LWRCI’s SMG 45 Is Ready

LWRCI’s SMG 45 shoots .45 ACP rounds from UMP mags, and it’s finally ready for the public.

LWRCI’s submachine gun is finally ready for the public and looks like it may have been worth the wait. This is LWRCI’s first pistol caliber carbine. It takes .45 ACP cartridges and uses HK’s UMP magazines. It’s all made in the USA in Cambridge, Maryland, and the HK mags aren’t the only parts you’ll recognize.

It’s made in Cambridge, Maryland, and even the UMP mags are made in the USA.

The SMG .45 uses a standard AR-15 fire control group. this is great because you can customize it however you like, but it’s set up pretty well out of the box.

It’s built on an AR-15 platform and uses a standard fire control group.

The safety switch functions from both sides, as does the bolt release.

It’s ready for ambidextrous users. The paddle mag release is in front of the trigger and behind the mag well. The forward-mounted charging handle is non-reciprocating and can be positioned on either side. There are bolt releases on both sides, and safety selector switches on both sides (it’s ready for full-auto).

The charging handle is nonreciprocating and can be relocated to the right side.

The action is delayed blowback/short recoil, which helps mitigate recoil. The trigger is between five and eight pounds and you can drop in any AR-15 trigger you like.

The action is delayed blowback/short recoil.

Since it’s built on an AR platform, AR buffer tube adapters will be available. right now, it’s ready with a pistol brace, and short-barrel rifle stocks will be available soon. SB Tactical’s folding pistol brace comes standard (it looks like the SBTI model).

SB Tactical’s folding pistol brace is standard, though an SBR version is coming, as well as an adapted for an AR buffer tube stock.

It’s got LWRCI’s proprietary accessory system on the handguard and a full-length Picatinny rail on top. There are many accessories already out there. It ships with Magpul’s MBUS front and rear sights. The barrel is threaded, ready for .45 ACP suppressors; you’re going to need a Neilsen device (suppressor booster) to ensure it cycles properly with a suppressor attached.

It’s threaded for a .45 suppressor and has LWRCI’s proprietary accessory rails with Picatinny on top.

Magpul’s MBUS sights come standard.

It’s about 26″ long unfolded, and about 15.5″ folded. It ships with two 25-round UMP magazines. It weighs in at 6lbs, and it’s MSRP will make your wallet $2,995 lighter.

With the SB Tactical stock folded, it’s about 15.5″ long–26″ extended.

I spoke for some time with the product engineer. When I asked him what his favorite thing about this gun is, he said it’s just plain fun to shoot and it’s lighthearted. It handles extremely well. He says that the balance has a lot to do with that, and he demonstrated that it’s perfectly balanced over the magazine and even stood the gun on its mag. I love it when the guys making the guns are having a good time doing it–you can be sure it’s going to be a fine firearm. Keep an eye on LWRCI’s submachine gun for the release date.

It’s so well-balanced you can stand it on its magazine.

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  • John B. January 8, 2020, 8:53 pm

    .45ACP is perfect for this set up if you are like me and want to run a suppressor. A 9mm version would make sense as well.

  • David Brown October 9, 2019, 3:55 pm

    Please consider bringing a 10mm version. Seems like most posts so far mention desire to see 10mm as a 30 rd. Glock mag. is already available. The ballistics are hard to ignore when talking about 10mm vs. 45 cal. I like the 45 cal. too, but there many Ammo makers for 10mm and it is here to stay this time given all the handguns in 10mm available. I’ll buy two myself, if that helps! Ha! Congrats on the 45 smg. I am a huge Lwrci fan!!

  • nam June 23, 2019, 11:59 pm

    .460 Rowland PLEASE!!!! dont know if ump mags would work well but itd be cool if they did ha

  • Rane May 6, 2019, 10:38 pm

    Very interesting concept. I’m glad to see it’s a delayed blowback. I almost didn’t read the article because I thought it was just another blowback PCC in AR 15 format. Then I saw it was an LWRC and figured they knew better. I’m not a fan of 45, but understand their reasoning. Hopefully they can produce a 10mm version in the future although I would imagine the magazine would be hardest part for that caliber. The only preexisting mags in that caliber are the extremely rare MP5-10 mags or the Glock mags which only hold 15 unless you use the new Kriss extension. The other mag extensions I’ve used are not reliable, especially for locking back on empty. The barrel moving straight back shouldn’t effect it’s ability to host a fixed barrel suppressor. It’s the tilt of a browning type pistol action that requires the piston. LWRC does their homework and I wouldn’t think they would put out an SMG with a threaded barrel with a (for the most part) subsonic caliber that couldn’t run a fixed barrel suppressor. I spent a lot of time and money building a DI 10mm AR15 using a modified QC10 lower and RMW Xtreme upper. I did this just so I could have a delayed action and run a standard 6.8 spc BCG and be fed Glock mags and lock open on empty. Now LWRC is building a gun the way it should be done and I’m regretting my impatience. Hell, I’ll a buy another one. I’ll just have a favorite and a Frankenstein. I am curious to see how it holds up with that new action. It looks very well machined. No surprise from a company like LWRC. Now to wait for MAC to torture test it.

    • nam June 23, 2019, 11:53 pm

      I cant wait for MAC to test it to. id also love to see the 10mm version but it sounds like 9mm and .40 is all we can hope for as far as other calibers and that could take awhile based on there turn around time for the .45. But the lwrc enginer did confirm the smg 45 will need a nielsen device or booster to run suppresed. its pobablly because this is a delayed blowbackdesign. but less bolt mass = less recoil. and a .45, shooting subs in something so controllable should be a sweet suppresor host. i cant wait to see the pistol version hit dealers so we can see if there will be any teething issues. or if lwrc took there time for a readon and made something truley fantastic.

    • Liberty4Ever July 16, 2019, 1:48 pm

      SG Tactical finally makes some very nice 30 round Glock compatible 10mm magazines. I had been waiting for those quite impatiently since 1993.

  • Chris May 6, 2019, 6:18 am

    The barrel is fixed, so you shouldn’t run a piston on your suppressor. Direct thread will work just fine. Nice gun, but there are much cheaper alternatives if it sells for MSRP.

    • nam May 6, 2019, 12:52 pm

      the barrel is not fixed, this delayed blowback system has the barrel and bolt move about a 1/4in bebrore uncoupling.

    • nam August 24, 2019, 2:56 pm

      needs a nielsen device or booster(piston) to run suppresed. its a true delayed blowback, and the barrel moves about a 1/4in

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