Out of This World: Phoenix Weaponry’s Precision Buttstock

From deep space to world-class gun stuff, this phoenix stock is rising

Like the mythical phoenix of Greek mythology, Phoenix Weaponry was something of a rebirth for the rocket-sciency, entrepreneurial owner, Aaron Cayce, a master machinist. A consummate perfectionist, Cayce cut his master-craftsmanship teeth on machining precision medical and space program components. Yes, you read correctly—space. Today, Cayce’s machine work can be found in patient X-rays, on the Mars Rover, on the International Space Station, and in deep space. And, while his precision work is trusted by doctors and rocket scientists, his true passions are firearms, suppressors, and shooting accessories. Hell, he even machines his own gas rings! His most recent product, the Phoenix Weaponry Precision Buttstock, is a perfect example of the company’s innovation and dedication to both demanding shooters and world-class machining.

She’s a Looker!

Not long ago, I visited Phoenix Weaponry and sat alongside Aaron Cayce while we assembled an insanely cool “Emma” .300 WSM AR-10 platform semi-automatic boom stick. Every facet of the rifle, from the lower receiver to the gas block, was precisely machined to Aaron’s exacting standards and coated in a jaw-dropping gray, fractured Cerakote theme, complete with a water-spot finish. The only differences between this rifle and previously produced Emma rifles are the new caliber option of .300 WSM and the Precision Buttstock—to be honest, this particular stock was the first production sample after prototyping—at the time, finished but not yet launched.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with Emma’s production stock, the difference in looks between the production Emma and Emma with Phoenix’s Precision Buttstock is, to say the least, striking—she’s a looker! In fact, no other stock on the market resembles the new stock and exceptionally few are as rugged. Moreover, as a gun writer who has worked with an exhausting number of AR platform rifles, I’m not aware of any stock, ever produced, so rich in its combination of premium materials and adjustability.

The Precision Buttstock is machined to Phoenix Weaponry’s insanely tight .002” tolerance out of premium 6061 billet aluminum for rugged reliability and rock-solid stability. Not to be outdone, the length-of-pull adjustment rods and locking pin are machined out of titanium. Additional components like the cheek rest and buttpad are constructed of Kydex and rubber, respectively. As a standardizing note, the Phoenix Weaponry Precision Buttstock’s bones are comprised of a skeletonized billet-aluminum frame and a carbine-length buffer tube, compatible with AR-15, LR-308, AR-10 and Hunter Biden’s illegally purchased AR-14—altogether different story for another day. The carbine length tube, buffer and spring assembly, and Phoenix Weaponry’s adjustable gas block made fine-tuning for perfect case ejection a breeze. That is to say, if a carbine length tube on an AR-10/LR-308 platform concerns you, it definitely should not. Emma is running like a Swiss clock.

True Custom Adjustability

Worth restating, the Precision Buttstock’s adjustability is designed specifically to give demanding shooters a truly customized, consistent shooting experience, and the way Phoenix Weaponry achieves such results is incredibly impressive. Macro length-of-pull (LOP) adjustments are made with the locking pin and adjustment rod—all titanium machined. To adjust, I pulled the locking pin out. Like an AR’s pivot- or takedown-pin, the locking pin is secured by a detent and spring. Pulling the pin out until it stops allows the buttpad to be extended or shortened to increase or decrease LOP. The titanium rods accommodate five LOP positions. LOP is locked in by subsequently pushing the lock pin back into the stock’s body.

The Kydex cheek rest also is adjustable by loosening and tightening the four Allen-head attachment screws. The cheek rest can be repositioned higher, lower, tilted forward, or tilted back to best fit and promote a comfortable cheek weld by shooting. With the Kydex cheek rest’s flexibility, the rest also can be rolled over the stocks ridge away or toward the shooter’s cheek simply by loosening the four Allen-head screws, rolling the rest into the desired position, and retightening the attachment screws.

The Phoenix Weaponry Precision Buttstock’s final adjustment is found at the butt pad. Using a 5/16-in. Allen wrench to loosen the screw located at the buttpad’s center allows the pad assembly to be micro-adjusted up, down and at an infinite 360-degree angle to conform perfectly to an angled or pitched shoulder. This adjustability can be important to ensure comfortable shooting in various positions where canted, heightened or lowered shouldering is necessary or preferred. During my review, I asked Aaron Cayce just how many adjustments the Precision Buttstock actually had. He answered quickly, “Three.” He is correct—after all, it is his stock—but really only in terms of adjustment points: length of pull, cheek rest, and buttpad. Of course, I maintain the Precision Buttstock offers double Cayce’s stated adjustability. My count of adjustments is six: Length-of-pull, cheek weld (elevation, pitch, and roll), buttpad (elevation and angle). 

Parting Shots

In a world of polymer stock systems that can and do sometimes run up to $500, the Phoenix Weaponry Precision Buttstock is a perfect best-in-class option at a similar price point. While the stock’s build quality is impeccable and the adjustability is incredible, there are a few additional features are definitely worth pointing out. The Precision Buttstock includes (1) Skeletonized main stock base, (2) Titanium adjustment rods, (1) Titanium locking pin, (1) Buttpad frame, (1) Buttpad adjustment piece, (1) Buffer tube, (1) Buffer tube keeper, (1) Two-Piece cheek rest system, (1) Kick-Eez buttpad, (1) 2-in. Picatinny rail, (1) QD sling mount and (1) detent/spring set.

The Precision Buttstock weighs in at just 2.5 pounds so weight really isn’t much of a concern. Hunting weight of a full system with the Precision Buttstock can still be an easy carry. For shooters, whether long-range slow-fire or dynamic PRS or ASAP matches, Phoenix Weaponry’s Precision Stock is a great fit for most setups and virtually all shooters, including multiple shooters on the same rig with varying adjustment needs. Considering Phoenix Weaponry’s master machining focus, innovative approach to rifle components, ridiculously high tolerances, build quality, and, in this case, adjustability, it’s clear this stock is purposed and perfectly suited for precision shooting. Even at the $500 price point, in our get-what-you-paid-for world, it’s a hell of a bargain in the eyes of serious shooters looking for uncompromising performance. That said, it’s also not for everybody. If you’re not looking for top-shelf products, there are scores of other, lesser options.

Learn more about Phoenix Weaponry’s Precision Buttstock, production and custom firearms, Delta Monocore suppressors, and more by visiting www.PhoenixWeaponry.com

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About the author: Kevin Reese is more than an award-winning outdoor writer, Kevin is a fist-full-of-dirt hunter, avid shooter, 8-year Jarhead veteran and Professional Outdoor Media Association voting member. He’s as passionate about bowhunting as he is personal defense and long-range shooting. While Kevin feels right at home on the range or in the woods, his true home is in Texas with his wife, Kelly, and youngest son, Jacob.

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