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  • dave brown March 2, 2021, 12:36 pm

    This was a good move, and I wish it would have happened back in the 80s and 90s when I was shooting and hunting with my young kid, but better late than never.

    Now if Noem would only Open Up SD Land to target shooting – sport shooting we would have a much better State of South Dakota. I will guess that 99% of Our State-Owned Land is posted as no target shooting which is sad for a rural state that is called an Open State. I have sent her and others requests and ideas on how to open our land. I have suggested it could be open to target shooting in Off Seasons or off hours to not disrupt its use for Hunting. I even suggested a Target Shooting Permit with a paid fee, but so far No Go.

    Kids and Families need a place to practice and target shoot, so I am waiting for Our State to Open Up Our Land, and give them places to enjoy The Shooting Sports. I think part of their reason or excuse is the trash that might be left behind, key word is might be. Now during my 52 years since I turned 16 I have hunted a lot and I have told a lot of so called hunters to take their trash with them, and our State Game & Fish workers would only need to encourage cleaning the land, and they might have to have a clean up day from time to time, or they may have to bend over and pick up some trash themselves.

    Come On Noem, please free up our state land to Target Shooting.

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