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2 - Accessories for your P365/XL

Accessories for your P365/XL

Welcome to a long-overdue review. The P365 family of weapons has been a hot item since its release 3 years ago. We have seen a lot of variants such as the P365 SAS, P365X, and most recently, the P365 Fire Control Unit. The Fire Control Unit, or FCU, is a Sig unique way of making a gun infinitely customizable.

2 - Athlon Optics Red Dots

Athlon Optics Red Dots

Athlon Optics is a brand that should be on your radar, in the hyper competitive world of optics. Over the next few months, we have some magnified scopes coming in as well. But for now, on the red dot front? This is a value that is very hard to beat.

The Ryker CTRL: The  easiest way to control your light and laser

In the world of firearms, precision and control are paramount. Every shooter knows that having a firm and proper grip on their weapon is the foundation for success. That’s where the Ryker CTRL comes into play. The latest addition to the Ryker Grip family, the Ryker CTRL is a game-changing side mounted grip for rifles or shotguns with a built-in pressure switch for accessories. 

2 - The Mirzon Grip Module - The Best P320 Grip Module?

The Mirzon Grip Module – The Best P320 Grip Module?

I love the P320. It’s become my favorite striker-fired, polymer-frame 9mm handgun. Part of that love is the fact I can instantly swap the grip out. I can use the stock P320 grip module, or I can get something fancy, like the subject of today’s article, the Mirzon grip module.

2 - Parasec Sights: Gunfighter & Brain Doctor Endorsed

Parasec Sights: Gunfighter & Brain Doctor Endorsed

Parasec Sights are absolutely fantastic and are set to take the industry by storm. They simplify the learning curve of aiming, are amazing for aging eyes, and are tough as a coffin nail. They are going on all my Glock’s now that they are available, and all my other guns as they become available. And that is the strongest endorsement I can give.

Ryker CTRL: First Ever Side Mount Grip with Pressure Switch — NRA 2023

Ryker USA, founded by retired MARSOC Master Sergeant Ron Holmes and veteran owned, manufactures the Ryker Grip. It’s the only side-mounted forward support for long guns with a picatinny or M-LOK rail. The Ryker Grip is designed to reduce fatigue and improve your shooting experience.

2 - Radian Talon 45 degree Safety

Radian Talon 45 degree Safety

This week you get to see me eat a little bit of crow as I finally come around from being a dinosaur to embracing the new hotness. Well, maybe not the newest hotness. But I am finally going to admit that something we started to see about 10 years ago is an improvement over the default AR-15 design.


Esstac Shooter’s Belt & KYWI Pouches: Minimal Design, Maximum Performance

A practical belt, or duty belt as it is called in law enforcement, occupies the space between concealed carry belt and a full-on military battle belt. A practical belt keeps the things you need handy and should be tailored for your needs. While there are many variations on the market, I am fond of a local company, Essential Tactical or Esstac.

MCarbo: Must-Have Upgrades for the KelTec SUB2000

MCarbo: Must-Have Upgrades for the KelTec SUB2000

As much as I like tinkering with my guns, there are very few times where an upgrade performs better than I ever expected. A little company called MCarbo produces some of the most innovative additions and add ons for a variety of firearms. My particular interest in their products boils down to the SUB2000.

BFG Helium Whisper - Lightweight Pouch Tech

BFG Helium Whisper – Lightweight Pouch Tech

I was first introduced to Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper technology earlier this year, and came away very impressed. Helium Whisper is a new laser cut space ninja type fabric that weighs, as the name implies, nothing. Picking it up, you would think it might be fragile. On that count, you would be wrong. Despite feeling like nothing, as well as being very thin, you can’t tear it.