Father’s Day Gift Guide

Two hunters decked out in camo on the mountain

This Father’s Day, consider giving your dad the ultimate, with the gift of quality time spent together. You don’t need to buy an expensive gift for it to be a priceless gesture on Father’s Day. Offering your help with a task or project that needs to be completed is a way to give the gift of time. And, let’s face it, we can all use a helping hand once-in-a-while for uncompleted projects. Or, show up on your dad’s doorstep ready to cast a line into your favorite fishing hole.

With that said, if you are looking for great gift ideas for Father’s Day for the men in your life that love to hunt, here are a few suggestions.

Hunter sighting an arrow and bow

Gift of Adventure

First, the gift of adventure is a great way to create lasting memories and give your loved one a way to either try something new or revisit a favorite pastime. Think of “bucket list” items like going on a dream hunt or gifting a travel voucher for a destination that your dad has always wanted to visit.

If your dad loves shooting sports, consider signing the two of you up for a National Rifle League Hunter match or attend a nearby Total Archery Challenge event together. This will help you both prepare for hunting season and have a great time together.

JC Steel Targets

JC Steel Rimfire Animal & Stand Package

When it comes to getting polished up for hunting season, not everyone has access to a range that can accommodate high-powered rifles. For training, plinking, and just a good time, the JC Steel Targets rimfire animal and stand package is built on ¼” AR500 steel and features mule deer, hog, bobcat, coyote, and squirrel. This target kit is literally fun for the entire family and Dad will love every minute that you spend plinking together.

Retail $219.95

Kifaru Bino Harness

Kifaru Bino Harness

Most hunters and outdoorsmen have a plethora of bino harnesses. Some we like, others we hate. The Kifaru bino harness is the newest addition to the Kifaru family of 100% American-made packs and products. This bino harness has some well-thought-out features that your dad will appreciate on his next hunting trip. The construction leaves out magnets that are load and can mess with your compasses. The 6 pockets are all purposeful and large enough to store essentials. And, one of the most interesting features is the folding front pocket that will allow you to place your phone to allow for hands-free footage of hunting encounters.

Available in small, medium, and large to accommodate your dad’s binoculars. From $125.00

Optional accessories include: navigation pouch $50.00, range finder pouch $35.00

Hunter using Tetra Hearing technology

Tetra Hearing Device

The fact of the matter is that most hunters don’t wear hearing protection while hunting because we don’t want to take away from the hunting experience. Tetra Hearing is the world’s first hearing device with built-in Specialized Target Optimization, that enhances hearing for hunt-specific sound ranges that include waterfowl, upland, elk, turkey, deer, range, and multi-pursuit.

This is a technology that hunters both with and without hearing loss will enjoy the enhancement of more natural hearing while still protecting their hearing. Available in shield series, protect and hear, and amp series, enhance and suppress. Devices are available in custom or universal fit. Starting at $749.00

Hunter holding bow and arrow

Trophy Ridge Digital React Sight

Long gone are the days of wiggling archery pins into place thanks to the advancement of Digital React technology. Help Dad take archery practice and hunting season to the next level. Digital react mathematically adjusts pins and yardage indicators for point of aim, and point of impact accuracy.


Two hunters dressed in camo with huge elk and Rocky Mountain elk call

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls – Elk Calls

Father’s Day is perfectly timed, before elk season to allow the archery elk hunter adequate time to polish up their elk calling skills before hunting season kicks off. Elk calls are an affordable gift that could put the bull of your dad’s lifetime in range for that perfect shot. And, as we all know, the avid elk hunter can never have too many elk calls.

Da Bull RTS Diaphragm- If your dad has a latex allergy, this is the call for him. This non-latex diaphragm makes a huge sound range of cow, calf, and bull sounds.  $12.95

Wild Fury Diaphragm- The Wild Fury diaphragm call is easy to use and designed for those with a narrower mouth palate. It is a very responsive call for making nasal cow/calf sounds and a full range of bugles. $9.95

Wild Thang External Reed Cow Call- External Reed cow calls are perfect for those individuals with a gag reflex and can’t use a traditional diaphragm call. Wild Thang has a newly designed mylar reed and acrylic barrel that produces nasally, three-dimensional cow calls that bulls love during the rut. $34.95

The Bull Basher Bugle Tube- The shorter 18” length of the Bull Basher Bugle Tube, makes it easy to carry, yet creates great volume and realistic elk tones. When used with a diaphragm mouth call, the molded barrel gives deeper growls and chuckles & includes a water-resistant padded cover. $69.95

SEE MORE: Tips for Selecting and Using Elk Calls

Personalized Gift

Or consider gifting your father a personalized gift such as a customized hunting knife, a leather-bound holster for his favorite sidearm, or a laser-engraved hunting photo on a wooden plaque. A personalized gift reflects a little bit of the love that you have for your dad. Both the thought and the effort will be appreciated.

This Father’s Day, show your father how much you love him and appreciate his passion for the great outdoors, hunting, and shooting sports.

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About the author: Kristy Titus was raised leading a pack string of mules into the backcountry of Oregon, experiencing the thrill of public land, fair chase, western big game hunting. She is passionate in the support of wildlife and habitat conservation, as well as being dedicated to protecting and defending our hunting traditions. She served on the Advisory Board for the Sportsmen for Trump Coalition, also serving as an ambassador for Safari Club International and is a member of the NRA Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Committee.Kristy is a Second Amendment advocate having served on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors, and the NRA Youth Programs Committee. She is an NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor, Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Kristy is also a competitive shooter participating in the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League Series.As a Turning Point USA Ambassador, she advocates for freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, the constitution and conservative values.She hosts and produces Pursue The Wild, a digital television series airing on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In her series, Kristy is educating viewers while inspiring movements that broaden the reach of conservation, strengthen support of the Second Amendment and increase shooting sports participation. Kristy is an outspoken Second Amendment advocate that has dedicated her life to teaching and promoting firearms, conservation and hunting. Kristytitus.com Facebook.com/kristytitus Instagram.com/kristytitus YouTube.com/pursuethewild

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