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Colt Python with 8-Inch Barrel: Revolutionary or Ridiculous?

Is the Colt Python practical or just compensating for something else? Learn more about this eye-catching revolver and join the conversation.

Feature image for the Model 327 WR revovler.

Fastest-Shooting Revolver Ever Made? S&W’s Model 327 WR — NRA 2024

Achieving an astounding 1.88 seconds to hit six plates, this 9mm revolver incorporates advanced features such as a lightweight scandium frame and a titanium cylinder.

A new plate helps you mount optics.

Mount A Red Dot on Your Wheelie With Ease! — NRA 2024

At the NRAAM 2024, Shield Arms introduced an innovative product that revolver enthusiasts will love.

A Colt Viper pictured at NRA 2024 show.

Colt’s Sleek New Viper — NRA 2024

The Colt Viper comes in two barrel lengths, 3-inch and 4.25-inch, both boasting a new half-lug design.

Kimber’s K6xs – The Best Snub Yet!

Actually, xs stands for extra small, but that doesn’t mean the new wheelgun isn’t special. The Kimber K6xs addresses a void that other major manufacturers seem to have ignored.

3 - Ruger Talo GP100: Every Day Carry 357 Magnum

Ruger Talo GP100: Every Day Carry 357 Magnum

Recently Ruger teamed up with Talo Distributors to create an exclusive variant of Ruger GP100 that is a fine example of a modern snubnose.

S&W Performance Center Model 19 Carry Comp: Belch Fire And Leave No Empties Behind

S&W Performance Center Model 19 Carry Comp: Belch Fire And Leave No Empties Behind

Smith & Wesson manufactured the Model from 1957 through 1999, but it didn’t go calmly into the night.

Ultra-Lightweight! Kimber’s New K6XS Revolver — NRA 2023

This new addition to the Kimber lineup promises to deliver top-notch performance and features that will appeal to gun enthusiasts everywhere.

A photo of a Colt King Cobra revolver, chambered in .22 LR.

The ‘Baby’ Snake for Rimfire Shooters: Colt King Cobra Target 22 LR Revolver

Colt’s Manufacturing introduced its newest snake gun—the King Cobra Target 22 LR, at the National Rifle Association Annual Meetings. This baby Cobra excels in everything from competition to plinking and small game hunting. 

The Most Badass Revolvers?  Taurus' Raging Hunter Lineup -- SHOT Show 2023

The Most Badass Revolvers? Taurus’ Raging Hunter Lineup — SHOT Show 2023

New from Taurus, the Raging Hunter .460 S&W Magnum with a 10.5-inch barrel.