Lott Exposes Hollywood’s Bias Against Guns in Epic Video

I’m sharing another John Lott video this week because I feel like it’s a win-win for everyone involved. You learn something new, I learn something new and Dr. Lott gets more exposure for the yeoman’s work he does at the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC).

Not familiar with CPRC? It’s a nonprofit that conducts “research on laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety.” Dr. Lott is the president of CPRC in addition to being a renowned economist, a celebrated author, and former college professor.

In the video embedded above, simply titled, “Hollywood’s Bias Against Guns,” Dr. Lott hits it out of the park in exposing Tinseltown’s disdain for responsible gun ownership using clips from popular TV shows and movies. Some of the clips are so ridiculous that one can’t help but laugh out loud.

Like the depicted scene from Taken on NBC where two cops are walking into a gun-free zone and opt to leave their guns outside the premises.

“You sure about this no guns thing?” the one cop asks the other.

“Bad guys won’t have them either,” he replies.

LMAO! That’s really what the exchange was. Talk about a willful suspension of disbelief! LOL! Of course, one can’t be all that surprised considering the network the show appeared* on — the peacock station. (*Note the use of past tense. The show was canceled in May of 2018 after 2 seasons. I wonder why?)

The truth of the matter, as Lott points out, is that 94 percent of all mass public shootings occur in places where law-abiding citizens are explicitly prohibited from bearing arms. Leaving their firearms outside the building is about the dumbest thing those characters on Taken could do. Gun-free zones are soft targets. Everyone should know that by now, even screenwriters living in La-La Land.

Anyway, I highly recommend you watch the video and share this article. Some of the CPRC broad-strokes are covered below but the video is only 5 minutes long and totally worth your time.

MYTH: Guns are more likely to do harm than good.

REALITY: Guns are used at least hundreds of thousands of times a year for self-defense, far more often than they do harm.

MYTH: Police want citizens to avoid guns.

REALITY: Police know that armed citizens deter criminals and reduce crime.

MYTH: Criminals often use machine gun to outgun cops

REALITY: Machine guns have been banned for decades, and there have been just two cases of machine guns being used for murder since the 1930s.

MYTH: Gun owners are often bigoted vigilantes who do more harm than good

REALITY: Gun owners, and neighborhood watch programs, have been shown to reduce crime rates.

MYTH: “Gun-free zones” successfully disarm criminals

REALITY: Criminals ignore gun-free zones while good people generally obey the law, turning them into sitting ducks. When good people carry guns anyway, they’ve often stopped mass shootings. In all these cases, Hollywood bias endangers lives by misleading people on guns.

If you like the video and if you like what Lott’s doing over at CPRC, you can always contribute or sign up for their newsletter.

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  • Clint W. June 26, 2020, 9:52 am

    Another laughable response to gun violence now is to taking away Elmer Fudds shotgun in the cartoons, while graphic, bloody, automatic weapons fire is SOP in many kids video games.

  • Dan Gore September 8, 2019, 2:13 pm

    Hollywood has a MAJOR credibility problem. Movie makers and their “stars” need to practice what they preach!Make millions from “gun violence ” in their movies, then scold us “mere mortals” that we aren’t “important enough” to have the means to be able to protect ourselves. What a bunch of dumb shits ! No wonder people don’t go to the movies anymore. We the people, who see the Hipocrocy of Hollywood asshats,decided not one more $for you worthless jackoffs! Why did true Americans write off the NFL after the dumb ass on the job protests. Average workers would have been fired for that! Free speech isn’t applicable on your boss’s dime! Have no problem with protesting on your own time. Peaceful protests are your right as an American, but when you are on someone else’s dime,not cool! Violence toward other people or property, should be delt with by any and all means. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as “police brutality “when protesters are VIOLENT! They will deserve the ass kicking that I hope that they get! Just say’n!

  • ray September 7, 2019, 7:07 am

    Yes, machine guns ,full auto. NFA items are sold more now than in the last sixty years . Dealers can not get enough to satisfy customers. No they are not used in crime often.

  • Rick September 6, 2019, 2:20 pm

    Machine guns are not banned.

    • Clint W. June 26, 2020, 10:00 am

      No, but there purchasability is infringed on with govt. hoops to jump through and taxes. The Thompson sub machine gun was a $170 item in many gun shops and hardware stores in the 30’s. Advertised as the ‘Rancher’s Companion’ with colorful ads showing a cowboy on a horse blasting away at a pack of coyotes. Nobody shot up schools, churches or public get togethers. Gangsters supposedly were deadly with them with brought us the first gun control act, and, like today, legislators decided what to ban by what they saw in the movies and newsreels, with no basis in fact. Democrats were in charge then too.

  • Sepp W September 5, 2019, 6:17 pm

    Like Uncle Joe said, ” we only believe in truth, not facts.” Liberals don’t care about any of this. They hate the Constitutional Republic, highest order of hypocrisy, racism, hate, abhor the Constitution, individual rights, freedom, and liberty. The liberal agenda is to disarm the people in order to implement socialism or communism.

    Of course it doesn’t help when these idiots with axes to grind decide it’s necessary to shoot down innocents because they can’t cope with reality. If their world is that messed up they ought to blow their damn brains out. In stead, the cowards they are, go a different path. Save the psychopaths and sociopaths. Hard to spot them. Nothing but fuel for the liberals. The libs have really messed up the country.

    • Mark September 6, 2019, 7:54 am

      Yes, they have screwed up the country. But the solution is not for the troubled people to “blow their damned brains out” — the solution is for our society to reopen the mental hospitals we closed (because the libs believed Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) and stop “mainstreaming” people who cannot handle the pressures of normal society. We’re abandoning those who need our help the most, and getting people (innocent and sick) killed in the process.

      • Sepp W September 7, 2019, 6:38 am

        I hear what you’re saying. The democrats have been going after firearms for decades not the person using them to commit a violent crime. Liberals don’t care about who or how many get killed in a violent crime involving a firearm. Their sole purpose is disarm law-abiding citizens and subjugate. When idiots go out and gun down innocents then it makes easier for them to make their case by appealing to the emotions of incapable and unproductive, harder for the rest of us to defend the Constitution, our rights, and freedoms.

        While I agree something has to done and I have my ideas, but everything proposed thus far or even already done in liberal-controlled strongholds ignore due process and omits severe penalties for an accuser who makes false claim against an accused.

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