New Aero Survival Tactical Pistol and 80 Percent Kit

The Aero Survival Tactical Pistol, or STP, features an extended barrel and new SB Tactical pistol brace. If you’re up to it, you can also build one just like it with the new 80 percent Aero Survival Rifle kits. (Photo: TNW)

TNW Firearms is launching two new versions of their modular Aero series of pistols and rifles. Up first is a pistol version equipped with SB Tactical’s next-generation pistol brace. They’re also introducing a multi-caliber 80 percent carbine kit for home gunsmiths.

The Aero Survival Rifle family of firearms includes pistols and rifles in a wide variety of popular pistol calibers. Both new Aero guns are offered in 9mm Luger as well as .22 Long Rifle, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto and .45 ACP. Centerfire models use Glock-pattern magazines while the rimfire guns use Remington 597 mags.

While these guns share a similarity and some parts with AR-15s, they are fundamentally different guns. One stand-out feature of the Aero series is a quick-change barrel system that lets users quickly and easily swap calibers and cartridges.

Complete Aero firearms run just under $800. The pistols have 8-inch barrels and weigh about 5.5 pounds. The new brace-equipped Aero Survival Tactical Pistol, or STP, is a little longer with it’s extended pistol brace and 10.25-inch barrel. It also comes with a sleek new vented handguard that sports a 12-o’clock rail for a front sight and other accessories.

The STP is offered with a standard black anodized finish as well as flat dark earth. Two-tone camo options are also available in olive drab, tiger green and pink. Even with the extras, the STP is priced right there with the rest at $799.

This 80 percent kit has all the non-AR parts needed to build an Aero Survival rifle. (Photo: TNW)

And if you’re looking to save a little money or tuck into a fun project the Aero 80 percent kit might just be for you.

TNW is offering carbine and pistol kits. Carbines come with 16.25-inch barrels while pistols are available in both 8- and 10.25-inch options.

Since these are 80 percent kits they can be shipped straight to your door, no FFL necessary. Of course they’re not working firearms, either. The receiver tube must be completed in order to assemble a pistol or carbine. Kits come with directions for building the tubes into firearm receivers.

The pistol grip assembly and receiver tube are shipped in the white — they are not finished. This gives builders the option of choosing their finish or anodize them at home.

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Aero firearms feature machined 6061-T6 receivers and handguards. Barrels are 4140 steel and have a parkerized finish. The guns use standard AR-15 buffer tubes, stocks and pistol grips.

These components aren’t included with the 80 percent kits. At these prices that’s not much of an issue. The 80 percent Aero kits run just $375 — you can pick up a kit and have plenty left over for additional parts and conversion bolts and barrels.

Other parts like the new handguard, match triggers and caliber conversion kits are available directly from TNW Firearms. Check out the company website for more info.

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