New Model 21 Carbon Chassis Hunter (CCH) from Nosler — NRA 2023

Check out the new Carbon Chassis Hunter from Nosler

Well-known and highly regarded for their hunting ammo, Nosler has been producing exceptional hunting rifles since 2018.  New for 2023, Nosler teamed up with PROOF Research and MDT to create the long-range Model 21 Carbon Chassis Hunter.

Based off the Model 21 Action, the CCH features a 24” (or 26” depending on caliber) Sendero PROOF Research carbon fiber-wrapped barrel sitting in an MDT HNT26 chassis system.

New CCH rifle from Nosler
The CCH features an MDT HNT26 chassis system paired with Nosler’s Model 21 Action and a Proof Research barrel. (Photo: Nosler)

Developed specifically for hunters, the folding carbon fiber chassis reduces weight, increases durability, and overall footprint when trekking through the mountains.

The MDT HNT26 chassis features v-block bedding, both LOP and comb adjustments, AICS magazine compatibility, side folding stock, and an M-LOK enclosed forend with an integrated ARCA rail.

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The CCH is a side folding system developed for ultimate portability.
The side folding stock makes the CCH a compact and ultra-portable rifle. (Photo: Nosler)

The entire chassis was thoughtfully designed to reduce snag points and has no sharp corners or protruding hardware.  Even the mag latch is integrated into the trigger guard. The front and rear sport integrated QD mounting points for sling attachments. It’s an eye-catching design that looks sleek and modern.

MDT HNT26 dimensions, based off the short action.(Photo: Nosler)

The blueprinted Nosler Model 21 action is paired with an adjustable Trigger Tech Primary trigger. It’s currently offered in 6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC, 28 Nosler, and 300 Win Mag. It’s the perfect choice for long-range precision shooting and hunting. Nosler used top-tier products for this build, and the price tag confirms it with an MSRP of $5,295.

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  • Shawn McEwen May 23, 2023, 2:31 am

    Neato !!! It’s only $5295 !!!!!! Thank the LORD I’m filthy rich. I’ve already ordered mine. How bout the rest of you poor folk reading this? Did you order yours with the $1200 Leupold or the $2400 Night Force scope? I got a $3400 Schmidt und Bender scope for my Nosler. WOW you guys, let’s all go to the range together !!!! Who’s buying lunch? Maybe my $7200 Nighthawk 1911 will arrive in time for range day. And don’t anyone think they be standing next to me at the range with yo $400 Ruger. Hell no, yo be shootin’ by yo self !!!!!

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