New: Trump’s Contract with America!

H/T Citizen Free Press

In a bold move to reshape America’s future, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has unveiled Donald Trump’s ambitious 2024 platform.

Titled “Trump’s Contract with America,” this 20-point plan outlines a series of sweeping reforms and policies.

1. Seal the Border and Stop the Migrant Invasion
Trump pledges to secure the border and halt what he terms the “migrant invasion.”

2. Largest Deportation Operation in American History
The plan includes executing the largest deportation operation in U.S. history.

3. End Inflation and Make America Affordable Again
Trump vows to tackle inflation and restore affordability for Americans.

4. Make America the Dominant Energy Producer
A significant goal is to make the U.S. the leading energy producer globally.

5. Stop Outsourcing and Turn the U.S. into a Manufacturing Superpower
The platform promises to end outsourcing and transform the U.S. into a manufacturing giant.

6. Large Tax Cuts for Workers and No Tax on Tips
Trump plans substantial tax cuts for workers and proposes eliminating taxes on tips.

7. Defend Our Constitution and Bill of Rights
The platform emphasizes protecting constitutional rights, including free speech, religious freedom, and the right to bear arms.

8. Prevent World War III and Build a Great Iron Dome
Trump aims to prevent global conflict, restore peace in Europe and the Middle East, and create a robust missile defense system.

9. End Government Weaponization Against Americans
The plan seeks to end the perceived weaponization of government against its citizens.

10. Stop the Migrant Crime Epidemic
Trump promises to tackle migrant-related crime, dismantle drug cartels, and address gang violence.

11. Rebuild Our Cities
The platform includes plans to rejuvenate cities, including Washington D.C., making them safe and beautiful.

12. Strengthen and Modernize Our Military
Trump aims to make the U.S. military the strongest and most powerful in the world.

13. Keep the U.S. Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency
The plan emphasizes maintaining the U.S. dollar’s global dominance.

14. Fight for Social Security and Medicare
Trump pledges to protect Social Security and Medicare without raising the retirement age.

15. Cancel the Electric Vehicle Mandate
The platform seeks to eliminate the electric vehicle mandate and reduce regulatory burdens.

16. Cut Federal Funding for Radical Ideologies in Schools
Trump plans to defund schools pushing critical race theory and other controversial content.

17. Keep Men Out of Women’s Sports
The plan includes measures to restrict men from participating in women’s sports.

18. Deport Pro-Hamas Radicals from College Campuses
Trump aims to make college campuses safe by deporting pro-Hamas radicals.

19. Secure Our Elections
The platform includes securing elections with same-day voting, voter ID, paper ballots, and citizenship proof.

20. Unite Our Country
Finally, Trump pledges to unite the country and achieve new levels of success.

With this comprehensive platform, Trump and the RNC aim to steer America toward a prosperous and secure future, promising significant changes across various sectors.

What are your thoughts Trump’s Contract with America?

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  • Kane July 13, 2024, 11:30 am

    Trump should open federal investgations into the murders of the “gay” Black males from the Trinity United Church. The muders started in December 2007 when the hoir director Donald Young was shot to death in his apartment. These murders should be federal investigations of hate crimes and civil right violations. Barry Soetoro who belonged to this church, should also be invited to the press conferance when the Trump team announces this special counsel investigation. For some reason Barry never talked about these murders that hit his former church but maybe he will finally jump at this new opportunity.

  • Matt July 12, 2024, 1:26 pm

    This is not the whole RNC platform which was bulled through by Trump with help from RNC RINOs. The abreviated part you published looks good doesn’t it. They didn’t do the normal couple of days of committee meetings to review and revise. They didn’t even let the Delegates from the States read it before it was passed. While part of it would have been acceptable part of it is not the core values of the base. And it will probably cause some to not vote Trump since he is the author and sole reviewer of the document.

    Remember when he rushed through the COVID vaccine. This is the same thing only worse.

  • Harold Mark Littell July 12, 2024, 9:08 am

    Remember “Lock her up!”? He didn’t, in fact he praised the Clintons two weeks after getting into office. To this day, Hilary still claims she won the 2016 election. Has learned that this is no longer politics? That these demons will stop at nothing to destroy America? I wonder. Between removing all Pro-Life wording from the GOP platform to putting that sickening Amber Rose on the stage, (Why not Katt von D? Her journey from the occult to a life in Christ is inspiring). Yes, I’m still voting for Trump. If only there had been someone else with a great record of taking on these demons and beating them. Winning elections by 20%. And never backing down to the left…Oh Hi Florida! Trump is our best choice, but he wasn’t always.

  • Tip Tover July 12, 2024, 8:22 am

    Perfect agenda… He will need to recruit a bunch of ass-kickers to help. He cant do it alone. And recruit a VP that is as strong as he is so the left doesn’t carry through with their plans to assassinate him. The stage has been set though with the Democrat party ignoring any laws they don’t like. Play by those rules and ser you in court 5 years from now. Clean it up and judge your sucess by how loud the communists are howling.

  • A. Squirrel July 12, 2024, 7:45 am

    What a maroon.

  • Ricky B. July 11, 2024, 11:12 pm

    Our national debt is $35 trillion and skyrocketing fast. The only way to actually stop inflation is to start pay this down. With debt this high, any reduction is going to require both less spending (including reductions to Social Security & Medicare) AND most of us paying more taxes. This is simple math, but people don’t like being told the obvious simple truth so they vote for liars whose self serving bullshit only serves to accelerate our decline into a third world future. Our children may end up becoming immigrants themselves to flee the hellscape these con artists will turn this, still today, great nation (at least for another few days or weeks maybe) into… Oh the irony

  • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment July 9, 2024, 1:57 pm

    and get the communists out of our schools

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