Hera Arms Teasing Futuristic Remington 700 Stock

Hera Arms is showing off their upcoming Remington 700 system. (Photo: LowReady)

Hera Arms, the German firm best known for its P90-style AR furniture, just revealed a new stock system for Remington 700 and compatible rifles. Called the H7 Schaft, Hera expects to release the stock system in the U.S. sooner than you might think.

While details are sparse the H7 looks like it combines polymer and aluminum with an internal sub-receiver or chassis to make what looks like a light and handy stock system. The H7 uses polymer for the stock and aluminum for the forend. Both the stock and the forend provide quick-detach and loop sling attachment points.

It has a discrete cheek piece that looks fully adjustable and has slots on the diamond-checkered forend that appears to have modular M-Lok slots for accessories. It also has a spacer at the stock wrist that can be swapped out for different lengths and possible angles of adjustment.

Here’s a look inside the stock. (Photo: LowReady)

It appears that the H7 uses a simple-to-the-user bedding system to lock the rifle’s receiver in place while free-floating the barrel for repeatable accuracy. It also looks like it uses Accuracy International-pattern magazines, standard. Hera will have to ensure that the system accepts popular aftermarket triggers, but that’s not a huge challenge.

Hera Arms hasn’t overlooked requirements like these for their other products, which may look like they’re just made for fun to look cool, but in use are functional and practical at the same time. Hera is showing of the H7 in flat dark earth, but they also offer accessories in olive drab green and of course, black.

Obviously pricing will be a factor but if the European MSRP is any indicator–389 euros ($435 USD)–the H7 could be very competitive. We will find out shortly; American availability could be as soon as in the next six weeks.

Hera has a ton of new AR accessories for 2020. (Photo: Hera/Triple Bravo)

Other Hera products are surprisingly affordable despite their radical style and somewhat niche audience. Hera Arms USA and its American partners have been busy putting more of their products on the domestic market. Recently Hera showed off their completely solid Sport Rail handguard for AR-15-pattern firearms.

The Sport Rail is unlike most rails on the market today. It only has a top rail for accessories and sights two quick-detach sling swivel points on the sides. The rest of the handguard is solid with a knurled texture for grip.

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As a non-vented handguard it will probably heat up fast with 5.56 NATO and other intermediate rifle chamberings but it would be a lot of fun on a pistol-caliber carbine and it certainly looks interesting.

They’ve also got a modular safety selector system incoming that can be configured as an ambidextrous or left- or right-sided-only selector switch with either a 90- or 45-degree throw.

In 2020 Hera Arms released their fixed rifle stock and standard pistol for AR rifles as well as a complete series of muzzle devices that range from beefy muzzle brakes to faux suppressors.

For more information about Hera Arms products in the USA visit Hera Arms.

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About the author: Max Slowik is a writer with over a dozen years of experience and is a lifelong shooter. He has unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the human right to self-defense. Like Thomas Paine, he’s a journalist by profession and a propagandist by inclination.

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  • Hendrik Joseph Haan June 19, 2020, 6:57 am

    Aren’t Germans “verboten” to have firearms? We all know that because of WWI & WWII, they can’t be trusted with guns. So, why are they hawking weapons here? Or will Google censor this too?

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      You’ve heard of Heckler and Koch before, right? It’s not like it’s anything new.

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