NYC Mayor Designates Times Square A Gun-Free Zone: Will Criminals Obey?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, this week, signed a bill into law that will make Times Square a gun-free zone.

Per the bill, Times Square will be designated a “sensitive location” under the state’s recently enacted “Concealed Carry Improvement Act.”  

As such, firearms will be prohibited, even for those law-abiding citizens who have obtained a permit to carry concealed. 

“Millions of New Yorkers and tourists flock to Times Square to see Broadway shows, enjoy a good meal, and take photos of the neon billboards, and we will not allow them to live in fear or distrust that someone is walking around with a gun ready to harm them,” said Mayor Adams. 

“Today, with the signing of Intro. 602, we enshrine into law that Times Square is a gun free zone…” he added. 

The “Concealed Carry Improvement Act” (CCIA) is currently under fire after Gun Owners of America filed a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality.

Last week, a district judge issued a temporary restraining order that blocked the following key provisions of the CCIA:

  • Requiring businesses to openly state they ALLOW concealed carry 
  • Disclosing one’s social media accounts for review 
  • Prohibitions on carrying in most so-called “sensitive places,” including doctor’s offices, Times Square, restaurants and places of entertainment, and on public transportation 
  • In-person interviews with law enforcement

As noted above, included in that TRO was designating Times Square as a gun-free zone.

This week, however, a three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit opted to put a stay on the TRO to give the state more time to make its appeal.

In other words, gun-free zones are once again legal — at least for now.

This was welcome news for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who championed the CCIA in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark Bruen decision that struck down the state’s may-issue licensing scheme.

“The interim administrative stay of the district court’s temporary restraining order is an important and appropriate step and affirms that the Concealed Carry Improvement Act will remain in effect during the appeals process,” she said in a statement on Wednesday.

“My top priority will always be to keep New Yorkers safe, and we will continue working with the Office of the Attorney General to defend our gun safety laws,” she added.

Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, was critical of Mayor Adams.

“If he had his way Mayor Adams would make all of New York City a gun-free zone,” Gottlieb told GunsAmerica via email. “The drug gangs and violent criminals are going to have a field day in his city.”

No doubt this battle is far from over. Stay tuned for updates.

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About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • relb October 14, 2022, 3:41 pm

    The whole thing is a joke. And not a funny one at that.
    One can’t enter any business while carrying unless the business has a poster on the door stating “guns welcome”.
    Restaurants and entertainment places are “gun free” zones as well.
    Imagine one of the things to do on your schedule for a day is going to a theater/restaurant in Times Square.
    You can’t enter the theater/restaurant with your gun, you can’t park your car in a garage and leave your gun there (can’t enter business, remember?) even outside TS.
    You can’t use public transportation either (another gun free zone), and even if you could, what would you do with your piece once you arrived?
    However don’t take current administration for fools: they keep pushing unconstitutional laws clearly understanding their unlawful nature.
    Why would they do that?
    First of all it gives them another good photo op. And Adams loves to show off his new suits.
    Also it makes an illusion of activity and accomplishments – look, we worked really hard and adopted a new law for citizens safety, right?
    Fact that this nonsense is not gonna work doesn’t bother them a bit – carry permits in NYC were practically non-existent and it never stopped a single criminal – check the shooting stats in NYC.
    And of course it will take time to dismantle all this crap, meanwhile keeping law abiding citizens vulnerable and defenseless.

  • Snake October 14, 2022, 2:32 pm

    Do you guys actually see the funny thing in the video, especially at its beginning? Yes, you’re right, Mayor Adams is being protected by guards and police officers standing all around him, very likely carrying concealed or even open (police) themselves. And while they are doing so, Mayor Adams declares the Times Square a gun-free zone, when at the same time he seems to be fearing for his safety himself and even has a fence standing to cover his six.

    Seriously, if gun-free zones are the true solution in fighting crime, then why Mayor Adams and all the other people in his group are being protected at all during this event? Shouldn’t they just be standing out there, without all the bodyguards, police and the fence, doing their political talking, while feeling safe only by themselves actually being there? Hypocrites!

  • Clint W. October 14, 2022, 1:34 pm

    Yea, that’ll keep those pesky armed criminals out for sure. Makes about as much sense as an anti-firearm person putting a sign in their front yard announcing to the neighborhood they don’t believe in guns and will not allow them on their property. The one thing missing on the yard sign and the electric Times Square sign is a bullseye. Now, if one unarmed person, is robbed, raped, harmed in anyway, then they need to sue the city for violating their Constitutional rights to self defense. If they are dead, then the family needs to sue, plus, include the stores that are near the scene of the crime in the lawsuit, if they are anti-firearm of have a ‘no gun’ sign on their doors. Heck, just sue them on general principles.

  • Armed and Dangerous October 14, 2022, 12:16 pm

    Sure, just put up “Gun free zone” signs. Criminals will surely obey the law.

  • Bulletcatcher October 14, 2022, 10:54 am

    The horse mouth ( wanna be) governor is a total loser, POS! Her NYC mayor a loser of huge proportion!
    And they wonder why they, and Californication, are losing residents at astronomical rates. Even more hilarious is there losing them to the South.
    That party, responsible, has exactly ZERO candidates that could possibly when this coming election!

  • Stan d. Upnow October 14, 2022, 10:50 am

    And the Progressive-Socialists’ push to give convicted felons voting rights will only make matters worse, as they vote to increase the gun-free zones. Hey, expanded “hunting” on public lands is a good thing…. for them.

  • Stan d. Upnow October 14, 2022, 10:45 am

    Police loudspeakers will blare the warning 24/7:

    “Attention– Those not wishing to be a victim of a violent crime with no defensive recourse should vacate Times Square immediately!”

  • Ziggy October 14, 2022, 10:38 am

    Here’s a thought: suppose a LEO overreacts and shoots someone (say, reaching for a cellphone) because they were in fear for their life. Will that defense be thrown out of court because they could not have been afraid–they were in a gun-free zone?

  • Russ October 14, 2022, 10:38 am

    Will criminals comply? Absolutely not, that’s why they are criminals you ignorant buffoon. Right there is just another example of the stupidity of liberals. When they are caught they will be released on no bail. Another example of liberal stupidity. Keep voting democrat there you idiots. You deserve all this stupidity.

  • Abnormal October 14, 2022, 10:36 am

    Fish in a barrel. These idiots will never understand that concept. Adams is such a turd. Fact check that.

  • Dr Motown October 14, 2022, 8:19 am

    LMAO! Mayor vows to protect the public from law-abiding citizens with carry permits….while criminals laugh

  • Bluefish123 October 14, 2022, 6:18 am

    Well, between having two flaming morons as a governor and mayor goes to show the low IQ of the general public in voting in Fkn morons like these two liberal buffoons.

    • Abnormal October 14, 2022, 10:38 am

      They are like stupid and stupider.

  • survivor50 October 13, 2022, 9:18 pm

    ” NYC Mayor Designates Times Square A Gun-Free Zone: Will Criminals Obey? ” …

    Why should they ??? They got a ” GET OUT OF JAIL FREE ” card…

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