Quattro-15?! The Quad-Stacking Magazine and Lower by Desert Tech — SHOT Show 2022

Quattro-15 and Quadmag-53 by Desert Tech.

Announced at SHOT Show 2022, a new idea to save weight and reload time has become a reality courtesy of Desert Tech with their Quattro-15 and Quadmag-53. Revolutionizing the standard AR-15, the Quattro-15 lower receiver is drop-in capable with all standard uppers and will feed from a 53-round quadruple stacked mag called the Quadmag53.

Desert Tech’s Quattro-15 lower will accept standard pistol grips, triggers, and safeties while coming with an ambidextrous magazine release and bolt catch/release. Being wide enough to accept a quadruple-stacked mag, the lower does not seem cumbersome. The extra width didn’t seem to affect any of the controls or the balance of the rifle with an unloaded mag. The extra-wide magazines also felt surprisingly great in my hand.

Users can swap in standard aftermarket AR accessories, including triggers, grips and safeties.

This new proprietary lower will also still take standard AR pattern mags, featuring a groove to hold them in place within the lower without using any sort of adapter. While Desert Tech didn’t have any smaller mags available to see how easy loading would be, it is good to see that standard mags are supported.

Grooves for holding standard AR-15 magazines.

However, the translucent Quadmag-53 is the reason the lower exists today. Designing a magazine that can reliably feed 53 rounds has historically had issues, but Desert Tech seems to have conquered where others failed.

Featuring a single follower and spring, the Quadmag is less susceptible to fouling during normal and suppressed use. It has an anti-tilt follower, is shorter than standard 30 round mags, and has the same rib-supported, solid top to reduce concerns about feed lip longevity.

Skeletonized magwell.

Desert Tech told us that with this system, the user will be able to carry four mags for a combat load of 210+ rounds compared to seven 30-round mags. In turn, the user also saves 8% in weight while cutting the number of reloads in half. The lower also features a skeletonized magwell to help reduce weight.


Desert Tech is aiming to ship these out by Q3 of 2022. The Quatrro-15 has an MSRP of $299, and the Quadmag-53 will be selling for $74.99.

When buying as a complete set, Desert Tech mentioned that the lower and one mag could be purchased for $350. If interested, you can sign up on their website HERE to reserve your very own quad-stacked lower today.

About the author: Mitchell Graf is passionate about hunting and competition shooting. During college he was the shooting instructor for Oklahoma State’s Practical Shooting Team, and these days he spends as much time as he can chasing after pigs and coyotes with night vision and thermals. You can follow Mitchell’s adventures over at his Instagram @That_Gun_Guy_

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  • Blue Dog (She/It/Commy) February 3, 2022, 3:38 pm

    Why do you need 54 rounds? To kill a Rambo deer?
    I like 40 round p mags just fine.

    • Big Al 45 February 7, 2022, 11:40 am

      Why do YOU need 40 rods? To kill a Predator Elk?,
      I like 20 rd Mag Puls just fine.

      • Michael Evanchik February 20, 2022, 6:00 pm

        Why do you need 20 round mags. You hunting velociraptors ??? I like 5 round mags.

  • Jeremy Bowen February 3, 2022, 8:14 am

    You’ll save more than 8% weight loss. The cost of the magazines will surly lighten the load in your wallet. Lol

  • Charlie February 3, 2022, 7:48 am

    Would like to see this offered for the 458 Socom too.

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