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ATF E-Forms is not working.

ATF eForms Shutdown, Stirs Up 2A Community

All it says on the website is “The ATF eForms system is unavailable at the present time. We anticipate the system will be available again shortly… Please try again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Veteran Shoots Car Thief Who Stole His Bulletproof Vest

“When he brought his hands up that was my first fear that he had my firearm, so I began to fire,” Armand said. He was right, the thief had found the gun and the bulletproof vest hidden in the vehicle.

The passage of HB 2118 in Washington State.

Washington State Signs an Entire Industry’s Death Warrant: Goodbye FFLs!

Despite some amendments aimed at lessening the impact on small businesses, he expressed concern that the bill’s stringent requirements would effectively “kill” the FFL industry.

The Merger Duo NXP50 binos from Pulsar.

Pulsar’s Merger Duo NXP50: Uncover the Night

With the Merger Duo NXP50, Pulsar’s new first-in-class multispectral binoculars, you’ll be able to uncover night scenes like never before.

RFK Jr. on "The Capitol Hill Show."

RFK Jr: What is the Real Cause of Mass Shootings?

In a recent appearance on “The Capitol Hill Show,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shared his views on the pressing issue of gun-related violence in America.

Last Call for Bump Stocks! Slide Fire is Shutting Down Soon

Supreme Court Tackles Bump Stock Ban in High-Stakes Case

The Supreme Court just got a heavy dose of legal debate. Jonathan Mitchell, ex-Texas Solicitor General, stepped up to the plate today to argue in the New Civil Liberties Alliance’s high-profile Garland v. Cargill case.

Jeremiah Cottle speaks to ABC News.

Bump Stock Creator Speaks to ABC News As Case Goes Before High Court

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, reporter Devin Dwyer dives into the controversial world of bump stocks, talking to Jeremiah Cottle, the man behind the invention.


Black History Month Should Celebrate Black Gun Ownership

Throughout the month of February, America celebrates Black History Month. There is much to celebrate for the contributions African Americans have made to our nation. That includes within the firearm industry and as gun owners.

GunsAmerica collaborates with Celerant.

GunsAmerica and Celerant Partner to Streamline Online Sales on the Marketplace

Dealers can connect on-hand products directly from the point of sale to the oldest online marketplace for firearms

Safariland Species holster.

Safariland’s Species Holster Now Available in MultiCam Black

This addition to Safariland’s holster line offers the next level of concealment for everyday carry in the fan-favorite pattern.