Magpul MP5 Accessories Now Shipping

These 922r components will do. (Photo: Magpul)

Earlier this year Magpul announced their plans to bring their accessory know-how to the MP5 market. Now their initial product line is available and starting to ship.

The first generation of MP5 accessories includes two handguards or forends, an ambidextrous safety selector and a stylized pistol grip module. The pistol grip is “coming soon” while the rest of the accessories are for sale now.

Magpul offers two styles of handguards, one for HK94-style MP5 and MP5-compatible guns and the other for SP89-style MP5K and MP5K-compatible parts. Essentially standard and short handguards, these parts feature Magpul’s extremely popular MOE-SL profile, which is modular with M-Lok accessory slots.

It’s a good start for Magpul and hopefully we’ll see more soon. (Photo: Magpul)

The handguards have raised ridges for a textured grip and include a dual-purpose ledge that works as a hand stop and barricade device. Both have M-Lok slots at the 3-, 6-, and 9-o’clock positions.

The third new MP5-centric product is the Magpul ESL, or Enhanced Safety Lever. The Magpul safety lever is angled and extended, so it’s easier to manipulate but it also won’t get in the way. It’s modular and the right side selector lever can be replaced with a short selector if needed.

Due to the different styles of trigger packs used with various MP5 and MP5-pattern firearms, the ESL may not be compatible with some guns. For now Magpul is offering the ESL for SEF/Safe-Semi-pattern triggers.

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Magpul is still teasing their MOE-SL-style HK94/93/91 and Semi-Shelf HK Clones grip. Expected later this year, the grip has uses MOE/MIAD grip cores for storage and accessories like lubricant bottles and features “Navy” pictograph selector positions.

The handguards and the selector switch are priced at $49, which is in line with other Magpul accessories, while the grip is a little more at $59. While Magpul parts often retail for less than MSRP there’s probably going to be a rush for the MP5 parts and prices could be a lot closer to MSRP at launch.

The big news about these is that they are 922r-compliant, which will make them easy upgrades for builders using foreign-made components who need US-produced parts for sale in the States. This could open up the MP5 clone market quite a bit, making these iconic guns a little more available and a little more affordable.

For more information about these and other Magpul products check out the company website.

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  • Charles West May 29, 2020, 6:39 pm

    If Magpul wants to move into the MP5 market, they should have started with a reliable low cost alternative to the German magazines! Then move onto a retractable stock that costs less than a Glock 19.

  • ERIC JOHNSON May 29, 2020, 11:07 am


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