Real Avid Introduces Bore-Max Speed Clean System

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Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns®, presents the Bore-Max Speed Clean System, a line of brushes, jags and patches innovatively designed as a significantly faster way to clean a bore with less effort. With the Speed Jag and Speed Jag Patch, expect the same results as pushing four or more traditional square patches in only one pass through the bore.

Bore-Max™ Speed Brushes™ – 2X More Crud Scrubbed

With twice the bristle density of standard brushes, Bore-Max Speed Brushes delivers over 2X the scrubbing power to the bore with each pass. The stiff and durable nickel-plated phosphor bronze bristles resist chemical breakdown in the bore to extend the life of the brush.

“In order to achieve maximize effectiveness, we found there needed to be an optimal balance between bristle density and bristle flexibility. In our testing, we recognized very quickly that having too few bristles was a waste of time and too many wouldn’t provide enough flexibility to navigate the lands and grooves of the bore,” commented Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer. The bristle configuration of the Bore-Max Speed Brush is the result of finding that sweet spot, achieving maximum scrubbing density while retaining enough flexibility to effectively reach down into the lands and grooves, removing more carbon with each pass of the brush and getting maximum results faster.

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In regard to nickel-plating, Tripp said, “Phosphor bronze has proven to be an ideal bristle material, with the exception of reacting poorly to bore-solvent. Nickel Electroplating these brushes solved that problem and increased their useful longevity as well.”

Bore-Max Speed Jags™ and Speed Jag Patches™ – Up to 4X More Bore Cleaning Contact

By applying some new thinking to an old process, Real Avid has created a line of jags and patches developed in tandem to be paired for perfect, caliber-specific bore fitment. Sized to account precisely for both the jag diameter and the patch thickness, this combo provides the optimal compression to reach into the lands and grooves thoroughly and consistently.

Patch Size & Shape – The challenge in creating the Speed Clean System was how to get more patch material in the bore, eliminate bunching and maximizing the effectiveness of each pass-through. In looking to develop a minimalist patch shape that would cover the jag completely without any overlap or wasted material, Real Avid created a jag and patch combo that would fit perfectly into the bore.

Patch material was also a big consideration in the development of the Speed Clean System. Real Avid selected a synthetic material that has shown superior absorbency over cotton and minimizes the remaining fray and excess solvent in the bore. The synthetic material simply outperforms cotton. The other benefit of using a synthetic material is the ability to create a quilt-like textured surface that is more effective at picking up and trapping crud as it passes through the bore without fraying or dropping lint.

Bore Surface Contact “To get the job done faster, we wanted to limit the amount of times it took to run through the bore in order to achieve the desired result, which in this case is a clear patch,” Tripp explained. “First, we elongated the jag and eliminated the taper found on traditional jags. We instead created multiple compression rings along the entire length of the jag. Since we shaped the patch to fit the jag precisely without any wasted overlapping material, we no longer needed to accommodate for the patch bunching and could utilize the entire jag length.” With the Speed Jag and Speed Jag Patch, you can get the same results as pushing four or more traditional square patches in only one pass through the bore. Think of it as running four or more traditional jag and square patch combinations through the bore at the same time.

Real World Results – In testing using the Real Avid bore cleaning process, the Speed Jag and Patch combinations took on average four to five pass-throughs to achieve a clear bore. Traditional jag and square patches took on average over 20 pass-throughs to achieve the same results. Those results indicate a significantly faster way to clean a bore with less effort.

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