Speed Beez Loading Tools – Makes Loading Mags Substantially Easier!

The Taylor Freelance Goliath +20 base pad holds more than this 50 round box of ammo.

Speed Beez makes a variety of tools to make loading your guns easier.  The company got its start making speedloaders, moon clips, and other tools for revolver shooters.  The company’s co-founder, Caleb Higby, is a revo nerd, and one of the best USPSA and ICORE shooters in the country.  So it only makes sense he built what he felt was lacking for competition revo guys, and it expanded from there.  Speed Beez now has a speed loader for virtually every Smith and Ruger revolver made.

If you have a Smith or Ruger revolver then Speed Beez has speed loaders for it.

A couple of years ago the PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) scene exploded.  Most PCCs use Glock magazines.  I suspect that Glock mags are the most prolific on the planet after the various AK mags.  Glock’s largest mag is the 33 rounder from the full auto G18 and it’s very popular with PCC shooters.  Very quickly, PCC shooters wanted more rounds and the aftermarket responded with base pads to increase the capacity to over 60 rounds.

As you may suspect, loading these 60 round behemoths can be a huge pain in the ass.  That’s where Higby and Speed Beez come in.  Higby too hated loading the giant mags, so he set out to design a tool to make it easy.  Soon after, the Speed Beez Lever Loader (SBLL) was born.

The SBLL uses simple physics to give you a mechanical advantage when loading.  You put your fingers in the two holes and move them like scissors.  Compress the lever, then drop a round into the hole in the front, then open the lever and the round is pushed into the mag.  It is elegant in its simplicity.

Compress the lever then drop a round in the hole.
Then open the lever to seat the round in the mag.

The SBLL does not just work on Glock mags.  There are models for the CZ Shadow and P10, Sig P320, S&W M&P, and the Glock 43.  I personally use the SBLL when competing with my standard Glocks.  In practical shooting, the length of your mags is usually restricted.  140mm for Limited, Production and Carry Optics; 170mm for Open.

I use Taylor Freelance basepads for all my competition Glocks.  I have been using them since the mid 90’s when I was beta tester for the first versions of these base pads for Limited and Open.  The designs have been refined over the years but are largely like the originals from way back.  In the Open 170mm mag I can get 29 rounds; in the Limited 140mm I can get 23.  But getting the last couple of rounds into the mags sucks.  I started using an SBLL to make things much easier.  Another bonus is after you load the last round you can close the levers a little bit to take some of the tension off the spring that makes the first round in the mag drag on the slide.  This lets me still use a barney bullet for 29+1 and 23+1.  That 1 extra round can sometimes be the difference between a great stage and a dumpster fire.

Taylor Freelance also makes Goliath +20 and +30 base pads for PCC shooters.   I use them on my PCC mags too.  They expand your capacity to 51+1 and 61+1.  Those last few rounds are super hard to get in unless you are using an SBLL; then it’s easy.

A variety of Glock mags with their capacity is shown in the photo.

Speed Beez newest Lever Loader models are the most useful yet.  In my review of the Shield Arms S15 mags for the Glock 43x and 48, I noted that they were the hardest mags I have ever had to load.  They hold 15 rounds but I could only get 14 until I let it sit for a few days with 14 to break in the spring.  The Sig P365 mags are also crazy hard to get the last rounds in.  Speed Beez now has Lever Loaders for both guns that make it easy.  I took several brand new S15 mags out of the packaging and put them in the SBLL.  No problem getting all 15 rounds in.  The same when we tried loading P365 mags; no issues and easy.

Glock 43x and 48 shown with Shield Arms S15 mags and the Speed Beez Lever Loader.

I’m not just blowing smoke up your skirts kids, these tools work and I personally use them all the time.

Speed Beez Lever Loaders are a bargain at $24.95 and the price includes shipping.

The Speed Beez Lever Loader can be purchased from Speed Beez

Taylor Freelance PCC and Pistol base pads can be purchased from Taylor Freelance

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About the author: Matt Kartozian is a current Hi-Point Grand Master and former professional competition shooter, and gunsmith. Matt now works as a photographer and writer and can often be found on the sidelines of professional sporting events and on racecourses around the world. You can follow Matt’s adventures on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/customglock/ and https://www.instagram.com/durkadurkaphoto/

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  • Anthony January 2, 2023, 12:18 pm

    stay away from their 22 loaders

    • jim cuson January 4, 2023, 3:45 pm

      I have two of their 10 round .22 lr loaders that i use in my 617 S&W. both are flawlessly. I have one 8 round loader for my 317 S&W, It too works as it should.

  • Neil J January 1, 2023, 6:57 pm

    I don’t like it. I’ll stick with Maglula.