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The Hellcat Pro Comp OSP 9mm pistol.

New: Springfield Armory’s Hellcat Pro Comp OSP

Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the launch of the Hellcat® Pro Comp OSP™ 9mm pistol.

A soldier holding a SIG P320-M17 Ceremonial.

Wow! SIG’s P320-M17 Ceremonial!

This special edition pistol has been expertly crafted to honor and commemorate the SIG SAUER ceremonial pistols developed for the soldiers who stand guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Two Springfield Echelon pistols in different colors.

Springfield Armory Releases Desert FDE and OD Green Echelon Pistols

Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of two new color variants of the Echelon 9mm pistol.

T&C's new 1873 Winchester in 9mm

The Holy Grail! T&C’s 1873 Winchester in 9mm! — NRA 2024

At NRAAM 2024, True showcased a standout prototype: an 1873 Winchester, revamped by Taylor’s and Company and now chambered in 9mm.

Feature image for the Model 327 WR revovler.

Fastest-Shooting Revolver Ever Made? S&W’s Model 327 WR — NRA 2024

Achieving an astounding 1.88 seconds to hit six plates, this 9mm revolver incorporates advanced features such as a lightweight scandium frame and a titanium cylinder.

A double stack 2011 chambered in 9mm.

A USA-Made 2011 on a Budget: The Apollo 11 — NRA 2024

The standout feature? This gun is entirely made in America, with every part machined domestically.

True holding out a nickel-plated Tisas stakeout pistol.

Tisas Nickel-Plated Stakeout 1911 Pistol — 2024

At NRAAM 2024, we saw the new Tisas Stakeout pistol. This 1911 model comes with two barrels in the box, offering options for 9mm or .38 Super.

This compact 9mm boasts premium features at an entry-level price. Beretta APX A!

Beretta’s New 9mm, The APX A1 Comp Tac

The APX A1 Compact Tactical is Beretta’s newest addition to their line of APX pistols. This compact 9mm boasts premium features at an entry-level price. Let’s find out if this pistol lives up to its expectations.

Full view of the right side of the 509 CC Edge XL. It is pointed right and has a red dot on the top.

FN’s 509 CC Edge XL: Response to Customers’ Desires — SHOT Show 2024

It comes with 17-round mags but also takes 24-round 509 mags. The included mags are weighted in the base plate so they drop away faster. The flared mag well also aids speedy mag changes.

Otherworldly Shooting! The Alien Creator Evolution from Laugo Arms — SHOT Show 2024

This new Laugo Arms Alien Creator Evolution pistol is a mouthful to say, but it was one of the best-shooting handfuls at the range this year.