Kel-Tec/LCP Hard to Rack? – New Injection Handi-Racker $19.95


We discovered a product back in 2013 called the Handi-Racker, and this year it evolved once again.

The concept of the Handi-Racker is to assist the shooter in racking the slide, realizing the power of body weight, rather than hand and arm strength. You hold the Handi-Racker against the back of the slide and push down on the pistol, using a table or wall as a brace.

Watch the video, it’s awesome.

Until this new product, Handi-Rackers were machined one at a time from lucite. This was obviously time and labor intensive. But finally, through just the organic growth of the company, Chris McAninch at Handi-Racker has financed some injection molds, and you can now buy the same product $10 cheaper.

The “Compact” size fits up to a Bersa. The “Full Sized” fits all Glocks, Springfields, 1911s, up to the bit fat High Point. $7.50 ships up to 4 Handi-Rackers, and if you are a gun dealer, they have a great dealer program with peg boards and bubble packaging. Over 350 dealers and big box stores currently feature the Handi-Racker. Contact Chris at 515-480-4905.

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  • BillnPatti January 24, 2017, 1:58 pm

    I fully agree with Dr. Motown in being so very greatful for you getting rid of the horrible, terribly grating, screeching introductory music. It was really bad. Glad to see it gone.

  • Alan January 24, 2017, 9:26 am

    I have very mixed feelings on this one.
    I see the benefit, but I also see certain folk accepting a certain type of gun that perhaps just isn’t their best choice, thinking this solves their problem.
    Like the Walther ppk, a gun that attracts petite Ladies, but has shown me in training them is a PITA for racking by small handed Ladies.
    Better a compact revolver in many cases.

  • Dr Motown January 24, 2017, 9:07 am

    Thanks for listening to your subscribers’ comments and getting rid of that irritating screeching introductory music. Keep up the great work!

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