SDS Imports Announcing Improved PX9-G2 Pistol with Modular Grip: $379

SDS Imports now carries a new and improved PX9-G2. (Photo: SDS)

SDS Imports is happy to announce that they’re now offering the PX9 successor, the PX9-G2. Like the original, the second-generation PX9-G2 is a striker-fired, polymer-framed double-stack pistol chambered for 9mm Luger, but it brings a set of features to the table usually reserved for premium service and duty pistols.

The PX9-G2 takes its inspiration from a lot of popular and successful designs. The slide draws from the FNS and XD series in its profile, and it has a rear cocked striker indicator. It is also compatible with M&P 2.0-pattern sights, giving it a large aftermarket to tap.

The frame features interchangeable grips, which is pretty standard today, but the system is one of the best. It uses six different panels in three sizes like certain H&K handguns, for a modular grip that suits a wide range of hand shapes and sizes. And the magazine release is reversible for left- and right-handed shooters.

Other modern touches include a trigger guard with a deep undercut and a wide beavertail at the back of the frame for a very high-up grip. The frame also has deep thumb grooves molded into it along with textured pads on the sides for trigger-finger indexing. It of course has a full-length accessory rail.

The gun has a lot of features and extras at a very modest price point. (Photo: SDS)

One way the PX9-G2 differs from the majority of polymer-framed, striker-fired pistols is the trigger. It uses a one-piece single-action trigger in conjunction with an ambidextrous manual thumb safety, intended to be carried cocked-and-locked, or stored in a nightstand ready to go.

The PX9-G2 uses SIG P226-pattern magazines, which are easy to find in various capacities, and ships with two 18-round flush-fitting mags. The pistol also comes with a detachable flared magwell, a mag loader, a cleaning kit, a basic holster and a lockable case.

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But the biggest standout feature for the PX9-G2 is the price. This pistol has a suggested retail price of just $379, with many stores already listing it at under $350. That’s a breath of fresh air in today’s market, with guns and ammo still in high demand, often commanding high price premiums.

“We’ve worked closely with Tisas, the manufacturer of the PX9’s, to develop the G2 version for the US market, and look forward to continuing this partnership and building on the success of the original PX9,” said SDS exec David Fillers.

The PX9-G2 weighs around 28 ounces unloaded, has a 4-inch cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel, measures in at just over 7 inches long, just under 6 inches tall and about 1.3 inches wide at the controls. It’s currently shipping and available now.

For more information about the PX9-G2 and other SDS Imports products including pistols, shotguns and more, visit them online.

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  • Torn July 30, 2021, 7:54 am

    Hopefully the sights are better than on the first generation. Front sight is supposedly tritium , take it into a dark room and sight is non existent!

  • jrkmt1 July 30, 2021, 5:13 am

    Is the safety on the G2 any easier to engage than on the first gen model? I have to place both of my thumbnails between the bottom of the safety and the raised lip just below it and push hard upward in order to engage the safety. Thankfully, disengagement is easy. Also, is the slide any easier to cycle by hand? I have to use a Handi Rak’r to rack my PX-9’s slide.
    These two little “inconveniences” knock it out of consideration as a concealed carry arm, for me anyway. Otherwise, it’s a great pistol. It’s comfortable in the hand, fairly well balanced, accurate, nicely priced (I paid $330, plus shipping for mine), and recoil is only a bit more than my Browning HiPowers.

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