Highest Quality Cast Iron At Affordable Prices: Heritage By Camp Chef — SHOT Show 2022

Camp Chef has new top-tier cookware to go with their new logo.

Cast iron cookware is widely variable in quality and cost. You can buy $12 skillets or $200 skillets made from the same materials. Camp Chef has always produced high-quality cast iron at affordable prices, and their new Heritage line brings the characteristics of the most expensive pans at a price you can afford.

Heritage Cast Iron

Camp Chef’s new Heritage collection is designed to fit in with your highest-end kitchen tools, but it’s still campground-tough. This line is comparable to $200 cast iron skillets.

The key thing expensive pans offer is a machined finish, creating a much smoother cooking surface. Traditionally, cast iron cookware has relied on the seasoned finish to provide a smooth and easily cleaned surface. The machined finish allows for smoothness with less seasoning. It also means that if you end up re-seasoning your pans, they’ll be ready to use with less effort.

The Heritage line offers machine-finished cooking surfaces.

The Heritage skillets and dutch ovens are machined and seasoned, ready to use out of the box and they do it starting at $49.99.

The pans are the same thickness as their original cookware, less the machining that takes off the outermost texture on the cooking surface. The dutch ovens are leg-less for use on electric ranges.

The dutch oven are legless for all stove types and the lids have steel knobs.

Along with the machining, the new skillets and dutch ovens feature cool-touch handles and shiny steel lid handles. The rubber handles are oven-safe, but you should be careful about using them in a campfire. Using them on camp stoves is fine.

The new cool-touch handles are stove-top and oven-safe and maintain the excellent ergonomics for which Camp Chef is known.

Camp Chef’s new Heritage collection includes a 10″ skillet, 12″ skillet, 10″ dutch oven, and a 12″ dutch oven priced $49.99, $64.99, $69.99, and $84.99 respectively. They will be available from Camp Chef starting this month, February 2022.

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  • Hj February 1, 2022, 1:58 pm

    The only way to ensure getting SAFE cast iron cookware NOT made in China or with Chinese cast iron in America is to buy antique or vintage cast iron. Anything like this new garbage and you risk eating heavy metals such as cobalt, lithium, aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, iron, chromium, manganese or vanadium that exceed global safety standards.

    Read this


  • Artie February 1, 2022, 8:47 am

    The items are designed in the US, but manufactured in China.

    • Big Al 45 February 1, 2022, 11:07 am

      And?!?!?! Are you one of those ‘automatically’ anti ‘Chinese made’ people?
      Just askin’, as your declaration is pretty open ended.

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