Rock River Arms CAR A4 in .350 Legend Now Shipping

Rock River Arms now has two models in .350 Legend. (Photo: RRA)

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Rock River Arms now offers two sporty black rifles chambered in .350 Legend. Developed for hunters, .350 Legend is a straight-walled intermediate cartridge built to comply with state and local hunting restrictions.

Due to its size .350 Legend works great in AR-style rifles and that’s where Rock River Arms is stepping in with the new and updated CAR A4 and CAR A4 Stainless.

As hunters increasingly turn to AR-pattern rifles for use in the field it’s nice to have rifles and ammunition purpose-made for hunting, especially in places with strict gun and ammo requirements for hunters.

The carbine-length gas system stands out on the stainless model. (Photo: RRA)

And the CAR A4 and A4 Stainless come with a nice set of features, exactly the sort of setup most people would want out of a modern rifle over a more traditional hunting rifle.

Both the A4 and A4 Stainless in .350 Legend have 16-inch barrels, free-floating handguards and enhanced adjustable carbine stocks and overmolded A2 pistol grips. The difference is the barrel material. The standard model has a chromoly steel barrel while the Stainless model has a stainless steel barrel. Either way, they are cryo-treated for accuracy and feature 1-in-16 rifling.

The handguards are modular with M-Lok accessory slots along the sides and at the bottom with a full-length 12-o’clock Picatinny rail for iron sights and other accessories. They have compact compensating flash hiders, oversize “winter” trigger guards for use with gloves and multiple sling mounting options including two ambidextrous quick detach sling points on the stock.

Most of the small parts and controls are standard including the selector lever, bolt catch, and magazine release but both the A2 and A2 Stainless come with Rock River Arms’ two-stage triggers in place of standard military-style parts.

Rifles chambered for .350 Legend do require cartridge-specific magazines so these guns ship with one 10-round .350 mag with each rifle. Like most hunting rifles these are “optics ready” which means they don’t ship with a scope or sights since that equipment is going to be up to hunters individually. In addition to the manual, each Rock River Arms rifle comes with a hard plastic case for storage and transport.

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Even though these aren’t purpose-built to save weight they aren’t heavy at all at 6.8 pounds unloaded. Even with a scope, scope mount, sling, and ammo a whole kit should weigh less than 10 pounds which is part of why so many hunters want to hunt with ARs today.

Pricing is set right at $1,100 for the base model CAR A4 in .350 Legend while the A4 Stainless runs a little more at just $1,150. Prices in stores and online are typically less and that should be the case for these .350 rifles too.

If you’ve heard good things about .350 Legend and want to get a rifle to test it out for yourself these are a good start especially if you’re not looking for a basic entry-level option and want something with a little more going for it in terms of features and finish.

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  • steve Hammill February 28, 2020, 5:15 pm

    Future hunting pictures won’t have the warm fuzzy feeling of walnut stocks.

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