SIG Custom Works Adds P365 to P320 Studio: Build & Customize Your Own P365!

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SIG Custom Works Adds P365 to P320 Studio: Build & Customize Your Own P365!

SIG Sauer is now offering their P365 fire control unit, or FCU, as a standalone firearm through their Custom Works. The P365 FCU is launching alongside the new P365 Studio, which lets P365 owners custom-build their own P365 exactly the way they want it.

SIG will be shipping their P365 FCU as a standalone firearm to “select SIG Master and Elite Dealers” for people looking for the unit by itself, which opens up a lot of options for customization not just from SIG, but also the booming P365 aftermarket.

The P365 was one of the first and by far one of the most popular micro-compact pistols chambered for 9mm Luger. These handy and versatile pistols split the difference between single-stack and sub-compact pistols, with solid standard capacity in a light and easy-to-conceal package.

“The P365 pistol was groundbreaking because it brought an unprecedented,10+1, 12+1 or 15+1 capacity to a micro-compact everyday carry pistol,” said SIG Executive Vice President Tom Taylor. “The revolutionary design and innovation of the P365 took the market by storm to become the world’s most popular, everyday carry pistol.”

“Now with the introduction of the P365 Fire Control Unit we have brought an entirely new level of customization and personalization to the P365 platform,” he said. “America’s most popular micro-compact pistol, is now also the most customizable.”

Like with the P320, the P365 is built around a single, serialized component, the FCU. This trigger unit is the heart of the firearm and can be used with any combination of slides, barrels, recoil assemblies, grip shells and magazines.

SIG offers a wide array of these parts directly through their Custom Works P365 Studio, including components that would normally add a lot of cost on top of a new, complete P365. This way new P365 owners can start with an FCU and hand-pick the rest of the components.

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“In conjunction with the availability of the P365 FCU in retail stores, we have also launched the SIG Custom Works P365 Studio online,” said Taylor. “From grip modules to optics, and everything else you could possibly need to configure your P365 in thousands of different ways, the studio has it all right at your fingertips.”

“This level, and ease, of customization was first introduced through the popular P320 Custom Works Studio, and based on the overwhelming popularity, and quite honestly the demand, to incorporate your personality to your pistol, we are bringing the capabilities of the SIG Custom Works Studio to the P365,” he said.

The P365 FCU is currently shipping to dealers with a suggested price of $399, with online and in-store prices expected to be in the $300 to $350 range. For more visit SIG Sauer online.

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