Sig Sauer’s New BDX 2.0 – SHOT Show 2020

Sig’s New BDX 2.0 makes for easy 1st round hits at distance.

To find out more, please visit Sig Sauer.

This year at SHOT Show 2020, Sig Sauer released their new Sig BDX 2.0 Scope Line.  Building upon their original BDX technology, they’ve brought the user a more streamlined experience.

Let’s start with what Sig’s BDX system is.  It is a synergistic system that uses their BDX equipped range finders and BDX scope line to give you first round hits.  How is this done?  By using the data gathered in the range finder, the range finder does some math and figures out how much elevation needs to be added to your 100 yard zero in order to compensate for the bullet drop at the distance you are from the target.  It then transmits this data to the scope via bluetooth and the scope illuminates a small LED dot on the vertical crosshair line.  This is the point you need to hold over your target to achieve a hit, at the distance you have just ranged with the rangefinder. 

While the Sig’s BDX line works well and gives the shooter a lot of options, it can be a little complicated depending on your needs.  You can go down the rabbit hole with different ballistic solutions available on the phone app that pairs with the respective optic and range finder.  BDX 2.0 changes the game by giving the shooter everything they need between the optic and rangefinder, without any involvement of a ballistic app on their phone.

Now with BDX 2.0, a shooter simply selects their cartridge choice in the range finder and you are good to go.  You then range your target and an LED will be illuminated in your crosshair, marking where you need to hold on your target.  There is no added ballistic app to be used with your phone.  Taking the system from 3 components down to two.

With the BDX 2.0 there have been some upgrades as well.  These include optically better scopes with the new Sierra6 line, giving the shooter 6x the magnification versus 3x of the older line, as well as a larger field of view.  The vertical line of the crosshairs is also thinner, letting the shooter have a better view of their target while using the BDX system.  The range of the Bluetooth has been increased as well, the range finders and Sierra6 optics will communicate up to 35 yards apart.

For those concerned about battery life, the optics feature a battery life in excess of 100 hours continuous use.  And if for some strange reason your battery is dead, you can still use the scope like any other optic, dialing any ballistic solutions you need to in a conventional fashion

The BDX Compatible Sierra6 Scopes will be available Q2 starting at a MSRP of $899. 

To find out more, please visit Sig Sauer.

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  • Jack Wie Sel July 18, 2020, 4:49 pm

    I live on norman Oklahoma
    Where can I buy the sig 2.0
    I’m looking for the
    Box combo kit, KILO1600- Sierra3 4.5-14X 50mm

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