor Will Not Charge Fort Smith Man Who Shot Knife-Wielding Invader

Jacob Webb was fatally shot by Jimenez on Feb. 3 after he broke into Jimenez’s home armed with a knife, per KNWA.

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Things To Do This Weekend

Go Expandable For Turkeys


ATF Data Confirms ‘Operation Secure Store’ Has Positive Impact


Sniper Rifle Falls from Roof at St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Proposed Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Serialized Ammo, Encoded Ammo Database

Federal Judge Blocks California’s ‘Unsafe Handgun Act,’ — No More Microstamping Mandate!

CZ 75-Series Compact Pistol Comparison

Springfield Armory Announces Release of 10-Round Hellcat Pro for Restricted Markets

Stag Arms Deploys a Team to Washington in Light of Recent Assault Weapons Ban

SK Customs Brings History Alive Through Collectible Series, The Gods of Egypt 

Report: Younger Generations More Likely to Support Restrictive Gun Laws

Oregon Democrats Propose 3 New Bills in Latest Gun Control Push

Reviews You Missed

H&K VP9B – From Oberndorf with love?

B&T USW-G Glock Chassis Review


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  • Doug March 24, 2023, 7:45 pm

    Hi … I have a question for you gun smith’s or gun experts. I want to convert my IFG Tanfoglio Witness Compact.
    It is currently 40 caliber, I would to convert it to 9mm. Does anyone where I can purchase a conversion kit to make the conversion.
    Thank you !

  • Joe A. Stanton March 24, 2023, 9:44 am

    Guns America is great…..everything a patriot needs, too stay educated and informed….i have an interesting story about my younger brothers death, in a standoff that lasted over 4 hours…….a SW model 27 Highway Patrolman was confiscated at the residence, along with a large sum of Cash from the proseedes of a motorcycle sale 3 weeks prior too the incident which occurred on December 13th 2022… can these items and personal belongings be transferred too the next of kin……..the pistol is registered to my father, prior too 1968 fire arms act…….Wrongful death, by over use of force by SWAT anyway you look at it……….the events that led up too my brother’s death, is an example of how municipalities handle mental illness……..

    • Invader March 27, 2023, 4:07 pm

      I don’t know anything more about the incident with your brother other than on what you have said maybe the police would have been justified in the use of deadly force if they waited until your brother killled a couple of them or someone else. IMHO mental illness does not give anyone a pass on killing someone. Please enlighten me on how you would handle an armed barricaded person who is not cooperating. I really do want to know…..

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