Ruger Issues Safety Bulletin for SR22 Pistols

From Ruger:

In rare instances, if the left and right frame inserts of Ruger SR22 pistols are not properly secured together, the firing pin blocker lifter and hammer block can move independently of each other, potentially rendering them ineffective. If this situation occurs, the pistol will intermittently exhibit a “slack” single-action trigger and has the potential to discharge if decocked over a live round. NOTE: A “slack” single-action trigger occurs if, while operating the pistol in single-action mode with a magazine inserted, the slide forward, and the manual safety disengaged, a trigger pull does not encounter resistance and the hammer does not fall.

Although only a very small number of pistols appear to be affected, Ruger is committed to safety and would like to examine all SR22 pistols that have ever exhibited a slack single-action trigger or discharged upon decocking. If you experienced either condition, please immediately stop using your SR22 and return it to Ruger for this Safety Retrofit. If you have not experienced either condition, your pistol is not subject to this Safety Bulletin unless one or both of these conditions occur in the future.
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Products Subject to this Safety Bulletin and Who Should Sign Up

Any SR22 with serial number 369-40078 or lower (including those with a “SS” serial number prefix) is subject to this Safety Bulletin, IF it has either: (1) exhibited (or exhibits in the future) a slack single-action trigger; or (2) discharged upon decocking. If you have ever experienced either of these conditions with your SR22 pistol, you should stop using your pistol and sign up for the Safety Retrofit.

Note: A slack trigger will occur during normal operation if: 1) the magazine is removed; OR 2) the slide is locked to the rear; OR 3) the manual safety is engaged. These are all normal operating conditions.
This Safety Bulletin applies only if a slack single-action trigger is experienced with the magazine inserted, the slide forward, and the manual safety disengaged.

If You Experience a Slack Single-Action Trigger While Shooting, Take the Following Steps Immediately:

  • Keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • Do not attempt to remedy the matter by engaging the safety lever.
  • Remove the magazine from the pistol.
  • Retract the slide and lock it back.
  • Visually and physically verify that the chamber of the pistol is empty.
  • With the pistol pointed in a safe direction, the chamber empty, and the magazine removed, carefully close the slide and engage the safety lever to decock the pistol.
  • Do not use the pistol until it has been examined by Ruger. Store it safely until it can be returned to the factory.
  • Sign up for the Retrofit on this page, or by phone at 336-949-5200 to arrange to return the pistol for evaluation and repair, if necessary.

Always treat every firearm as though it is loaded and always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Never rely upon any safety or mechanical device to justify unsafe or careless firearm handling.

How to Sign Up for the Retrofit

STEP 1: If you meet the criteria above, sign up for the retrofit here or contact Ruger Customer Service at 336-949-5200.

STEP 2: Our Customer Service team will issue you a Return Material Authorization and send you a pre-paid shipping label to return your pistol.

STEP 3: We will evaluate your pistol and perform all required safety updates. We will make every effort to return your pistol within one week of when we receive it.

If you have any questions regarding this Safety Bulletin, please review these FAQs. If you need assistance signing up for the retrofit, please contact Customer Service at 336-949-5200.

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  • Sam W April 8, 2022, 4:53 pm

    Not good enough, Ruger. You already have a pistol that doesn’t ‘feel right’. Now you are waiting for the customer to find something else that doesn’t ‘feel right’. No, you find your range of possible defects, and recall all within that range. Don’t you dare stand behind “Guns don’t kill people; people with guns kill people”. I’m a proud Ruger owner, and I hope to stay that way.

    • Mike V April 8, 2022, 7:36 pm

      Crybaby, ffs

      Find some looser fitting panties.

  • howard2374 April 8, 2022, 8:53 am

    My only complaint with the Ruger SR22 pistol is that one must push the safety UP to be able to fire. This is counter intuitive (thank goodness for the red markings that indicate the ‘fire’ or ‘safe’ positions) and the only firearm besides the Walther .22LR handgun that requires one to push the safety UP to enable firing the weapon.

    • Kimberly April 8, 2022, 4:59 pm

      For some reason, ‘up to fire’ seems more intuitive to me. The problem is it is the only gun I have that operates that way. The rest of them may be ‘wrong’, but at least they are all the same, going from gun to gun.

      • TUC April 8, 2022, 8:35 pm

        Walther p38 p1 works the same as the SR22

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