The Tripod Tipi Tent — SHOT Show 2023

Two Vets Tripods/Tracer Tactical Collab: The Tripod Tipi Tent.

Making some waves on social media and garnering some crowds at SHOT Show 2023, Tracer Tactical unveiled its new project: the Tripod Tipi tent which was formed in collaboration with Two Vets Tripods.

This new tent design creates a unique system for backwoods hunters, snipers, and anyone packing a tripod out into the wild. Folding up into a small package, the Tripod Tipi allows users to make an expedient shelter using their tripod to get out of the rain and provide shelter from the elements.

The Tripod Tipi tent rolled up next to a bottle of Coca-Cola.

The Tripod Tipi will be available in Multicam as well as other colors when it hits the market. Other additional accessories are intended to be offered as well to provide more utility to the setup.

One such option is a potential floor or footprint, and others will be unveiled as time goes on. The tent will work as most tents do, but features a more tipi type of top that sits around the top of a tripod, and ways to attach to the tripod legs instead of traditional tent poles.

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One of the coolest aspects of this product is its ability to pair with the Tracer Tactical Stalker Pack. This pack is adjustable for large and small tripods and is extremely versatile.

The Stalker Pack has internal anchoring slots for locking equipment in place, utilizes MOLLE backing for attaching to a pack, is made from 1000D material, and unrolls into a 60″ x 36″ shooting mat. Simply place the Tripod Tipi inside the stalker pack, fold it up, and then head out. For long-range shooting, this is an awesome go-kit.

Tracer Tactical Stalker packs.
Stalker Pack unrolled into a shooting mat with some nifty features.

While some final changes may take place before The Tripod Tipi hits the market, pre-orders for the Two Vets Tripods/Tracer Tactical collab tent should open up around the end of March with an MSRP around the $400 mark.

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About the author: Mitchell Graf is passionate about hunting and competition shooting. During college he was the shooting instructor for Oklahoma State’s Practical Shooting Team, and these days he spends as much time as he can chasing after pigs and coyotes with night vision and thermals. You can follow Mitchell’s adventures over at his Instagram @That_Gun_Guy_

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