SIG Goes Beyond Red-Dot Ready with P320 RXP Series

SIG’s new RXP series is red-dot equipped from the factory. (Photo: SIG)

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SIG Sauer is rolling out a new set of optics-equipped service pistols in compact and full sizes. The new SIG RXP series pairs P320 pistols with Romeo1 Pro mini-red dot optics for out-of-the-box everyday carry solutions.

SIG is starting with four models, all chambered for 9mm Luger. They include two full-size models and two compacts, one standard in each size and the other with the X Series upgrades.

“Red dot reflex optics have long been the standard among military and law enforcement and are rapidly growing in popularity among commercial consumers,” said SIG’s Tom Taylor, executive vice president. “The number one barrier to universal adoption of the red dot in the commercial market is the installation and zeroing of the optic on the pistol.”

They are starting with four 9mm models. (Photo: SIG)

“SIG Sauer is the only manufacturer in the firearms industry that can truly integrate a firearm and an optic into a single system right from the factory to completely eliminate the installation hesitation of the red dot. With the introduction of the SIG Sauer P320 RXP series of pistols we are leading the Red Dot Revolution so end users can easily achieve greater performance and increased accuracy with one simple purchase.”

The optics SIG includes with every RXP series pistol is their Romeo1 Pro open mini red-dot reflex sight. Both the standard P320 RXP pistols and RXP X-series guns come with suppressor-height sights that co-witness with the optic.

The Romeo1 Pro by itself has a $519 MSRP.

The two main differences between the standard P320 and the X Series are the sights and the grips. The standard models have the original pattern grip modules and contrast sights while the X Series models have more aggressive swept grips with a larger beavertail and SIG’s X-Ray day and night sights.

The Romeo1 Pro is the improved version of the Romeo1 with a sturdier alloy housing, refined electronics, and larger 6 MOA reticle compared to the original’s 3 MOA dot. The red dot sight has 12 brightness settings, SIG’s shock-resistant “Lockless Zeroing System” and a battery life of up to 20,000 hours or just over two years.

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Each RXP pistol comes with a carrying case, the optic, an optics shield and two magazines. The full-size models have a capacity of 17+1-rounds while the compacts hold 15+1. The full-size guns weigh about 30 ounces unloaded and the compacts 26 ounces. They’re shipping now and are listing at around $800 which is in line with other complete packages.

Knowing SIG it would be surprising if the RXP series stops at just four models. The company has been working hard to develop its optics division and has plenty of other guns that can be made to work with mini red dot sights.

It should only be a matter of time before we see other SIG products added to the RXP series. SIG’s classic P-series guns like the P226 and P229 would be excellent red dot hosts as well as their other polymer-framed series, the SP2022. Hopefully, the world will not have to wait too long to see what other RXP pistols come next.

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