Nosler Expanding M48 Mountain Carbon Rifle Series, Adds Reloading Guide 9

The ultralight M48 Mountain Carbon Rifle is getting more options. (Photo: Nosler)

Nosler is continuing to expand its top-flight M48 Mountain Carbon series with updated color options and added chamberings. The company also recently published the 9th edition of the Nosler Reloading Guide.

The M48 Mountain Carbon Rifle is a premium design for long hunts in the field that provides bench-rest performance without compromising at all on weight. Nosler is now offering M48 Mountain Carbon Rifles with their new Shale Gray speckle finish in addition to their updated Granite Green speckle finish.

The new chamberings for the M48 Mountain Carbon are 6.5mm Precision Rifle Cartridge and .280 Ackley Improved. Now the series is available in three short action calibers and seven long action options, ranging from 6mm Creedmoor all the way up to 33 Nosler, including popular cartridges like 6.5mm Creedmoor and .300 Winchester Magnum.

These are compatible with two-piece Remington 700 scope rings. (Photo: Nosler)

Regardless of the chambering, all Mountain Carbon rifles weigh just 6 pounds, have 24-inch carbon fiber barrels and stocks and have a magazine capacity of 3 or 4 rounds depending on the cartridge. The short action models measure in at 44.5 inches while the long action rifles come in at around 45 inches.

Other Mountain Carbon Rifle features include a two-position Timney trigger, a Tungsten Grey Cerakote finish on the action and bottom metal, glass and aluminum pillar bedding, and they come threaded for 5/8-24 muzzle devices. Every rifle has a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee with Nosler ammunition.

These rifles just need a sling and an optic to get in the field. The suggested retail price for the M48 is a pretty rich $3,140, but by all accounts, you get what you pay for with the Mountain Carbon Rifle.

They say you don’t save money reloading, but you do get to shoot more. (Photo: Nosler)

With the new Nosler Reloading Guide 9, you can also dial in your own loads for precision and long-range target shooting and hunting. The new loading book adds 9 new cartridges, including Nosler’s latest in-house cartridges, new precision rifle cartridges, and even the time-tested 7.62x39mm.

In addition to expanded loading data on new and updated cartridges, the loading book adds even more powders, to include both new handgun and rifle powders. And the cartridge introductions are all-new, rewritten for the 9th edition guide.

The new loading guide represents well over a year’s worth of work by Nosler, and it costs just $24.

For more information about Nosler rifles and ammunition, visit them online.

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