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A 75-Round Yugoslavian AK-47? Century Arms N-PAP DF

A 75-Round Yugoslavian AK-47? Century Arms N-PAP DF

Following World War II, a group of nations were consolidated into what we referred to as Yugoslavia, ruled by a man named Tito. Not owing his ascension to power to the Soviet Union, but still being a communist, he proclaimed that Yugoslavia would go a third way, part of neither the East nor the West. The Yugoslavian military adopted the basic pattern of the Soviet AKM rifle and made some alterations to adapt it to their doctrine. Rifle grenades were thought of as a huge force multiplier by the Yugoslavians, which resulted in several of those modifications.

Century C308 1,000-Round Torture Test--SHOT Show 2016

Century C308 1,000-Round Torture Test–SHOT Show 2016

Ever wonder what happens when you put 1,000 rounds through a rifle just as fast as you can? It isn’t pretty. Our man Jim Grant knows all too well. He’s put a Century C308 to the test. Check out the epic results and the stunning video.