New Baldr Pro R Laser+Light Combo from Olight

New Baldr Pro R from Olight packs 1,350 lumens and a green laser.

The new Baldr Pro R from Olight is an upgraded version of the Baldr Pro released in 2019. It features an integrated green laser built into the reflector allowing for a more streamlined design, and now uses Olight’s famous magnetic charging system. Specifically designed for both short and long gun use, the Baldr Pro R is a versatile weapon-light with a mid-range price tag – MSRP is $169.95. Get it for just $108.95 on Black Friday!

The selector ring makes the head a bit longer than the previous model.

First impressions

I’ve come to expect a high level of quality from Olight and the Baldr Pro R doesn’t disappoint. Constructed from billet aluminum, the build quality and machining are on par with lights twice the price. Starting at the top, the crowned bezel is snag free and protects the lens from directly contact. Olight doesn’t specify lens material, but it feels and sounds like glass – which I prefer. The reflector is a traditional style reflector with the LED in the center and the laser emitter sits above it. Between the head and the body is the new mode selector ring. Olight moved away from their rear sliding mode switch to the new rotating ring. The ring is solid, tight, and clicks into place with ease. Just beneath the selector ring are the windage and elevation adjustment screws for the laser.

Here you can see the different light modes – light only, laser + light, laser only. Adjustment screws and low battery indicator are also on the bottom.

On the bottom is a low battery indicator and Olight’s magnetic charging ring. The top has Olight’s quick detach mounting system. The Glock rail insert come installed from the factory and they provide a standard picatinny insert in the packaging. The rear activation switches are activated with a side press and are made from polymer. They provide nice tactile feedback and feel solid against the flashlight body.


Light Output – 1,350 lumens High, 300 lumens Low
Light Modes – Laser Only, Light Only, Laser + Light. High, Low, and 13Hz. Strobe (LED Only)
Light Intensity – 10,000 candela
Max. throw distance – 200 meters
Weight – 4.44 oz
Length – 3.74 in.
Bezel Diameter – 1.44 in.
Body Height – 1.34 in.
Max. run time – 50 minutes on High w/laser, 85 minutes on Low w/laser
Battery – Integrated 3.6V 1,000mAh rechargeable Li-Po
IPX4 rating – water-resistant, or resistant to water splashed from all directions

Size Comparison (Top Down): Baldr Pro R, Baldr Pro, PL-Pro Valkyrie, Baldr RL Mini

What’s in the box

The Baldr Pro R comes with extra set screws for windage and elevation adjustments, an additional picatinny rail insert, Allen key, and the magnetic 1A charging cable. While I love the magnetic charging system, I wish Olight would stick to just one cable for all their weapon lights. They switch between their “Special” weapon only cable, the 1A charging cable, and the MCC3 1A/1.5A/2A charging cable. It’s usually not a big deal since they always provide a charging cable, but now I must remember which one it takes.

Size Comparison (Left to Right): Baldr Pro R, Baldr Pro, PL-Pro Valkyrie, Baldr RL Mini


Installing the Baldr Pro R is simple and easy. It features a familiar quick detach throw lever that opens, expands, and closes tightly on the rail. Just make sure to switch out the rail insert if using it on anything other than a Glock. I have noticed on some guns it doesn’t matter and others it does. Be safe and switch it out.

To turn the light on, press the rear activation switches inward. Press and hold the switch for momentary use. A quick press and release will activate continuous mode. Double press the rear switch on either side to toggle between high and low output mode. This is for the LED only, the laser does not have multiple brightness settings. Press both switches simultaneously to activate the strobe. To switch between laser and LED, rotate the selector ring to your desired setting.

Charging takes about 1.5 hrs. and the cable will turn green when complete.

Charging the Baldr Pro R from dead to fully charged takes just under 1.5 hrs. To charge the light, place the magnetic charging cable near the base of the light and watch it snap into place. The cable turns red when charging and goes to green when it’s complete.

When I first installed the Baldr Pro R on my unloaded and empty AA-19, it was noticeably forward heavy. The head of the light protrudes another ~1.5 in. past the end of the gun. However, with a loaded magazine inserted, the gun feels very well-balanced. On my full-size SIG P320 X-Five it feels unnoticeable since it’s already such a heavy gun. But it does fit nicely under the barrel. The controls naturally land where my index finger rests and where my thumb is on my support hand.

The controls are easy to manipulate on either side. The Baldr Pro R looks much better on a full size pistol

There’s very little learning that needs to be done with this light, it’s intuitive and easy to use. Sighting in the laser was just like any other – adjust windage and elevation until you’re hitting where you want. There was negligible POI shift between the two guns, and the Baldr Pro R held zero on the AA-19 I originally zeroed it for. After using my Baldr Mini RL, I really enjoy having a laser with my light. It’s easy to identify what you’re aiming at with the light while having an easy reference point of impact with the laser dot. You don’t have to be aiming perfectly to get hits on target with a laser.

Olight makes a tape switch accessory for the Baldr Pro R that would be better than using the rear switches when on a long gun. COX Arms Wulf Pistol, Primary Arms 2x Prism.

At the range I put 250 rds. through the P320 X-Five and AA-19 with no problems. I also tested it on a COX Arms 5.56 pistol. It had no problems handling the recoil from the AR pistol. This wasn’t my favorite configuration since it was slightly awkward manipulating the switches when it was mounted. It sticks out from the rail a good amount. They do make a remote magnetic pressure switch which would solve this problem. I would feel comfortable putting this on a .30 caliber but probably wouldn’t try using it on a Shockwave shotgun.

Light output at short distance is fantastic. Inside the house, the low setting is way more than I need. The color temperature appears to be a cool white. On high, it’s almost too bright. It is certainly disorienting at nighttime being on the receiving end, especially the strobe. The beam pattern has a noticeable hot spot with surrounding light flooding the area. It does a good job at lighting up entire rooms inside and providing enough spill to identify surrounding areas when outside. The green laser is bright and has a crisp, focused, dot. It is easy to see in the high and low setting. Olight claims the light will reach to 200 meters, but I don’t think that’s an accurate usable distance for this light. I would say anything within 100 yards is easily identifiable. You could possibly see objects moving out to 200, but it’d be a challenge.

Overall, the Baldr Pro R is an upgrade and improvement over the Baldr Pro R. The integrated laser reduces the overall form factor, and the selector ring is less vulnerable to accidental bumping. I’d like to see a version that has removable CR123’s like the Baldr Pro did for those who need prolonged field use. The Baldr Pro R is for anyone looking for a versatile short and long gun weapon light for self-defense situations. Find one on Olight’s website.

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  • Fal Phil November 29, 2021, 8:54 am

    I have two of the Baldr Pro Rs. After using them for a while, I sold the Streamlights.