Langdon Tactical’s New Custom Springfield Hellcat OSP

Langton Tactical is now treating the Springfield Hellcat OSP. (Photo: LTT)

Langdon Tactical Technology, or LTT, a popular custom shop for Beretta products, has been tooling around with Springfield pistols lately. First, LTT developed an upgrade package for the Springfield XD-E, and now they’ve got a custom Hellcat.

LTT is basing their custom Hellcat on the 3-inch OSP optics-ready model. This already very popular micro-compact was one of the first of its new class of everyday-carry handguns, a pistol nearly the size of a single-stack chambered for 9mm Luger with practically double the capacity.

Langdon partnered with Apex Tactical to build the LTT Hellcat using the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, along with a few other extras from other companies. LTT also tapped Ameriglo, C&H Precision Weapons, Hyve Technologies, and Talon Grips for optional upgrades.

The Apex trigger lowers the trigger pull weight by about a pound as well as reducing overtravel and shortening the reset. It’s included on every LTT Hellcat base model, giving shooters the peace of mind of having the trigger system professionally installed.

A variety of custom options are available now, with additional choices incoming. (Photo: LTT)

Pricing for the LTT Hellcat starts at $685, which is a decent value with the OSP running around $500 and the trigger kit about $80 on their own, before installation. All-in with all the optional upgrades, including a custom C&H adapter plate and mini red dot optic, the price for the LTT Hellcat can top out at $1,028.

Red dot sights offered by Langdon include Holosun and SIG Sauer, with the SIG optics being the slightly less expensive options since they don’t need the custom mount. Night sights by Ameriglo are also optional, with a green ring green tritium lamp front sight and a black combat rear sight.

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Additional extras include a custom striker retainer plate and an extended magazine release by Hyve Technologies. Due to high demand, not all of these options are currently available, but Langdon has more parts on order and will re-update their ordering page when they come in.

Langdon Tactical is a premier custom shop, and if you’re in the market for a top-flight Hellcat experience, they’re a great choice with a solid history.

For more information about the LTT Hellcat and other LTT custom firearms, check them out online.

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