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The Kopfjäger Mag Series tripod mount.

Introducing the Kopfjäger Mag Series 

Kopfjäger, a leader in innovative shooting rests, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough product: the Kopfjäger Mag Series.

The Hornady Precision Lab Scale on a bench.

Hornady Precision Lab Scale

The Hornady Precision Lab Scale is the ultimate tool for reloading enthusiasts who demand absolute precision.

A compact FoxTrot on a AR.

SIG’s First-Ever Rifle Light: FOXTROT-MSR

SIG SAUER Electro-Optics has launched the FOXTROT-MSR, the newest addition to their FOXTROT line of tactical lights.

The Hellcat Pro Comp OSP 9mm pistol.

New: Springfield Armory’s Hellcat Pro Comp OSP

Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the launch of the Hellcat® Pro Comp OSP™ 9mm pistol.

The JET2 QER modular air rifle.

Pistol or Rifle? Why Not An Airgun That’s Both: JET2 QER

JET2 QER is a modular air rifle that can be converted from a pistol to a rifle and back.

Police officers at the scene of the attack in NYC.

CCRKBA: Brutal Times Square Attacks Prove Anti-Gunners Are Clueless

Gottlieb questioned how the suspects could be walking around in the Times Square with a machete and not be noticed by police.

A soldier holding a SIG P320-M17 Ceremonial.

Wow! SIG’s P320-M17 Ceremonial!

This special edition pistol has been expertly crafted to honor and commemorate the SIG SAUER ceremonial pistols developed for the soldiers who stand guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Three pics of the Rifle Hunter's toolkit.

Fix It Sticks Unveils Rifle Hunter’s Toolkit w/ Hoppe’s Boresnake

Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters has introduced the perfect toolkit for rifle hunters and shooters, the Rifle Hunter’s Toolkit.

Axion XQ30 Pro thermal monocular with texts.

Pulsar’s Axion XQ30 Pro Thermal Monocular

Pulsar, a leader in advanced thermal imaging technology, is proud to introduce its latest innovation, the Axion XQ30 Pro thermal monocular.

Two Springfield Echelon pistols in different colors.

Springfield Armory Releases Desert FDE and OD Green Echelon Pistols

Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of two new color variants of the Echelon 9mm pistol.