WATCH: Grizzly Kills Moose During Wedding

Last August, videographer Stanton Giles was working a wedding in Glacier National Park when the ceremony was interrupted by, well, mother nature.

Giles, in a recent video on Youtube, explained exactly what happened.

“Since I became a videographer,” Giles began, “I’ve seen some pretty crazy things and been to some really cool places, but none of that is as crazy as when I saw a grizzly bear kill a moose during a wedding.”

“The grizzly bear chased the moose off the mountain and down onto the shore of the lake while the groom was reading his vows,” Giles continued. “And why didn’t I capture it on camera, you ask? Because I’m a good wedding videographer, and I was filming the groom.”

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“Torn between being a National Geographic filmmaker and a wedding videographer, I held my camera on the groom until he finished his vows,” he added.

Once the groom finished, Giles zoomed in on the grisly scene. He later uploaded the footage to TikTok. Within a month, more than 48 million people had viewed the harrowing footage.

On YouTube, where the footage also appears (see video embedded above), viewers were quick to post a comment.

“It’s moments like these that make you realize nature doesn’t give a sh*t about your wedding,” said one commenter.

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Another added, “I know it’s part of nature but watching the moose struggle makes my heart ache.”

One commenter asked about personal defense in such a situation:

My question is: What kind of Weaponry (self-defense) did you guys have, in the-event, the Grizzly Bear decided to Attack the Wedding party? I’m very curious as to: What would make you feel safe in that environment? Great footage and Congratulations to the Bride & Groom

Fair question, what’s your go-to gun when you’re in bear country?

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