More Calls to Ban Guns on Set with ‘Halyna’s Law,’ Petition 

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More Calls to Ban Guns on Set with ‘Halyna's Law,’ Petition 
Halyna Hutchins, 42, was shot and killed by Alec Baldwin during the making of the movie “Rust.” (Photo:

In a country with more guns than people, the optimal way to ensure accidents like the fatal shooting on the set of the movie “Rust” don’t continue to happen is to teach everyone basic gun safety.

We need to maximize the number of people who can competently handle a firearm.

Alec Baldwin never points a firearm at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins if he is following the fundamental rules of firearm safety.  Never.  Nor is he even allowed to point a gun in the direction of another human being if everyone there is properly trained. Multiple people would’ve stepped in and corrected him.

But, alas, he broke the rules, those standing by allowed him to break the rules, and now Mrs. Hutchins, a young mother, is dead at the age of 42.

Instead of focusing on the true culprits in this equation — the ignorance and negligence displayed by the crew and, of course, Baldwin — many in Hollywood want to focus solely on the presence of firearms on movie sets.  

As GunsAmerica previously reported, several filmmakers have called for banning “prop guns” altogether.  Now, this week, there is a petition pushing for “Halyna’s Law,” which would make that wish a reality.  

“We need to make sure that this avoidable tragedy never happens again,” the petition reads.  “There is no excuse for something like this to happen in the 21st century.  Real guns are no longer needed on film production sets. This isn’t the early 90’s, when Brandon Lee was killed in the same manner.  Change needs to happen before additional talented lives are lost.”

“Please sign this petition and demand for Alec Baldwin to use his power and influence in the Hollywood film industry to make change and ban real guns on film sets,” it continues. 

Currently, the petition has almost 50,000 signatures.  When it reaches that benchmark, it will become one of the “top signed on” 

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This desire to run from the problem instead of tackling it head-on is not only disheartening for a nation that fully embraces the right to keep and bear arms, but it’s also dangerous.  

Look, the purported 390 million guns in this country are not going anywhere anytime soon.  We’re talking about 120.5 firearms per 100 citizens. Again, that’s more guns than people. For Hollywood to collectively stick its head in the sand and pretend it can exist in a reality without them is foolish.

Maybe the film world will succeed in creating gun-free zones on movie sets.  Doubtful, but maybe. But that doesn’t mean those who work in the industry will never encounter one in real life.  

In fact, chances are they will.  At which point, they have to ask themselves, are they better off knowing how to safely and responsibly handle one or are they better off not knowing anything at all?  

Those of us in the 2A community know the answer to that question.  Because it’s common sense.  

An analogy comes to mind.  Backyard swimming pools are a danger to kids.   Around 400 under the age of 15 drown each year.  Common sense tells us that the primary solution to this problem is not to keep kids away from water, it’s to teach them how to swim.  

Hollywood needs to recognize that the world is full of peril. At some point in our lives, we’re all bound to get thrown into the proverbial deep end. It’s at that point that our survival, and maybe even the survival of those we love, will depend on what we took the time to learn, not what we willfully avoided.

Learn to swim. Learn to use a gun. Learn to be capable in the face of potential danger. Sheltering oneself from it, no matter how appealing those in Hollywood make it appear, is never the answer.

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Jerry December 3, 2021, 9:47 am

    I say, wasent it Sean Connery who told aleck, “be careful what youre shooting at”? And, of course, you remember aleck’s response….

  • Jerry December 3, 2021, 9:41 am

    It has been pointed out that training is prime critical; but remember, alas, some people will never master a lawnmower or kitchen knife, and there will continue to be people who crash fast cars and airplanes, after saying “I paid (exce$$ive amount) for this, dont tell me i can’t handle it”. We’ve seen showoff gunhandling with the same mentality; aleck’s “I am The Producer and The Big-Draw Name, here, dont youse tell me what i can’t do” is the same arrogance. Ya caint fix stoopid, and sometimes ya caint back-away fur enuff, either

  • BR549 October 29, 2021, 11:34 pm

    “We need to make sure that this avoidable tragedy never happens again,” …….

    So what do we do, ban stupid people, or more precisely, stupid, obnoxious, self righteous, egotistical, hypocritical libtards , from coming within 1/2 a mile of a firearm?

    I think the reason that liberals can’t stand firearms is because they don’t trust themselves to NOT blow their own foot off, ……. so therefore, in order to level the playing field, no one else should have them either. By that logic, no one at a steak BBQ could have a steak because, to do so would require some skill in operating “power tools” like a steak knife. Ergo, everyone must have hamburgers, instead.

  • interventor October 29, 2021, 9:12 pm

    Ban stupid actors!

  • JZPROPS October 29, 2021, 11:49 am

    Having worked with weapons in the film industry for over 50 years, most of the blames lies with the unqualified armorer. If she did her job there would have been No live rounds on the set, No live gun left unattended, and all live weapons checked for rounds before being handed to Anyone!! Alec Baldwin is responsible if he hired the armorer without reviewing her qualifications and knowing her lack of ability at anytime during production.

  • Robert Peterson October 29, 2021, 6:30 am

    Several thoughts.
    1)Seems to me that the better approach would be to bar stupid, irresponsible people from movie sets. Of course that would pretty much eliminate the movie industry, at least the actor part of it.
    2) This is more of the leftest rules for thee but not for me. Baldwin is on record as being an avid anti gunner, but…….he was willing to put his beliefs aside in order to make a buck. Now because of his irresponsible behavior we have a dead mother. This goes back to #1 above, ban stupid, irresponsible people from movie sets.
    3) 50,000 signatures of a petition?????? That sounds contrived to me. It seems that the anti gun industry, or Baldwin’s PR machine, or both are attempting to massage the narrative here.
    4) Why do these idiots think Baldwin was using a gun in his movie in the first place?? People like action in their entertainment.

  • bobs your uncle October 27, 2021, 3:55 pm

    Theres no mention of the school shooting over a drug debt with three persons shot. No mention of the convicted felon shooting two police killing one and many many more. WHEN YOU OUTLAW GUNS…………………………

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