ODIN Works OTR-15 “Smart Rifle” Knows Political Secrets

Odin Works famous for their barrels, handguards, gas blocks, and other accessories are now making a complete rifle called the OTR-15. It’s a completely billet upper and lower that features completely Ambi controls and is supposed to be the first “smart rifle” that can tell you political secrets. We’ll be surprised if the Biden’s, Clinton’s, and Pelosi’s don’t come after it hard under the guise of public safety.

This specific model featured a match-grade stainless steel 16-inch barrel with a mid-length gas system and tuneable gas block.

The handguard is ODIN’s 02 Lite and is extremely lightweight and functional.

The adjustable buttstock and pistol grip are made by B5 Systems and I was quite impressed with their quality.

The really interesting part about this rifle is that ODIN claims that they have been able to integrate fiber optics through CNC and robotics and create the first truly “smart” rifle.


No optic or sighting system is required but you do have to be aimed in the general direction of the target.

The rifle, if you have the “smarts” to decipher the output, will tell you political secrets in the groupings on target. The hard part, when it comes to political secrets, is knowing which dots to connect and which to discard as propaganda and noise. However, as the OTR-15 demonstrates the “truth” is out there if you look hard enough. We learned a lot about our country and it’s leaders while we had this rifle.

If you’re not sure exactly what is going on in this country when it comes to politics and freedom, you almost can’t afford to not have a “smart rifle” like the OTR-15

Learn more about ODIN Works by clicking HERE.

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  • Steve G April 5, 2021, 10:53 am

    True you forgot to mention the Titanium. It’s critical to the secret telling function.

  • Rex April 5, 2021, 9:24 am

    Didn’t see that coming! Thanks for a fun review.

  • Kane April 5, 2021, 9:18 am

    Well here’s another “political secret” where the dots might be connected.

    Three close associates of BHO, who were all members of a Black liberation theology group known as the “Trinity United Church of Christ” all died under mysterious circumstances and within 40 days of each other. The mysterious wave of death began on November 17 2007 with Donald Young being shot “execution style” and then just a little over a month later on December 24 2007 Larry Bland also being shot “execution style.” On Dec. 26 2007 Nate Spencer died with the cause ranging from septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV.

    The wave of death that claimed these three members of Obama’s former former church occurred just before Obama became the POTUS. The first victim, Donald Young, was the “choir director” of the controversial church All three church members were Black and reported to be “on the down low,” the cases were never solved.

    A White man named Larry Sinclair signed a written statement which is in possession of the CPD where Sinclair claims he and BHO were “intimate” and that BHO was a bisexual. BHO knew each of the decedents very well according to Sinclair. Curiously, Obama never mentioned the death of the first two victims while he was stumping for his anti-2A agenda. Why not?

  • Frank April 5, 2021, 9:18 am

    … Getting late for those “April Fool’s” jokes! 🙄

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